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Found 50 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have had my 2013 fiesta ecoboost for 1 year now and have been averaging around 27 mpg I do 100% local mileage with most trips being less than 5 miles. I get around 250 miles on a full tank, is there something wrong with my car? Thanks
  2. Is there a way to switch preset banks on DAB using the controls on the steering wheel? Seems a rather large oversight if not possible? What round town MPG should I be expecting? What motorway MPG should I be expecting? What combined MPG should I be expecting? How many miles per tank should I be expecting. Its the 125PS 1.0 ST Line? What size in litres is the tank? Will sport ( automatic) mode guzzle juice? Are the gear change paddles just a gimmick or should I use them more often? Thanks in advance!
  3. Tdci Mpg question

    hello there, quick one for anyone that can answer i changed the fuel filter on my 1.8 tdci mk2.5 focus and it seems to be using a tad more fuel can the filter affect this?? i used a none ford filter from my local but people are saying to only ever use ford! many thanks to anyone that can answer
  4. I am filling up my tank fully and I am only getting approx 100 miles out of it. I know this isn't right. But I don't know how to get it sorted without costing me lots of money.
  5. MPG Question/Help

    So i was wondering what range of mileage I SHOULD be getting. I don't exactly race off the line and would say I drive fairly economically. I mainly drive when the roads are quiet and don't do motorway driving. I have filled up twice now around the 230-250miles, with a full tank costing £40-45. I believe it has a 45L capacity (just under 10 Gallons), and should be getting ~43mpg. I understand thats as of new so i should be expecting around 35mpg. I am getting around 22-26mpg depending on how I drive. Is this normal or should I be looking at getting new parts? -There aren't any signs of leaking on the driveway either before someone asks :) Sorry if i haven't provided enough information. Link to car specs: http://www.parkers.co.uk/ford/fiesta/hatchback-2002/16-zetec-s-3d-(05)/specs/
  6. Focus drinks petrol

    I bought a 2005 1.6 petrol Ghia Auto last August. It had 64000mls with full service history. I'm very happy apart from the mpg. It drinks petrol. I drive like a nun and i still only get about 30mpg in the country, if i start driving fast i actually think i can see the dial moving, if i drive at about 70mph im getting 20mpg. I did a bit of research and got the O2 sensors changed (£80 for each +time=£240 unbelievable) didnt make any difference. Any ideas? Is 30 to 35mpg normal for this car? I'm getting about 140mls per tank. Any info appreciated
  7. Cruise Control and mpg

    I'm quite lazy so even on twisty A Roads I like to use CC the engine revs hard from time to time when I come to inclines to maintain the speed Is it better for fuel economy to not use CC in above situation and only use it on Motorways? Thanks
  8. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Looking into possibly getting a Fiesta with the new Ecoboost engine, was just wondering if the quoted figures from Ford for MPG is anywhere near accurate. Have seen between 55-70 advertised depending on style of driving etc.
  9. I have a 2016 Titanium x 2 litre diesel AWD high output engine with a powershift 6 speed box. I get 42.5 mpg on a run and 36 mpg locally, climate on all the time with AC - would love to know what other people are getting in their Kugas - Thank you
  10. I’ve recently brought my dream car (Focus, 2015, Titanium, Lunar Sky – lovely.) I love the average MPG display and I’ve been challenging myself to see how efficiently I can drive her. I’ve managed to get the MPG display up to 99.9, but there is no way I can actually be getting 99.9 mpg out of her as I’m not coasting downhill all the time. Can anyone help me understand exactly what it’s telling me? TIA
  11. Hi All, My first post on the forum so be nice haha. I'm currently driving a Renault Kadjar 1.5 diesel but I now don't do as many miles (still 2000 a month though haha) and don't really need all the features its got and I was considering a Black Edition ZS 140. Even with the negative equity in my car I'm pretty confident that if I pick one up for around the 11-12k mark (which is pretty much where all the used ones are) I'll be paying less on a PCP deal (currently paying ~£300pm for 4 yrs). The only thing I was wondering was about real world economy. I know this has probably been asked hundreds of times so call me lazy for not searching. My commute consists of about 15 miles of NSL A road where you can easily sit at 60 (i.e. not very twisty), then 45 miles of motorway then maybe another 5-10 miles of pretty free flowing, 40mph city stuff. Usually only the last mile or so is backed up but even that moves pretty quick. Is there anyone with a similar commute to mine that can give me a rough average? Currently getting 53mpg in the Kadjar (which isn't as great as I was expecting), and if 45mpg is easily achievable in the Fiesta then I think it may be done...insurance is £600 cheaper too! I appreciate any input you guys have on this one.
  12. Ford Fiesta st fuel

