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Found 16 results

  1. Does anyone know where the module for the parking aid is on the Fiesta Mk6.5. My sensors just make a continuous beep when reversing and reverse lights are ok. There is no clicking on any of the sensors when in reverse at ignition. It's been like this for two years when I got the car and I really should get it sorted now.
  2. Could fitting Parking sensors or a reversing camera reduce my premium?
  3. Hi All I gave my car to a body shop to repaor passenger side rear quarter panel and respray passenger side doors. Picked up the car today without realising. Parking sensors front and rear both are not working. I text him to ask if he has unplugged any connectors and he said he didn't unplug anything. Obd2 adaptor doesn't show any parking sensors related errors. Ford test menu in dash shows DTC # 01 160782 and DTC # 02 40168. These two codes were shown prior to the respray but after using obd2 adaptor they use to disappear but not disappearing now. In the right hand side rear luggage compartment I see a connector dangling and not connected to anything. The wires are Grey with violet stripes. Could this be the cause? Picture attached. When I put the car in reverse gear, light with p button on dash blinks 6 times then stops. Could anyone suggest what to do please? Thanks
  4. I've had my 64 plate Fiesta for a few weeks now, and i'm a little confused about the parking sensors. When i engage reverse the centre console screen shows the vehicle with the circle infront and behind and the light on the parking sensor on/off button flashes a couple of times. Then after about half a second the screen returns to the radio and the light goes out. this happens even if i start reversing instantly! Then nothing..... to the extent that i can back up very carefully to a wall and touch it without even a peep!! The same happens if i try to manually turn the sensors on by pressing the button. Am i doing something wrong or is the system faulty? Its still under warranty so it will be going into my local dealers if there is a fault, i just didn't want to book it in and have them explain there's nothing wrong except the operator
  5. Hi all, I'm about to retrofit parking sensors on my 2011 focus estate. I found the brown plug and the necessary wiring in the bumper, so it seems that all I need is: Parking sensors + harness Parking module Reprogramming Easy peasy right? Nope - the car already has a tow hitch installed and it plugs into the socket that the harness for the parkings sensors i supposed to use. I have attached a picture of the plug under the bumper, and a pic of the wires from a seller. I think I'll need to splice some wires, so both go into the same plug. What do you guys think? Maybe someone has a diagram of the plug, so I know what I'm dealing with.
  6. Sensors

