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Found 41 results

  1. Hello all, sorry if this has been covered already in these forums (my laptop is on a real go slow at the moment).. I am looking for any help/advise/links/info you guys have on the options for adding an arm rest type deal to my mk6 fiesta. its more about storage options and possible cup holders for the back seats than an actual arm rest for front. im looking to work over or around the handbrake between the front seats in a 2door if that's any help. Any help or advice is welcome, especially if you have tried either successfully or not to build/buy something similar yourself. hope everyone is well and keeping the fiesta flag flying high :) I am looking for something like this here but obviously more refined for a fiesta. any advise, help or general chat on this subject welcome
  2. Hi all, First of all i have already posted this in Audio and Electronics but have had no responses yet, so sorry for the repost. I am thinking about swapping out the head unit to something with a bit more punch and clarity (if this is possible). With the stock audio system, the audio gets very distorted on higher volumes when using the aux (i don't listen to the radio). Also the built in aux port has alot of wear and can cut out depending on how i position the 3.5mm jack. My insurer (co-op young drivers) said swapping out the head unit doesn't count as a modification, only if i add an amp or change the speakers is it then considered a vehicle mod. So i want to swap out the existing Ford 6000 CD to something a bit better, which includes Bluetooth and a USB port for charging. Will changing the head unit to something more premium improve the audio clarity and volume? Any suggestions? I found that the 6000 cd outputs 20w per channel after some googling. Do you think it is worth my time upgrading the head unit? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Thanks (My car: Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.25 2008)
  3. Hi, I have recently been gifted some MK7 Zetec seats that i wish to install into my Fiesta mk6 2007, Is this a possible modification by installing some brackets from the old seats ? Or will i have to purchase some from elsewhere? Thanks.
  4. Hi guys this is my first post. I have a 2010 fiesta 1.25 Zetec in blue and have plasti dipped the wheels black and I think it looks great, I was thinking about doing some actual mods but would I be better off waiting for a bigger engined car like a 1.6 before I bother. I was thinking about putting in lowering springs or coilivers and an exhaust to make the car look better and possibly adding an st wing along with window tints and black tail lights, what do you think? I don't think there'd be really much point in me putting in an intake or anything but if you have any suggestions that may make my car quicker or look better and handle better please let me know.... thanks guys, Mike.
  5. Hi there, I just purchased a used Pre Facelift MK7 2013 Ford Fiesta Ambiente. The car only has an AUX port located at the handbrake. My previous car had an aftermarket radio installed which had an USB port that I wish I could have in my new vehicle. I was wondering if it is possible to remove the AUX connection and replace it with an AUX and USB as I have seen the higher models have them installed. It is the entry level sound system which I have installed and I'm wanting to upgrade it all without having to buy an aftermarket radio as getting an aftermarket faceplate will be a hassle in my current location and getting one made is not a simple task. Has anyone successfully installed one and can guide me on what parts are needed? I have spoken to someone in Ford sales and they said the wire harness might be different and would get back to me but I have not heard from them. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. With Thanks
  6. Note: I've previously had a thread/diary on the KA Owners Club forum to keep a track of how my car has come along, but here seems to much more active due to there being so many more members. Some pics/wording may be copy & pasted over from there to save me the type of typing it again. I got my KA for my 17th birthday (2013) and since then I've not really done much other than replace the stock muffler & tailpipe. I did have some black dice dust caps to replace the standard black ones, but they got stolen. :) Anyway, some pictures (white one is mine, black one is my brothers that he got in October just gone):
  7. Fiesta lowing springs

    Hello all, I'm looking after lowering my fiesta, I decided to go for lowering springs as they are cheaper comparing to coilovers. If I was going to fit them do I need to get anything done on top of that? What I mean by that do I need a new alignment or mess with the struts or anything like that? Never done it before so I wanna know everything before hand, and if anyone has any recommendations of what springs to go for let me know Thank you for any help,
  8. Hi gang, Has anyone had any experience of replacing the stock panel air filter and box on a MK2.1.6TDCI with a cylindrical performance filter like the K&N 57s-4000? I could opt for the box-free cone but I'm much more excited by the idea of the cylinder. I'm mainly wondering if the airbox lid of the K&N would be a direct fit to the existing box, and if any additional piping would be necessary. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Sam.
  9. Just curious to where can I buy after market parts for my 1.8 d escort van 2001 (y reg) for ect lowering springs/coilovers backboxes/exhausts bumpers/side skirts lights performance parts interior thanks in advance
  10. MK6

