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Found 45 results

  1. Afternon Everyone, my names Nath originally from Birmingham but moved to Derbyshire and here's a little project i've got. It's a 51 (01/2002) Fiesta in radient Red. Bought it as I wrote my van off and needed a daily, so my grandfather saw this local to him and got it for me (as I was due to go to Wales that weekend so didnt have time to sort anything out). Came with a full ticket and full service history. Very clean motor inside and out, if i'm being really picky the rear arches could do with a tidy up and that's it even the rest of the paintwork has been looked after and not faded to a pink, So i can't complain really for a 16year old motor I have some small mods to do as it's only a 1.3 - > Upgrade Sound System > Install New Headunit, Sub & Amp and Additional Rear Speakers > Change all the dash and speedo lights from Green to Red > Get some 16" alloys refurbed in Anthracite > Lower on springs > Zetec S front/Rear Bumpers and Sideskirts > Install front and rear leather seats > Debadge the boot > Then eventually do a Smooth Boot > Tint Rear Lights > Tint Rear Windows Might need help with one or two of them so if anyone's local and able to give me a hand they'd be some beer tokens in it for you. :)
  2. Good morning, I have just got my mondeo 2015.5 mk5 and it has not got reversing sensors or a reversing camera fitted. It comes as standard with the SYNC 2 system. Does anyone know of a way to retrofit a reversing camera input to the sync2 unit like it can come from factory? I have found this > http://www.carcommunications.co.uk/car-accessories/driver-safety-aids/reversing-camera-kits/ford-reverse-camera/ford-mondeo-reverse-camera/ford-reversing-rear-view-camera-kit however I am unsure of the reliability of this supplier and am sort of hoping for some instruction. Otherwise, does anyone know how much Ford charge to have this system retrofitted to a mondeo? Many thanks, Kr1stoph
  3. Hi all, I've got a bit of a problem with my Fiesta not starting. When you put the key in and turn it there's no response from the dash (no lights or anything). Turning the key all the way does absolutely nothing (pump not priming, not clicking etc.). The interior light works and the horn but as far as I can tell nothing else is working!! I've tried a spare key and swapping the relays under the bonnet around and still not getting anything. Battery has been tested and is fine. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm suspecting the ECU has died for some reason. Also does anyone have a diagram for the under bonnet fuse box? I think I may have put one of the small fuses back in the wrong place when checking them...
  4. Hi all, I have a 2014 mkV mondoe and am wondering if others are having problems with squeaks/rattles coming from the front passenger side of the car? This noise only materialises on the motorway, usually when driven above 65mph or so - any suggestions as to what this could be would me more than welcome! Thanks.
  5. Hi there I have a ford fiesta mk5 x reg. I was hoping someone could help me out with a few things with my car. I can't seem to find the boot release button and I've looked everywhere! How can it not have one? Also there is no tachometer, that rev meter thing....I mean how can a car not have a rev meter I'm so confused?! And one last thing..does anyone mk5 owners know how to replace the tailgate contact plate because mines is broken and my rear demister is not working. Thanks for reading this and I hope someone can help me.
  6. The birth of the Mk5