    Hi people need help with my reverse sensors I and getting constant tone one of sensors was done changed it they are all have crackling noise took paint of them still the same solid tone in reverse help it's a st Mondeo tdci
  7. Hello! A few months ago, while my mechanic was replacing the turbine, probably for the battery left disconnected, he accidentally deactivated my rear parking sensors (together with the electric windows memory to go up and down with a long-press of the button). I didn't come back immediately because when I noticed the issue, I was far away; they reside far from me and I'm always around for my job; but that's OT. The sensors were fitted by the Ford dealer where I bought the car, back in 2008. So the car came out of the production line without them. I was wondering if it's possible to re-activate them with ELMConfig. I tried to search in all configurations, but I'm unable to find anything useful, at least at first sight. Do you have any idea? In your experience, is it possible to re-activate the sensors in ELMConfig? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi guys, This is my first post on here so go easy! I've just bought a 2013 fiesta ecoboost zetec and there are 2 things i'd like to do. Firstly i would like to add bluetooth capability so that i can stream music from my phone and take calls etc. Presumably the best way to do this would be to change the stereo to a bluetooth one? In which case how would i go about doing this and what is a good stereo to buy? It is no good just buying a bluetooth dongle thing either like the one belkin make that plugs in via auxilliary as i would still like to plug my ipod in via the aux sometimes. I've seen various touchscreen upgrades you can get online with bluetooth features that would supposedly replace the display but iv got no idea if theyre any good or not or whether i just need a more simple stereo with bluetooth built in. Secondly, i'd like to install rear parking sensors. I understand my options are to get them done by ford (though this is quite expensive) or to buy my own and get them fitted. If i go down the latter route, are they any good and does anyone have any recommendations of a good make or model or anything? Also if i buy my own and get them installed is this likely to affect the warranty or value of the car when i eventually sell it? (likewise with a new stereo?) Sorry for the many many questions but this is my first car and i'm a complete amateur. I appreciate the subject has probably been discussed numerous times before but if someone could help me out i'd be very grateful! Thanks in advance James
  9. Hi all, I have just replaced my Sony DAB single CD unit in my 2014(64) S-Max with the Touch Screen Sat Nav Unit. I know that this came from a 2012 car originally and that it was working without any issues. All functions appear to work fine except for the voice control does not recognise any commands and the parking sensors fail to beep either front or rear. I have checked the connections which are all secure and the functionality of the climate control and radio controls, Ipod, Sat Nav etc all work fine. I am pretty sure that the parking sensors share the speakers with the stereo unit and that the voice control system is slightly different from the Sony unit too. Has anyone else come across this problem at all, or know what it might be? I was thinking it is a firmware or software compatibility issue and if so, what do i need to do to make it all work together? Many thanks guy and girls Regards John
  10. I am wanting to replace my rear diffuser with either one off a Zetec S or ST, but on my car the middle two parking sensors are actually in the diffuser, rather than above it on the rear bumper itself where they seems to be on most fiesta's I have seen. I have been looking for rear diffusers for sale that already have the two parking sensors incorporated but cannot find any. I have now decided it is probably quicker to move the sensors onto the car bumper itself and then buy any diffuser. I'm assuming that all I need to move is the sensor which is just connected to a single wire? Has anybody attempted this before? Was it an easy home job or is it better for a garage to do? Cheers.
  11. Newbie here, returned home with an 08 plate Mondeo Titanium today. :) I gave up trying to get one with parking sensors already installed as they seem to be rare and on more expensive examples.... but its a biiiiig car and England has smaaaall car parks!! I'm on a budget but really want the "factory" sensor fit, I'm aware there are after-market kits you can get and I'm happy and confident I can source and fit these but I want to do it "properly". The question; does anyone know if the vehicles are already fitted with any of the necessary parking sensor factory equipment? ie wiring, control modules etc? I'm suspecting not but have read other topics on parking sensor switches that plug into available ports etc so wondered what the options were. I'm assuming at some point I would need to go to Ford for a software flash to enable the function if nothing else. Alternative; are there any after-market kits that can tap into the audio and emit the "beep" from the car speakers (as the factory version would)? I'm just not too keen on putting a horrible little beeper in my lovely new Mondeo (I remember a trailer electrics kit I fitted to a previous car that emitted a deafening electronic BEEP which had me terrified to indicate!) Next approach is to ask for a quote for the retro-fit but I anticipate that option being outside my budget!! Thanks all, wish me luck in my new steed.
  12. Could someone please give me an idea on how much it would cost to add Ford parking sensors to a 2012 Focus by a main dealer only please?
  13. Hi, I am getting a 13 plate titanium fiesta. I am wondering if it is possible to get sat nav built in after purchase plus heated front seats and rear parking sensors. If anyone also knows how much it might be for each too, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  14. New Ford Owner!!

    Hey all, just about to join you all in owning a Ford! I have agreed a purchase on a 2009 59-plate Mondeo Econetic as below: (Mondeo 2007-, 1.8L Duratorq-TDCi ECO (125PS), Ink Blue (Metallic) Build Date: 22.10.2009 Vehicle Line: Mondeo 2007- Body Style: 5 Door Saloon Version: Series 40 Engine: 1.8L Duratorq-TDCi ECO (125PS) Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Trans - MTX75 Drive: RHD FWD Emission: Stage IV Emissions Air Conditioning: Dual Zone Auto Temp Control A/C Territory: (+)"GB" Paint: Ink Blue (Metallic) Interior Fabric: Daphne/Twill / Ebony I'm paying £6500, it has 53k miles on it, FHS, 1 owner from new. Does this sound like a worthwhile deal to you?? Either way, I'm looking at adding parking sensors to it so the missus doesn't destroy it (previous car was a Clio!), I'm not to fussed about doing it myself incase I get it wrong, and not sure how I go about getting someone to do them for me. Is it really as easy as people say? What can I expect to pay for someone doing it for me? I'm new to modding at the likes, but am open to new ideas, are there any you can pass on? Many thanks!! P.S. Also I'm not sure if I've done anything wrong on this post, or posted it in the wrong area!!
  15. Hi Gang . The parking sensors on my mondy havfe started playing up since the weather changed.. is there any way of finding out which one if the eight had failed without taking it to the garage to be plugging and ripped off??
  16. Hi everyone decided to register on this forum as there seems to be lots of interesting stuff on here. I'm picking up my fourth Mondeo tomorrow a 2.0 Tdci Ghia X 5 door in Silver (very excited!) , my first diesel after having petrol models all my life. The Chancellor has forced my hand on this bless him, running a 2.0 Duratec proved too costly. Anyhow I'm after some advice as I would like to fit parking sensors to my mondeo but would like them to look factory fitted so was wondering if anyone knew the diameter of the holes in the factory fit bumper strip as i found it on the Fraud spares website here; http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_mondeo_rear_bumper_moulding_kit_2003-2007_4_and_5_door_saloons_for_reverse_sensor_f_1426040_c_310.htm and would like to use it with an eBay kit which are normally 18 or 22mm in diameter. Any info would be appreciated thanks.