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Found 141 results

  1. Focus MK2 Drivebelt?

    Hey guys. Leaving my car in to get the timing belt and water pump done next week and I'm wanting to get the main drive belt done as well. My car has aircon, so i think it has two different belts? The air con belt looks almost new but the main belt (Alternator, water pump, etc) is looking a bit worse for wear. What I'm wondering is, is it possible to just change the one belt? Or will I need to change both? Also, I've been looking at belts on eurocarparts and was wondering if this one would fit? Thanks.

    Show us all your mk2! modified or standard! I'll start!
  3. Which Radio Do I Need To Buy?

    Hello Just purchased first ever Focus, it is the last of the mk2's before the 2.5 on an 08 plate, there is no stereo in it, I can see from various places on the internet it came with the CD6000 model, problem is on Ebay there is loads of different ones, which is the right one? The Sony MP3 version would be great, will it work? What is the best one I can fit in it for easy plug and play? Thanks in advance
  4. Progressively adding subtle changes to my car. From getting Y design Ford alloys in black to carbon wrapping the interior and adding mud flaps. Let's see your mods! I'll post mine at a later date.
  5. Hi , i have a ford focus mk2 2007, i want to install a dash cam but i have some problems. the dash cam comes with connectors that should fit the fuse box red wire ,yellow , ground, audio, but they dont fit focsu mk2 fuse box , so i bought fuse adaptor for it 2 in 1 but i dont know where to put them... should i take fuse from electric windows and put it in the adaptor with the dash cam wire? or wich fuse location should i use? ...... il leave some pics. Thanks.
  6. Recently got a MK2 Ford KA? And you have Facebook? Feel free to join a dedicated group on Facebook for the car where you can show off your cars and ask any questions you have about your car too. Here's the link: Ford KA MK2 Owners
  7. Hi all, In a similar style to the MK1 Focus thread I started yesterday I am also looking for common problems on MK2 Focus models. I will also be looking to eventually put together a buyers guide for these models so any feedback you could give would be much appreciated! :) James
  8. Hi I'm thinking of buying a Ford focus mk2 1.6 tdci zetec climate It has the following fault codes showing (as pictured) It's running slow and turbo is not currently boosting. Can anyone tell me what would need changing to fix the issues if I were to buy the car so I can price up the parts. Massive thanks in advance
  9. I am looking to make my 2010 ford focus mk2 1.6 diesel sound better, currently have a remap which is the only mechanical thing done, rest is visual, any idea's? I was thinking pop corn limiter for a little extra thing? Want some help brainstorming some idea's, thank you :)
  10. Focus mk2

  11. Hi everyone My Focus mk 2.5 diesel fuel pump died on me recently & i manged to get a used one for free-although it was from a mk1 i think. When this was tried it didn't work. I also was given the control module that was under the back seat but have been unable to locate this module in mine. I read online that it is located under the passenger side seat but have looked there & also the under the drivers side. Just wondered whether Ford decided to move it in the mk2.5? If anyone could shed any light on this it would be good! I realise it could be that the pump i was given is faulty-what's the best way to accertain this?
  12. I have just gotten my first ford, a beautiful mk2 ford focus titanium, i want to protect my key and i am looking for a key cover, i can find ones with the key but not keyless, any help ? Thank you :)
  13. Exterior grey trim

    I've recently bought a 2007 ford focus and ice got a query regarding the grey exterior trim, such as the bottom part of the bumpers and the grey trim just underneath the boot door. Can these be replaced with anything a bit nicer looking? Or is it literally a case of having them removed, sprayed and reattached? Tia
  14. Hi all, on the 22nd October, 4 months after passing my driving test I purchased my first car. A 2005 mk2 Ford Focus Zetec Climate 1.6 petrol for 1175 GBP. I live in the north east of Scotland and got it from Edinburgh so 4 months of no driving having to do 170 miles was enough to get me used to the car. Being my first car my knowledge was limited and as time has passed the car had a few problems. Overall by now I have spent around 3000 GBP on the car not including the price of the car to begin with and although it has had problems the car I feel has been brought back to life. As I have owned this car I have learned more and more about cars in general. Always had a high interest in cars but obviously it grows when you get your first car. Anyway enough rambling. This is the car as I bought it > Then to current day > Things that have been done/repaired: (DIY mods) Exterior -tinted tail lights, head lights, indicators, fog lights, reversing lights/rear fogs -xenon white headlights, sidelights, full beam lights, registration lights, reversing light -sunstrip -wind deflectors -refurbed and painted alloys -carbon fiber wrapped plastic trim above fog lights -painted front grill -debadged the 'focus' and 'zetec' from the back -brake drums painted black -rear ford badge 'tinted' black -mudflaps rear and front Interior -new gear gaitor -carbon fiber wrapped central climate control panel, lower geat gaitor panel, steering wheel inserts -blue pvc trim round central climate control panel and air vents -leds in footwell -blue st style mats -aftermarket double din stereo (bluetooth aux etc.) -xenon white interior light, boot light -seatbelt harness covers -circular climate control knobs (Non-DIY mods) Exterior -custom made catback exhaust system Interior - N/A (DIY Repairs) Front brake discs and pads Full service (Garage Repairs) 2x Front wheel bearings 1x rear coil spring 2x rear shock absorbers New timing belt New spark plugs and leads 2x rear shock top mountings front suspension arm bush New clutch New handbrake New water pump New stock exhaust (before the custom catback) Plans for the future: Tint the back windows Paint the lower bumper black (the grey plastic) Paint the spoiler black (instead of grey plastic) Paint the brake calipers (blue or black undecided) Possibly get side skirts/bumpers (unlikely) Fix up the rust spots on the wings and sills Change colour of lights in instrument cluster and central panel Will get better photos/exhaust videos once the weather improves.
  15. Hi all, Looks like my driver seat (or frame?) is broken, it moves into the bottom left corner if pressed. If you get out the car and move the seat it moves into that bottom left corner. Does anyone know what to check and how to check it and how to go about fixing this problem? Thanks
  16. New Badges for the Mk2 Focus