    Great Ford video from 1991
  7. So I bought a fiesta flight mk5 2001 1.3 couple of months ago and it's coming up to its mot time. I have had a bit of an issue with it since I bought it. The first gear seems to be difficult to go into most of the time and it will only push the car up to 20mph I'm scared to try go faster as the revs are way too high and engine sounds like a jet plane about to take off.. Also it gets to 45mph quite fast in 2nd gear and then struggles to go over no matter what gear it's in. It goes up to about 70mph tops on a straight road but from 50mph up it just takes ages.. My 0-60 is 20sec.. But 0-40 about 6sec.. Also the car will just not go over 75 unless I'm going down the hill.. On the beginning I thought it might be only because it's a small engine but then I saw my friend in his fiesta (same age, later and model) whizz past me and he pushed it all the way to 125mph.. His just keeps accelerating as you push it. I had new spark plugs in it and new fuel filter. What could it be? Transmission or like ignition wires or fuel pump or something to do with air flow? I have a cone filter on it, don't know why previous owner put it on lol.
  8. Hello! My name is Matej from Slovenia and I currently own a 2007 FIesta ST which I dumped a whole lot of money into to make it quicker and more stylish. I wanted a NA Fiesta that looked special so I spent a lot of money building it and bringing out the HP. I do not mind it either, but it was my first project and I have made a lot of mistakes that cost me a lot of money. I did learn though. Simplicity is key, stock look draws far less attention, suspension and power is more important than looks. RIght now, I am in the process of selling my MK 6.5 ST and when I do, I would like to go on to the next project. Do it right this time. Money wise, project cars are a bottomless trap hole and considering this could end up being the third car I want it to be cheap this time around. My idea was to buy a basic MK4 and go from there. But then I thought how much more like a modern Ford the MK5 looks with those lights. So what I want to do is: Ford Fiesta MK5, 3 door, 1.3 engine -no power steering -no AC -no radio -swap the front seats for more supportive aftermarket lightweight seats, lose the rear seat and put a nice carpet in instead -aftermarket steering wheel -swap the engine for Puma 1,7 125HP Duratec and modify it -good air intake -bigger throttle body -full aftermarket exhaust -mild camshafts -a remap -swap the suspension and brakes for Pumas and modify them -add front and rear anti-roll bars -add Poly Bushes and mounts -lowering springs (maybe coilovers) -light set of rims, most likely something from OZ Racing (still 15") -wide tires (195 instead of 155?) -wheel spacers if needed -Zetec S bumpers -custom wider wheel arches to fit the wider wheels I will be buying used parts, conversion parts, the 2 cars I need are under 500€ both. I estimate total cost with labor between 2 and 3 thousand euros which I am willing to invest for a car like that. I am turning to you good people to asses my idea and give criticism. I also need you to share your experience with certain things I have not done research on yet or couldn't find any good answers. 1.7 Duratec Engine from Puma: 1.7 Puma engine and transmission should fit into the MK4 bolt on. Is that the case with MK5 as well? Will any modifications be required? Camshafts. Does any other engine share the same camshafts as the 1.7? Exhaust manifold. Does any other engine share the same exhaust manifold? Throttle body. I would go for a 5mm wider throttle body (maybe 10mm if it fits), are the holes for the bolts same as on other (2.0 litre or bigger) engines? Wiring. A 1.3 engines wiring probably won't be good. Do I remove the entire wiring for the entire car and swap it or is there another way? Transmission. Is it in the exact same place, so the gearbox lever comes into the cabin in the same spot? Opinions on a short shifter? Suspension: I read that the suspension from Puma should fit perfectly too. I think I will be able to figure out how to swap them. Is there anything Puma/MK5 FIesta specific I should know? Are there aftermarket anti-roll bars for front and rear of this little car? Do any of them come standard? Should I go for coilovers (used) or just lowering springs? I am not going too low. 25-30mm only. Opinions on home made strut braces for front and rear opposed to aftermarket parts? Puma should have rear discs. Will the braided lines from Puma fit exactly on to the MK4-5 Fiesta or do I need new lines? I plan on keeping ABS and power brakes from Puma if it has them. ABS is important :) How wide should I go with the tires?
  9. Mk4 Project!

    Hi Everyone - So alongside my 64 plate, i now have an old R reg mk4 as a little project for my partner. I have couple of questions: Can i add the boot release button, my friend has it in his mk5 and it doesn't work so any ideas on that also? Think it's a fuse but yet again i cannot find a diagram that matches the fuses boxes, i don't want to drop the fuse box for no reason. Where can i find a god damn owners manual for the fuse numbers? apparently the interior one you can drop it out and some more fuses "appear". Mine is 1998 and his 2001 so i assume they should be quite similar, but neither of us have an owners manual. Unless i can get one from ford? Cambelt and clutch easy to change? I also was wondering if anyone managed to find a Haynes manual on the internet? I swear i have one at home but i cannot find it! Thanks everyone, help is very much appreicated!
  10. Hello, Didn't seem to find a thread already on this subject, so here it goes. I recently got a pair of Hella Rallye 3003 from my grandfathers Hyundai ix35. I have done all the wiring and the lights work as they are supposed to. The issue i am stuck with is how to mount the lights. I need someting that is relatively easy to put on and take off since i will only be using them during the winter (let's be honest. A Fiesta with huge lamps looks a bit off) I was looking into some of the brackets that mount behind the licence plate, but i'm worried that the plastic will just break. Any ideas?
  11. Mk5 Alarm Problems

    Hi Everyone, I've had a brand new Mk5 Mondeo since July this year and I've been having problems with the alarm going off after owning it for around a week. It's been into the dealers four times with the same issue and each time they say that they can't find any faults. An alarm on the car has been going off at various times of the day and night - sometimes it last for ten seconds sometimes it goes off for several minutes. There doesn't seem to be any particular pattern of when it goes off either - sometimes it doesn't go off for a few days and sometimes it goes off several times in the same day. Also I'm not able to turn the alarm off with my key fob when it goes off. On Sunday I was able to open the car and turn the engine off whilst the alarm was still going off. I'm not sure if it is a main security alarm either as no lights flash and the horn doesn't sound - it's just a siren noise. I'm really at my wits end with the car and the service from the dealer. Does anyone have any suggestions for what the problem could be or what steps I could take next? Thank you.
  12. Hi everyone, on my way home today i lost the little cover on the rear of the rear left window of my Fiesta mk5 5-door. Does anyone know what it is called or where i can get one? (circled in red)
  13. Petrol Leak! Ughhh!

