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Found 85 results

  1. Newbie

    Hi I'm new to the site i have a mk6 fiesta ghia 1.6 ill try and help others if I can not that a know too much and thanks for having me
  2. Hi everyone, my name's Andrew. I Live not far from Swansea. Just had delivery of my 2017 Ford Focus St-Line 1.5T 150bhp Auto. I am looking for any advice, problems, solutions etc. Hope to hear and see some of you guys. Thanks
  3. My new car, collecting it Wednesday

    From the album Aubrey Williams

  4. Hello from Stoke.

    Hey, I'm new to here and i've just brought a ford focus 1.6 TDCI MK3 2013 reg. I am after some advice and i don't know if here's the right place. i want to install something like this... EBAY URL But i dont know much about it, would any recommend anything different? Also do you know any suttle mods/changes parts i can do that dont require much experience fitting Thanks again, Len
  5. Hi all, I'm Jake and I've just recently bought a 3 door 2012 Fiesta Zetec. It's my second car I've ever owned and I absolutely love it. Since insurance is expensive for me as a young driver I will only be doing cosmetic modifications to the car but I'll be posting every step of the way:)
  6. S-Max Rear parking camera

    Hi! I've got S-Max 2012 with Blaupunkt NX. After a crash I got new back door with rear view parking camera (I think it could be original). How hard it could be to connect it to the navigation screen? Is there already some connecting cables to the back from radio?
  7. New Ford Focus mk3 facelift

    Hello everyone. I recently traded in my mondeo st for something a lot newer and it was a sad day but it needed to happen. I have driven it about for a few days but it seams that there is something wrong with the parking sensors. When I come to a stop or low speed my front sensors come up and go straight to red as if something is really close to the car but it isn't. Could any of you shine a light onto this as to what I possible could be? Sorry this isn't the best explanation but I don't know how else to explain it. Cheers now Jon.
  8. Aftermarket Headunits?

    Hi dont know if there is a thread on here about this but i want to change my head unit. Has anybody fitted one and got any pictures of it. ideally looking for a double din touch screen but haven't looked in depth as such just had a quick look. i will most likly replace the speakers afterwards depending on the amp in the headunit. Thanks in advance Mitch
  9. Help me!

    Hi does anyone know if im looking at the correct oil? I have a 2007 1.6 ford fiesta zetec s and in looking at Castrol Professional OE 5W-40 is this correct for my car? Thank you
  10. New member

    Hi guys. New to ford and new to this club. I own a 1l ecoboost Titanium spec. 5 door in deep impact blue. Looking to make some alterations/modifications any advice ?
  11. Hey, new member here! I'm Nathan, 21, from Bradford. Had my zetec s for around a year now but only just got into the whole "modding scene" so I'm still learning... be kind Not going for any mods too big or too expensive just yet so only got the Halos and the Batman v Superman badge. Birthday this month so once that's out of the way I'll hopefully be adding something new to the car if anybody has any ideas. Thanks:)
  12. New

    Lost my forum but like to thank for the advice on about my ford focus tdci zetec climate 07 smell fumes was from the injectors 2 and 3 found the problem and will be repaired and service tomorrow and so on thanks guys
  13. New guy

    Hey there guys! My name is Nick and I recently got for free an old Ford Fiesta 1.3 '00 mini van.(I have to point that it is not the car that I drive daily... it's more like a newbie project). Looking forward talking to you and exchanging opinions. Cheers
  14. Very new member. Always had a fair amount of interest in cars and car knowledge. Not really sure what else to say.
  15. Ecoboost to ST

    Hi guys, just a quick questions for anyone who currently owns an Fiesta ST. Wondering if you could tell the average MPG you're achieving, whether that be on a run or round town. Would like to know a ball park figure for each. As I'm looking to upgrade my ecoboost next year for something I can get work done to and start a project with. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  16. Hi