    So ive eventually been sent my new tailgate grab bar by the winscreen people after one of their engineers ripped mine off changing my windscreen ive replaced it, but cant seem to get the old ford badge off? anyone know how to get this off or a place i can get a new one? Microcat is listing the item as <42528Q prefer to buy a nice looking but not too expensive one also the front could do with being replaced too 8213A
  17. Has anyone upgraded their steering wheel before how easy is it basically i want extra buttons on mine as mine didnt come with bluetooth i would like the phone buttons, my current one has the cruise control buttons can anyone suggest where i can get ones from ideally ford models
  18. Note: I've previously had a thread/diary on the KA Owners Club forum to keep a track of how my car has come along, but here seems to much more active due to there being so many more members. Some pics/wording may be copy & pasted over from there to save me the type of typing it again. I got my KA for my 17th birthday (2013) and since then I've not really done much other than replace the stock muffler & tailpipe. I did have some black dice dust caps to replace the standard black ones, but they got stolen. :) Anyway, some pictures (white one is mine, black one is my brothers that he got in October just gone):
  19. hi all, for a number of weeks now ive had a very slight hum on the left said which got louder when turning right. my suspicion was the bearing though when i had my last service the mechanic said it was nothing to worry about and probably just road noise. fast forward 6 weeks later, yesterday when i was reversing from a parking space i noticed a click when turning then as driving the noises started to become more frequent when turning, sometimes its a single knock, somethings its a series of clicks or when taking corners faster its sounds more like a crunch. today i jacked the car up to feel for play in the wheels and that both are as stiff as a board! looking through the forums seems to suggest a cv joint? my question is how can i diagnose this issue? what can i do to test the cv joint? or what else could be the issue? i can feel the crunch slightly in the steering also thanks for any replies in advance!
  20. hi everyone, my first post lol about 9 months ago i purchased a red mk2 Focus Zetec having fell in love with the sellers pic. He of course sold it off as a ST replica until on the day i seen the rear standard bumper complete with tow bar however i decided id finish the look myself. once i sorted my finincials out i had the tow bar removed and 6 months then set about looking to source a ST bumper and spoiler to complete the look... easier said than done! months passed and long story short i trusted google to find me the bumper and of course it gave me 1001 items other than what i needed. So if its possible can anyone direct me to a website or area i can source the genuine part? your help will be hugely appreciated, i have the ST look all around until you see the back i have to reverse park against walls at times lol hope any of you Ford folks can help me complete my journey! p.s. once i have the correct rear bumper fitted i can move into fitting the 2 exhaust pipes as well, just incase any eagle eyes spot i would have 2 missing exhausts peeking out from their respective locations under the bumper!
  21. Hello everyone! Does anyone know if there is some sort of Airbag simulator for the seat connector in the MK2 Focus? Because after I installed new bucketseats the airbag light is on. The original seats had airbags in them etc.
  22. Hey guys. The other day while on the way home from work, I noticed my car (06 Focus 1.6) was feeling a bit hesitant on acceleration and then it got to the point when I was going up a hill that the engine light started to slowly flash for a minute or so. It went off and when I got home I checked the code on my OBD2 scanner and got the code P0304, Which is Cylinder 4 misfire. I gave this a quick google and it seems to be a pretty common enough thing on these cars. I had a quick peek in the spark plug wells and noticed that 3 and 4 were swimming the water, again, another common thing. I'm still trying to find a break in the weather to go out and give them a proper clean, so that I can check the plugs and the gap on them (They've only been in there since just before christmas) I've read online that the gap on the plugs can sometimes be too large and cause issues in the long run. After looking online, I noticed that the most popular fix for the misfire issue was the coil pack, which I have ordered up and am waiting to get here. What I want to ask is, Should I replace the number 4 spark plug wire as well? And if so, do the wires need to be replaced in in a full set or can I just get the one wire I need? If anyone one else here has ran into this problem and has any advice, I'll happily hear it!
  23. Hello guys, i have two mk2 mondeos and i am having much fun with them. The video says it all !!!
  24. Don't want to take my old Fords to scrap yard and made a little hobby of testing the limits of mondeo.
  25. Hye guys. Just did the little map light upgrade for my focus, swapping out the standard single unit for one with map lights. But I've ran into a bit of a problem, Only one of the map lights seems to be working. The passenger side works fine, as does the center light, But the driver side map light won't work. I've swapped the bulbs around and still no driver side light. Any idea what this could be? Faulty unit maybe? This is the unit I've bought and fitted.