    I wonder if anyone can help me? i wanted to get an air intake for my mk6 Fiesta but wasn't really sure what was required? I have a 1.6 TDCI and wondered did that make a difference to which filter I choose also I've found multiple ones on eBay for £15 and some which cost £50!? Is there any difference and what will fit my car and what will I need for my car?! hope you can help!!!
  11. First post here, not sure if there's rules to abide by regarding modifications and the discussion of them, but I'll cut to the chase. I have an 07 Fiesta, my first car, I'm looking for some insurance friendly modifications. I've a couple things I've done so far; Heko wind deflectors as they were cheap and relatively practical, and I've done the number plate lighting too so that it's similar to the LED/xenon ones you see these days. 2 simple things there which cost me <£25. I'm hoping someone can help me out here, if I buy myself a debadged front grill (Where from I have no idea), and front fog lights, would these be a simple enough install? Also, regarding the lights, can I buy the ST fog lights, unsure if they would fit in my front bumper. I'll attach the front end of my car (fixing wing mirrors asap). Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Fiesta induction kit

    Hey guys I've got a fiesta 140ps ecoboost and ive decided to upgrade and buy a ST!! I've recently bought a yellow primary and secondary induction hose from PumaSpeed, and have now no use for these parts due to the unexpected upgrade. The parts are unused and still in original packaging if anyone is interested? id have sent them back to PumaSpeed but they're custom parts and unfortunately are none returnable, so rather than letting them go to waste I thought I'd see if any fellow ford enthusiasts would like them? Thanks Jason
  13. I want to change the headlight assembly on my Focus Zetec S Mk3 and like the look of the Focus ST Mk3 headlights. Can I just buy the ST headlight assembly and swap them for my headlights without any modification required? Will they fit? Any one done this or know if I can do this?
  14. 1.0 Ecoboost engine undertray

    Hi, has anyone fitted an engine undertray to a Mk7.5 1.0 Ecoboost model? I believe these were OEM equipment for diesel models, maybe only the Mk7. Does it fit without much effort? Any disadvantages? Thanks
  15. Black Bonnet Lip??