    Hi I'm looking to get the st soon, I'm curious on the fuel though does it drain the petrol it says it can do 47mpg? I usually put in 30 in my car currently and that last me a week going to work and back usually about 15miles there and back so 30 miles a day. I won't be going crazy in it. max speed I'll do is 70-80 on motorway but I like to keep it 60 just to save fuel. So the question is really will £30 last me for the week going to work?
  13. which petrol auto for £3k ?

    Hello. Well Honest John rates the petrol automatic when buying a high miler. Though I only seem to be able to see the 2 litre on sale. Its the TC auto I seek as they are usually long-lived - but I only have £3k to spend. I need to get a reliable daily driver for local and country lane driving, but missus can only use an auto. I am also hoping a petrol motor will avoid all diesel complications when buying a 90k mile plus diesel. A high mileage petrol should be a better bet shouldn't it ? I am an experienced diesel and hydraulics engineer so know what to look at in the oily bits department, its the model and reliability that I need help on. All contributions gratefully received - thanks m
  14. Hello. Well Honest John rates the petrol automatic when buying a high miler. Though I only seem to be able to see the 2 litre on sale. Its the TC auto I seek as they are usually long-lived - but I only have £3k to spend. I need to get a reliable daily driver for country lane driving, but missus can only use an auto. I am also hoping a petrol motor will avoid all diesel complications when buying a 90k mile plus diesel. A high mileage petrol should be a better bet shouldn't it ? I am an experienced diesel and hydraulics engineer so know what to look at in the oily bits department, its the model and reliability that I need help on. All contributions gratefully received - thanks m
  15. Hey All, My Dad's RCZ is coming up 3 years old and he is considering his options, whether to keep it or change car. If he changes, he wants something a bit smaller, so Fiesta size. His RCZ is the 2.0 TDCi variant as he has a 50 odd mile round trip daily commute which is about 80% dual carriageway/motorway and 20% B road. The Fiesta has some pretty uninspiring diesel options imo, it is a shame they don't do the 120PS version like most other manufacturers do, so I wanted to ask owners of the 125PS and 140PS 1.0 Ecoboost what sort of real world MPG they were getting. Especially if you do a similar type of commute. Cheers!
  16. Hey So ive found a slight bug with my Focus done 8500 miles now and the MPG is just not right. When you reset it it sticks around the 35Mpg mark for a while but then just slowly increases. this morning its registering at 92mpg average.. no I know im not doing that... but then related Ive never been able to fill the tank up ( ie max fuel in so far is 47 liters from 0 miles left.., ) yet will say empty on about 360 - 380 miles. So Parkers says tank is 55L - i assume 5 for the reserve yes? Any ideas on the MPG? not setup any my key stuff.. all thoughts welcome before i take it to the dealer ?
  17. Hi Guys and Gals, I have owned my 2006 1.4 Diesel Fiesta for just shy of a year now. I commute almost 100 miles a day in it on the motorway, and average around the 60MPG mark (I reset the counter on the first of the month). Over the last few months I have noticed the average MPG start to slip. First to the mid 50s then the mid 40s. Something is obviously not right. This morning on my way to work, the average MPG dropped dramatically (by about 10MPG) when going up a steep hill on the A31. Once the road leveled out the MPG continued to fall down to around 33MPG. Eventually it started to climb again ending around 38. Driving home from work today, the counter started accelerating, 40, 45, 50, 55 by the time I got back it was about 58. Any idea what would cause such a rapid change in MPG? As I mentioned, I reset the counter once a month (on the first) to keep track of my fuel usage over the month. So the average was being taken over the last 1,400 miles. Full disclosure, the turbo has been whining for about 9 months now, think its finally giving out? Thanks for any help.
  18. Hi guys, So i've done it again. Bought a 1.25 fiesta in march (14 plate) now just gone and part ex'd it against a 1 ltr ecoboost (64 plate). Picking it up on Friday! The only question i have, what are people roughly spending on their fuel, and what are their avg mpg. I would also like to know your driving habits as it what roads. I've heard that it's brilliant on fuel however i would just like to see how much people are actually getting out of it. My road types vary for work. Will post some pictures when i've collected. Thanks Guys Jon.
  19. Hi all, First post, apologise in advance. I've a 2012 Mk7 Fiesta, Zetec, and I noticed a few weeks ago that when I filled up the car (full tank), the estimated mileage on the car had changed. It had gone from the usual 315+ miles (when I purchased back in July), which lasted for a few months, to around 275+ miles on the clock. Is there anything in particular, other than driving manner, that could cause this? As I've only had the car a few months and 40 mile drop is a bit weird.
  20. evening folks, been a while since I've ben on due to switching to st owners. but im back with hopefully more comfort and a lot less power. new motor coming in September. just wondering what mpg I should expect with progressive driving from a petrol 1.5 turbo 150bhp thanks
  21. Hi, Been having a weird problem that probably wiring-related... every so often the MPG and avaerage speed readouts reset on my car. This happens when car is started up - the dials shudder before coming online. Then the ECU acts as if it's in training mode for a week or so. It's like the behaviour when the ECU has been reset by disconnecting the battery - execept all other things that are normally reset are fine (radio/trip distance). Been happening since early this year - but thought it was down to some faulty sheared wiring from the ignition system to the coil pack connector - but this is now all sorted. Have tested battery and alternator, volatages etc are fine. Any ideas/thoughts, or similar experiences? James.
  22. Hey guys, Just wondering how much thirstier are the bigger engine fiestas? I live in a hilly area and feel a bigger engine may use less fuel as I have to floor the car in 5th or rev it in 4th to maintain 40mph up a hill or (45-50 in 4th) as you can imagine it does annoy a lot of the local drivers as the limit is 60 ;) So back to topic, does the 1.4 make a bigger difference, does the 1.6 use tonnes more fuel? what kind of mpg does it get?
  23. Petrol Adventure!

