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Found 21 results

  1. Having a nightmare! I have a Fiesta MK7, 2009 Zetec, I have the bluetooth module and the USB port but the bluetooth and aux cable WILL NOT work. We've looked at so many questions on here but nothing is touching it! We have tried: replacing the fuses under the bonnet and in the passenger footwell (fuse 21) turning the battery on and off installing an update via USB (just said there were no files then would not progress to the next stage) replacing the bluetooth unit (not cheap and nothing happened!) To be a bit more specific - when i press the 'phone button' it says 'Mute' and i cannot change this no matter what I press. When I press 'aux' it says 'Line in' and again i cant change this no matter what i press. When I go through menu to select blue tooth is doesn't say anything apart from bottom right 'BT off' again - you guessed it - no matter what I press it doesn't change. No idea what to do with it now and I'm sure most of you know driving down the motorway with the radio cutting in and out is so frustrating i really need this working! Please HELP!
  2. Hi folks - apologies if I've posted in the wrong section... I recently bought a cable online to plug into the back of my CD 6000 (KW2000 model) which has an aux button on the front but nothing in the glove box and nothing plugged in at the back. I followed some youtube videos on how to install it and have plugged it into the wiring harness at the back but nothing is happening when I plug my phone in. Anyone have any experience of this? I even held down the central knob for 15 seconds as recommended to restart the unit but still nothing. Obviously I have tried both volume on the device and the radio at full min and max. Many thanks in advance for any responses. Rob
  3. Hey Everyone, So I just went and treated my self a Samsung S8+, After being an Iphone user for so long I thought I'd go a different way BUT now my world is falling apart (well maybe an exaggeration but anyway). SO I synced the bluetooth with no problems, and then I plugged in the USB 3.1 Connector and O crap. Charges fines, but it will only come up unknown format then USB initialising, and then when I disconnect the USB to try and go bluetooth it won't change to bluetooth. when i've got Line in selected and press AUX it just comes up USB initialising WITH NOTHING CONNECTED and the only way to stop this is turning off the ignition. Has anyone seen this with android? I am regretting my decision :( Shes a 2012 Fiesta Titanium TDCI econetic Thanks everyone :)
  4. Hello all, I've got this weird problem with my Mk4 2013 Mondeo's bluetooth/handsfree. It was working fine until recently when the Converse+ screen shows the "Phone Audio Muted" message and I cannot transfer the sound (music or calls) from Phone to Car. I tried unplugging the F43 fuse which is for audio system for 30 minutes or so but no luck. I've discovered that though my car has a SONY DAB, there is no fuse in the Read Fuse box as the Manual says - possibly it has a different name. As a result of this issue I'm unable to use the phone in the car and I really don't want to spend £700 to £800 to replace the audio unit due to a possible software flaw. Any suggestions anyone please? Oh by the way, I tried pressing and holding power button down for 15 seconds - it just resets the volume etc I think. Cheers!
  5. Hi, I have a '64 focus and a few days ago SYNC stopped working with my phone. It's the original SYNC I believe - it's not touchscreen. Been having a look through these forums and tried: Re-syncing phone A different phone Performing master reset on SYNC within the settings Tried each of these a couple of times with no luck. The main symptoms are: Phone appears to connect, but when going to BT audio it comes up with phone disconnected pretty much straight away. It recognises when a call is incoming/outgoing, and also during a call it all appears normal on screen - but there is no audio in or out. I can't see any further suggestions in these forums other than the stuff I've tried - any suggestions anyone? Or, is it likely this will be a Ford job? It's still within it's 3 year warranty so it's not a big deal if this is the case... Thanks in advance all!
  6. Phone Games