    Hi my name is Anwar Ali and I am 31 and from just outside Manchester in a little town called Hyde. I drive a 06 silver Ford Focus 1.8TDCi Titanium 3dr as my regular commute (50 miles round trip) and also own a 07 blue Ford Fiesta ST for the weekends. My first car was a blue Ford Escort 1.4 when I was 17 and have almost always had a Ford ever since I love the way they handle and the fact that parts are regularly available and cheap as I am also a amateur mechanic ( I have done some bodywork, replaced a few clutches, brakes etc.) But I must admit the electrical side of things are a little beyond my understanding. I am also a PC gaming enthusiast I get great satisfaction from building computers for myself and anybody who wants me to build them one.
  17. Hi everyone, this is my first post so apologies if it takes me a while to reply or generally figure this site out 🙃 I've recently bought a Focus mk2.5 2009 with 12k on the clock and I'm looking to do some interior and exterior modifications but could do with some help and info on what sites to look on for parts, this is the first ford I've ever bought so my knowledge of them is almost none existent! 😳 Thanks in advance everyone.
  18. Just took delivery of my new Fiesta ST-Line 140, Nav & Auto Stop/Start - 3dr, thought I'd share my first impressions. It's on a lease deal from Allen Ford for 3 years at £155/Mth with 1 month up front payment of £155 Delivered with 98 Miles on the clock. Had a minor dull patch (about 1cm square) on paintwork near the headlight which delivery guy thought was glue from a sticker but it doesn't seem to come off. Got him to record that on the delivery note. Have since discovered a fine scratch on the drivers side rear passenger window (are they some sort of plastic rather than glass?) but other than that all looks excellent. Just taken it out for the first trip about 3 miles of twisty uphill country lanes, followed by about 37 miles of A roads of which 5 were in town and about 5 on a dual carriageway (about 75mph). Been taking it fairly gently, (not sure if you need to run modern engines in like we did many moons ago?) took it up to about 4500 for a couple of short bursts getting past a tractor and lorry but generally around 2000- 3000 rpm. I resest the trip computer and turned on the eco mode but didn't really follow the suggested gear change light. I've been driving an Automatic car for the past 7 years so I kept forgetting to change gear, drove about 3 miles in 4th gear at about 50mph before I realised I should've been in 5th. Recorded a 47.6mpg Avg on a 40.6 mile trip at 15 degrees C, averaging 35mph. There were a couple of traffic holdups in the town and 2 sets of lights for road works in that jounery. Had the aircon on for last 15 mins of journey. Seems pretty decent to me for a brand new engine, and I'm sure it would have been over 50mpg if I'd remembered to change gears more often. Handling didn't really test it out much but seems excellent on the twisty bits, ride is firmer than I'm used to of late but by no means a bone shaker. Performance, again I can't really comment too much as I'm taking it easy for a bit but the couple of times I did put my foot down to overtake it certainly feels more powerful than the 2 Litre Citroen I had before. Purrs along quite happily at 35mph in 5th gear too, last car I had that did that was a MK1 Golf Gti 1800 which would pull in 5th from about 25 mph. Engine seems smooth and quiet (like the little 3 cylinder growl you get mid range) with most of the the noise being generated from road/tyres. I Suppose that's just the downside of lower profile tyres but it's still comfortably quiet at 75mph on the dual carriageway driving I did. I'll try and add some more meaningful comments once I had a chance to run it in and have a play. Note sure why the dash photos have come out that way, I took them the same way as the car shot but anyway just twist your head 90 degrees anti-clokwise if you are interested, can't be bothered to rotate them now :)
  19. Hi Guys I'm new

    Hi Guys I'm new here just bought my first Ford! After few years wasted with Vauxhalls. Took keys to an ST3 yesterday and excited to get started. be great to get involved and hear from people 👍🏻
  20. Power folding mirror HELP!

    Hi all!! I'm a newbie, have been reading some posts and you all seem very keen to help a damsel in distress! I've got an 07 Fiesta Ghia, and it seems to have the option for power folding mirrors. When I push the toggle down it makes a click which sounds like a diode or switch working, so I'm guessing there is power there and the movement of the glass works perfectly. I was just wondering if there was any quick fix or if this is a Ford dealer job, or even a new one from ebay? I'm asking for a very basic as I'm a little slow . Thanks in advance guys!
  21. Suffolk Members

    Hello there peeps. I'm a new member based in Suffolk. Just seeing who is out and about in the area. If you have any tips or tricks when modifying then just let me know. Not much else to say other than hey.
  22. I'm back!!

    I have a Fiesta again! :) after swapping out my old 1.0 ecoboost for a BMW I'm back to owning a Ford Fiesta again! Picking up my ST2 on Wednesday and can't wait to start the mods. What do think I should start with first?
  23. Hello Guys, I'm new to the Ford Owners Club Forums, I recently purchased my second car which is a Ford Fiesta Zetec S (62) and she is my pride and joy! Thanks Russ
  24. So I have recently bought my Ford Focus LX 1.6 2005 and what too fit a new exhaust tip that is louder (not really loud) i DO NOT want to change the whole exhaust just looking for a muffler tip that will do the job (if thats possible) only think is i have a turn down exhaust so not really sure how to fit it or what i really need? any suggestions or tips that i should. Thanks
  25. Hey guys!

    Hey guys! I'm Chris and hopefully mid this week I'll be picking up my first car! A sexy Zetec S Black Edition! Can't wait to have fun in it, just a shame about having a black box in it :/ so how is everyone?