    Eventful drive home from work! On my current tank of fuel I have been absolutely determined to hit 400 miles before I filled up! So this morning I left for work (just under 30 mile round trip) with my petrol light on and my trip telling me I have 45 miles to 0. Plenty! Drove to work this morning, all good, and arrived with it still telling me 21 miles to 0! Now I have 15 to get home, so it was gonna be a little tight.. Left this evening, it went up to 23 to 0 so I thought I'd be fine to get back to my local petrol station... now for the fun part. As I pull out of the business park and onto the dual carriageway it drops! From 23... to 13. 10 miles in one roundabout is mighty impressive As I go down the dual carriageway it stays fairly even at about 13, but then as soon as I get off it goes down and down and down. As I'm coming into the town my colleague lives I'm into single figures. And as I drive along the road (which has a petrol station at the end) it keeps going... 8... 7... 6... I finally made it to the petrol station (a sight in itself, a Murco and the pumps are so old they have dials rather than screens!) and stuck £10 in to get home (not even halfway at this point). The moral of story? Don't trust your trip computer! haha :D The Murco fuel is awful, throttle response of a dead duck! Not a bash at ford in any way, just thought I'd share the story! Oh, and I only did 390 on the tank, lol! :(
  24. Focus Titanium 56 Plate Mpg

    Hi all, I'm a new member here, this is my first post. Go easy on me! I've been driving my 56 plate focus titanium for a couple of weeks now. I noticed that I was stopping for fuel a bit too often. Looking at the dash display I noticed the fuel consuption was showing around 13 l/100k. Doing a quick look at a conversion calculator this came out as around 18MPG? I certainly didn't expect it to be drinking this much juice. Am I missing something here? I don't know a whole bunch about cars in general so if anybody needs more info please let me know. Thanks in advance everybody! Quick update: engine size is 2.0 by the way and it's petrol.
  25. Hello all, I am a newby to the forum and have joined to find out if my Mondeo is unique in only doing 46 MPG. I have had the car for 2 weeks now and have done the tank fill to tank fill 3 times. The car's computer says that my average MPG is 46 and this is confirmed by actual calculated figures based on actual mileage and actual fuel usage. The car is 10 months old on a 63 plate. It has done 13000 miles. I bought the car from 'Motorpoint' and they have been less than helpful. Their advert told me to expect an average of 62 MPG but that I could get 72 MPG if it was extra urban. Most of my miles so far have been motorway miles. I did take the car to my local Ford dealer who had a look at it but were not surprised by the economy figures. So my question is to other Mondeo 2.0 163bhp owners on this forum, how does 46MPG compare to your economy figures? Regards Quiz