    Evening all, Does anyone know where I can acquire a black bonnet lip or more specifically a gloss black bonnet lip for my MK7 Fiesta? I've been looking on eBay gumtree etc of cars being sold for parts but most have a grey lip like my current one. Only inquiring as I recently had part of my boot lid wrapped and want to pursue the gloss black theme, however they were unable to wrap those parts due to the material.
  16. Hi Guys, I'm new here so I apologise if I'm posting incorrectly however it's my first time! I recently purchased a fiesta zEtec s red edition 140ps and seriously love the car! Puts a smile on my face whenever I drive it and I am now wanting to do some upgrades! Pictures will follow however so far I have done small mods which include: Black/Red gel badge overlays to front, rear, steering wheel and wheels. Smaller radio aerial. Wind deflectors. Pumaspeed R-sport induction. Although the induction sounds really nice I've decided to go down the Mountune route and have just placed my order of induction and all silicone hose replacements. I am also thinking about getting the engine and battery covers and colour coding them within the engine bay! I have some gold heat reflective tape on order to wrap some of my internal parts which hopefully turn out ok! I have some pictures however there will be more to follow when the Mountune turns up! What you think so far?
  17. Hello I'm brand new to the forum world so please forgive me 😊. I've seen a few great projects and its inspired me to do a few mods to my fiesta. Got a few ideas on what to do but would love to have suggestions. I would really like to get some options on what engine chips people have used I've seen a few from mountune, blue fin and the latest http://www.dieseltuning.co.uk/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=163_203_205_210&product_id=403&sort=p.price&order=ASC would really like an experienced opinion before spending money like this. I've added the Zetec s badge on the front and back already but that's the extent off my mods 😂 Just ordered a lighting kit for behind the the grill from ford dynamic lighting page on Facebook will update give an update on how that goes by the end of the week.
  18. Hello! My name is Matej from Slovenia and I currently own a 2007 FIesta ST which I dumped a whole lot of money into to make it quicker and more stylish. I wanted a NA Fiesta that looked special so I spent a lot of money building it and bringing out the HP. I do not mind it either, but it was my first project and I have made a lot of mistakes that cost me a lot of money. I did learn though. Simplicity is key, stock look draws far less attention, suspension and power is more important than looks. RIght now, I am in the process of selling my MK 6.5 ST and when I do, I would like to go on to the next project. Do it right this time. Money wise, project cars are a bottomless trap hole and considering this could end up being the third car I want it to be cheap this time around. My idea was to buy a basic MK4 and go from there. But then I thought how much more like a modern Ford the MK5 looks with those lights. So what I want to do is: Ford Fiesta MK5, 3 door, 1.3 engine -no power steering -no AC -no radio -swap the front seats for more supportive aftermarket lightweight seats, lose the rear seat and put a nice carpet in instead -aftermarket steering wheel -swap the engine for Puma 1,7 125HP Duratec and modify it -good air intake -bigger throttle body -full aftermarket exhaust -mild camshafts -a remap -swap the suspension and brakes for Pumas and modify them -add front and rear anti-roll bars -add Poly Bushes and mounts -lowering springs (maybe coilovers) -light set of rims, most likely something from OZ Racing (still 15") -wide tires (195 instead of 155?) -wheel spacers if needed -Zetec S bumpers -custom wider wheel arches to fit the wider wheels I will be buying used parts, conversion parts, the 2 cars I need are under 500€ both. I estimate total cost with labor between 2 and 3 thousand euros which I am willing to invest for a car like that. I am turning to you good people to asses my idea and give criticism. I also need you to share your experience with certain things I have not done research on yet or couldn't find any good answers. 1.7 Duratec Engine from Puma: 1.7 Puma engine and transmission should fit into the MK4 bolt on. Is that the case with MK5 as well? Will any modifications be required? Camshafts. Does any other engine share the same camshafts as the 1.7? Exhaust manifold. Does any other engine share the same exhaust manifold? Throttle body. I would go for a 5mm wider throttle body (maybe 10mm if it fits), are the holes for the bolts same as on other (2.0 litre or bigger) engines? Wiring. A 1.3 engines wiring probably won't be good. Do I remove the entire wiring for the entire car and swap it or is there another way? Transmission. Is it in the exact same place, so the gearbox lever comes into the cabin in the same spot? Opinions on a short shifter? Suspension: I read that the suspension from Puma should fit perfectly too. I think I will be able to figure out how to swap them. Is there anything Puma/MK5 FIesta specific I should know? Are there aftermarket anti-roll bars for front and rear of this little car? Do any of them come standard? Should I go for coilovers (used) or just lowering springs? I am not going too low. 25-30mm only. Opinions on home made strut braces for front and rear opposed to aftermarket parts? Puma should have rear discs. Will the braided lines from Puma fit exactly on to the MK4-5 Fiesta or do I need new lines? I plan on keeping ABS and power brakes from Puma if it has them. ABS is important :) How wide should I go with the tires?
  19. Hi, ive just bought a mk7 fiesta and I would like to have a Bluetooth or usb functionality to play music from my phone. Problem is I have no idea what unit will fit and where I can get one from. any info on what people have used and where I can get the bits from would be very handy. apologies on my lack of knowledge but everyone's got to start sometime. see photos below of what I have currently
  20. Hi I have a 1.8 ford focus zetec s 09 Duratec he engine and was wondering before i go splash £450 on a custom stainless steel exhaust is it worth it? Yay or nay? Many thanks Dan
  21. Hello all, While I was fitting in the upgrade centre console I discovered that my window heater section had all wires in the other blank spaces - so was wondering if that would mean that the wiring is there for the other options? I ask this as I've just brought that section in silver and that has the button for the front heated screen - it looks like i have the wiring for that, well I'm guessing, so was thinking of getting one installed as that is a feature i massively miss from my fiesta. pictures - this is the part i mean and theres two extra wires/connections in the back of the other two blank cards so i really am hoping someone might provide me with some good news here ha! Also im wanting to take out the standard door card handle parts and replace with the silver higher spec one. I just cant work out how to remove that part?!?! can anyone help with that one too please? Its the surround bit that on the driver side sits over the window and mirror controls. Drivers side Passengers side I know how to take the door cards off etc but I'm not sure how to get these parts free to replace them - i don't want to change to the different door cards as they are a different colour and that will bother me - ha! its bad enough the centre console is a different colour but i can live with that cause of the added aux it adds. cheers in advance anyone
  22. Hi all! Anyone know of any reputable re-mapping companies in the Teesside/Cleveland area? Looking to squeeze some more power out of my 1.0 140PS ecoboost! Dave
  23. So a few months back I purchased my first Ford, a Mk6 fiesta finesse, nothing to fancy as I was only 19 at the time (now 20). After gathering some experience with cars within my job (Halfords) and out of research I decided I wanted to make my fiesta something special to me, I'm still undecided on a full ST conversion or just to get the exterior and custom build/make the interior of my car. This was the week after I bought her, all cleaned, polished and waxed A few weeks later and after much research I found her a new set of wheels, The wheels need a reverb which I plan on doing myself but they do fill up the arches nicely compared to what it was before, a full list of planned mods and pictures will be posted
  24. West Midlands Wrapping

    So fingers crossed in the next week I will have my new zetec s but im planning on getting it vinyl wrapped! does anyone know of any good companys around the west midlands? seen one or two sites but had no replies to emails and sites don't look 100% legit!
  25. Hey there I was wondering if anyone had ever converted their mk3 focus to the st version or if it's even possible, main focus being on the front bumper and grill as that's what I want the most as I feel I really missed out buying my focus before the facelift, thanks in advance.