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Found 7 results

  1. Evening all, I've bought a bottle of Wynns injector cleaner as recommended by a mate at work (I also bought the DPF regenerator fluid too), but due to the excellent security on the Mk4 facelift's fuel filler cap, I can't get the fluid in! I can't push the white cap out the way. The bottles themselves, despite having a long-ish, thin-ish neck, don't push the cap out the way. I've tried pushing it down using a tent peg and a great deal of force but nothing seems to move it. Can anyone help? I hope that all makes sense. Many thanks
  2. Good Morning, Hope everyone is well, So I have owned a mk4.5 2.0ltr 140 mondeo for over a year it has 13K on the clock, returning from offshore one trip took the car out for a run, after about 20-30 minuets of driving I pulled over and noticed their was a ticking sound coming from the foot well of the passenger side of the car, lifted the bonnet but could not hear it over the engine idling but when back inside you could, it gets faster on revving the engine then returns back to a slow tick on idle, its only happened twice in the last few month and only when the engine is at temperature, hopefully someone has had the same experience before it get put to the garage to investigate, Thanks Grant
  3. Hi all I've recently had my Mondeo Mk4 facelift (mk4.5?) remapped having read good things about saving fuel and having more torque lower down. However, following the remap I couldn't really notice any difference at all. *Possibly* a small increase in power over 2,000rpm but certainly not 20% as they claim. After a week or so I decided there definitely wasn't any difference and the wife agreed (she drives it too). So I got back in touch with the guy who did it and he agreed to remap it again, this time with an 'upgraded' map, he claimed. Before he did this though he asked to drive my car so he could see if the first remap had worked (how he'd know though without having driven it before I don't know, but there we go!). He ragged the absolute nuts off of it so said 'yep, it's definitely on there, it goes like stink'. Of course it does! At 2,500rpm in 2nd and 3rd the standard car is no slouch anyway! He agreed to put the upgraded map on anyway. He did this and took it for another thrashing and claimed it definitely worked this time and the new map was much better. I drove it and there is possibly a bit more poke but only over 2,000rpm - not lower down as they claim, and I definitely don't think a 20% increase in power. Maybe 5%, if that. I told the guy this and he just basically said I'm not driving it right - he said I'm a too sensible driver, getting through the gears quickly and not revving it high enough! I don't want to only benefit from a slight power increase at 2,500+rpm. I've never had a remap on any of my previous cars before so I don't know if this is right or not, but having read about the benefits of a remap, I don't seem to be getting any of these benefits. Fuel consumption is about the same as before too. People talk about a noticeable difference, much more boost and lower down, improved fuel economy, smiling from ear to ear etc. I haven't got any of this. I've been driving it with a puzzled expression trying to work out if there's a difference! Has anyone else had their mk4 (facelift - if that makes a difference) remapped? What was the difference like? Does it sound like mine has been remapped correctly and I'm just a bit of a doughnut? Thanks in advance :)
  4. Petrol Leak! Ughhh!

    Hi guys, I took the car out for another 150 mile motorway trip, on return I popped into local Shell to fill up. Turning the engine off, I heard some weird noises, like spitting etc I noticed the temp gauge was normal. Anyway, that lasted for like 30 secs, I immediately put up the bonnet up but nothing was obvious, no steam etc. Anyway, I proceeded to fill up and went home to nap. Today, I got into the car and put the windows down because it was hot and I could smell petrol. I drove for about 5 mins and came back to notice there was a patch of petrol probably the size of a dinner plate on the drive way. I don't think a lot leaked out because the gauge was still above full. Anyway, got under the car to have a rudimental check, noticed the previous owner put a new fuel pump in so it cant be that. Umm..there isn't any obvious fuel leak source I can find. But the tank itself does look quite pitted and rusty on one side. Question is: Have I written this motor off? how expensive is it to replace the tank (assuming that's at fault) and if its fuel lines, can it be fixed near the region? OR does the whole lot need to be replaced? How expensive is all this? I hope its a cheap hose or something. Thanks
  5. Petrol Leak! Ughhh

    Hi guys, Took the car out for a 150 mile motorway run yesterday and on return the car had to fuel up, so I turned the engine off, fan whirring away and then I heard a funny spitting/weird sound . Then it stopped doing that after like 2 mins. Engine temp everything was fine, coolant was fine. Anyway. filled up Decided to take the car out today and it smelt a little like petrol, just thought I had perhaps got some on the body work when filling up yesterday (given its a hot sunny day today) anyway, took it out and when I returned the smell was there. Noticed on the drive a patch of petrol probs the size of a dinner plate. Now question is, how expensive is it to replace the replace the fuel tank (if at fault)? Note, I did have a look underneath, it looks like the previous owner put a new fuel pump in, but the tank does look slightly rusty. I haven't found any visible petrol leak sources. If it is a fuel line, can it be fixed? Or does it need replacing? Have I effectively written this motor off? how expensive is it to replace those parts? :(
  6. Heavy Power Steering

    Hey guys, I've just noticed how heavy my power steering is in comparison to other cars, the car is a 51 reg and in comparison to newer fiestas the steering when parking feels heavy. I can go lock to lock when stationary with 1 finger in other cars and in this car ; to go lock to lock i'd imagine that I would have to turn the wheel with both hands. Is it just a common thing with this year of car? The steering becomes slightly lighter with speed, so is this some type of speed assisted power steering system? Would appreciate if those with this car can confirm this. Thanks, LF p.s it can be a nightmare to park at times due to steering
  7. Hi all! I have purchased a fiesta(MK4.5), '99, V reg (used obviously) with 87,000 mileage. I have had it for about a month now. I love the car as it my 1st car! I am starting to have some problems (well ONE BIG problem) where the engine cuts out when ever it feels like it,not only when the car is stationary, but EVEN WHEN I AM DRIVING on the road at 30mph!!! of course, I was not expecting the car to be perfect when I purchased it, as it is '99 model and the price I had paid for it, but i certainly do not expect a car to cut out when ever it wants to. I have spoken to a friend who is a mechanic, and first he said it was to do with my clutch control, hence the stalling. This can not be the case as you do not need clutch control when you are driving at 30mph! he then had a look at it, and he said the car needs a full service and a tidy up, and so I left it with him for a week, he did full service and replaced the timing belt, brakes/brake pads etc, basically the full whack! It can get quite scary at times as today I was driving home from work and surprise surprise the engine cuts out while I was driving up a hill and at a turn in the road! of cause the steering becomes heavy when the car is not running! thank god there was no car behind me or else I may not be here right now typing this! I have no idea when it comes to car repairs. Any ideas what the problem could be? would be nice to hear from you guys!