    Hi guys, I took the car out for another 150 mile motorway trip, on return I popped into local Shell to fill up. Turning the engine off, I heard some weird noises, like spitting etc I noticed the temp gauge was normal. Anyway, that lasted for like 30 secs, I immediately put up the bonnet up but nothing was obvious, no steam etc. Anyway, I proceeded to fill up and went home to nap. Today, I got into the car and put the windows down because it was hot and I could smell petrol. I drove for about 5 mins and came back to notice there was a patch of petrol probably the size of a dinner plate on the drive way. I don't think a lot leaked out because the gauge was still above full. Anyway, got under the car to have a rudimental check, noticed the previous owner put a new fuel pump in so it cant be that. Umm..there isn't any obvious fuel leak source I can find. But the tank itself does look quite pitted and rusty on one side. Question is: Have I written this motor off? how expensive is it to replace the tank (assuming that's at fault) and if its fuel lines, can it be fixed near the region? OR does the whole lot need to be replaced? How expensive is all this? I hope its a cheap hose or something. Thanks
  14. Clutch Clutch Clutch

    Hey guys, Just wondering, but how do I test my clutch? Recently, the bites been feeling quite high. I don't think my clutch has gone yet, as its not slipping but any ideas? The biting point i'd say is about 2 pound coins width from the pedal being fully released. Oh and when I shift gears, recently I've noticed the revs do go up a little, perhaps by 100- 200rpms? Note: When I travel, im always in stop-start traffic if that's of any significance.
  15. hi i am new to this site, i was thinking about modifying the exterior of my fiesta and was thinking about fitting the rs bodykit, my car is a 2008 ford fiesta 1.6 zetec s (mk5), also have you got any ideas on performance mods i can do just to make it that little bit more acceleration? (the black fiesta is mine)
  16. Hi guys Wondering if you could give me some tips on making the fiesta MK5 more presentable because i replaced the 4500 RDS with a Kenwood single din radio using a kit which features storage slot to fill the second single din slot. Photos will follow. Currently the edges are showing all around, This doesn't look nice, cause im planning on selling it i need to make it look presentable. Any ideas? Jason
  17. Mk5 Mods

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum I have a MK5 fiesta flight 1.3. I was just wondering if anyone can tell me some good mods to get better performance out of it. Without spending too much. Thanks =)
  18. Won this on an eBay auction the other day, looked too good to not buy! Not to replace my MK3 (doubt I'll be selling that for a long time - the condition is too good). If the insurance works out I might drive this one instead. Seems like a decent little car, £190 with tax and MOT (albeit short). 77,000 miles and the interior looks unmarked. The usual rust issues though. Just need to stick a zetec s bodykit on it :)
  19. Hi all, I need a picture of the water/coolant temp sensor location on a 1997 Mk4 fiesta 1.3 Endura-E engine. Any help much appreciated.
  20. 1599017 651745998206143 2008621097 N

    From the album Fiesta MK5

  21. 927629 233195243538736 708780534 N

    From the album Fiesta MK5

  22. Fiesta Mk5 Cooling

    Hello, I'm new to this forum so please, be nice lol. I've recently bought a Fiesta MK5 Finesse with the 1.3 engine and I was just wondering as to when to start getting worried about the engine temperature. When I have the heater on full the temp stays only just above the black bar on the gauge, but when it's on cool it goes straight to the middle, sometimes a little higher. Is this something to be worried about as a lot of people I know with this model Fiesta, their temp gauge stays quite low. Sorry if this seems like a daft question, oh and when the heaters on full, it's hot, and I mean, HOT. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hello, I've put this already in another section but hoping it gets more views here. I've recently purchased a MK5 Fiesta Finesse with a 1.3 engine and I was wondering what the normal engine temp should be, like where it should be on the gauge, when I'm driving with the heater on full its normally only just above the black cold mark, but whenever I put the heater to the middle (Where the red and blue overlap) The gauge seems to go to the middle and maybe a bit higher, I've not turned it all the way to cold yet as I don't know as I dare lol, is this normal? As a few people I know with the same model Fiesta, their temp gauge seems to stay just above the black all the time. Thanks in advance, Dayce
  24. Number Of Mk 4/5 Produced

    Hi all, I'm trying to find out how many Ford Fiesta MK4/5 were produced in 1995-2002, I really hope someone can help me!! I have looked in all the normal places google etc. I was just wondering if anyone knows the answer or if not somewhere I can find the information. Thanks!