    Just wondering if anyone uses their phone to play games on. If so what games do you play ? I play Boom Beach http://forum.supercell.net/forumdisplay.php/46-Boom-Beach?s=7c79edb39ba245d11e4c1bacd309f14e My BB clan is called UK Pirates. My game name is Capt Pugwash Clash of clans http://forum.supercell.net/forumdisplay.php/4-Clash-of-Clans?s=7c79edb39ba245d11e4c1bacd309f14e My CoC clan is called churminators My game name is Oberronix #UYGQQYR2
  7. Hello. Well. I have had my Fiesta now for 3 years, and it's been giving me strife in the past few months. First of all, I can no longer play music from my iPhone. It just keeps skipping tracks and never plays anything. But my main problem is that the USB input is sometimes reading an error "USB Device Not Supported" . I don't know why it does this. My memory stick is working right now, but if I plug it into the computer and put some new data on it, it will then be unable to read it next time I plug it into my Fiesta; it might take a couple of days until the system will be able to read it. I am using a 128GB stick. However, it is doing it with my 16GB stick and 8GB. I used to use a 32GB with zero problems. I formatted the sticks to FAT32. The only thing I can think of is a firmware update if it is still possible? I don't have SYNC or Bluetooth. My model is from 2012. Can anyone help me out? Thanks so much for reading. Jack
  8. Focus, 6000 CD Aux fit

    Hello, id like to ask if anyone knows about a way to connect Aux cable to focus 6000 CD audio without any permanent damage to wires or car interior. Trying to find a guide but all seem to be off topic. Thanks
  9. Hello, the Bluetooth on my 2012 Focus Titanium X has stopped working. It doesn't pick up any phones, I've tried a few. Does anyone know how to reset Bluetooth on this model? I saw a guide saying to,press the aux button to find a system reset but that doesn't happen on mine! any help is greatly appreciated. cheers, colin
  10. 6000CD AUX issue!

    I understand that there are a lot of topics on the whole AUX connection for 6000CD, however none have simply resolved the issue. I've pulled the head unit out and I have a cable from the back of the radio into the glovebox, where the square block clips into a housing behind the hole that can be seen from the front of the glovebox labelled 'AUX IN', I have also purchased Ford Part No. 1426121 which has a similar block on one end and a 3.5mm jack on the other. How on earth can I simply get a connection from the back of my radio to a cable with a 3.5mm jack on the end?! I initially thought that the convenient 'AUX IN' hole in the glovebox was a simple connection for a 3.5mm jack, how wrong I was! Please help! Thanks.
  11. Hi all, My friend has a Ford Focus ST 2007 plate, I am currently trying to connect his phone to his Sony Stereo is Is the Sony 6CD 132 I have attached a picture for clarity. Anyway I am trying to connect his phone via Bluetooth. I can find it on the phone as Ford Audio but when I try to connect it says connection unsuccessful. Also there are currently 3 phones connected from previous owners which I can't figure out how to delete. If anyone has this stereo and has successfully connected their phone or knows how to connect it then I would be extremely grateful if you could help me! Thanks Billy
  12. How To Connect Phone To Ford 6000cd

    Hello, I recently bought a 2008 Ford Focus, and I have some issues with the stereo. Firstly, I would like to ask you guys how to connect the phone to the car (since there are 2 buttons on the stereo, dial and end conversation). Also, currently it has a jack line in aux, is it possible to install a usb one for this type of stereo? Thank you in advance for the help! The stereo is a 6000cd
  13. I have recently bought a 2010 focus, and I am having some difficulties with the Phone buttons, on the stereo system, there are 3 buttons ,1 that reads phone, 1 green picture of phone, & 1 red picture of phone, all of them when pressed give the display "Audio Muted". I cant figure out if it is broken or not. I have tried to get an owners handbook, but for some strange reason they do not have any for this model, anyone have any ideas? :)
  14. Hi all I have a ford LSRNS Sat Nav system which randomly decided not to work or turn on at all (radio, sat nav etc etc) - after three day it randomly started working again. However, when i press the phone button it mutes the radio and i am unable to use the phone at all - the buttons on the stick to the steering whell don't work either. Any ideas? Simon
  15. Car Phone Holders

    Anyone recommend any good iphone 6 phone holders , prefer it not to be stuck onto the front window =\
  16. Sync: Heavy Drain On Phone?

    Hey all. Anyone else notice what appears to be a huge hit on the phone battery when using Sync to play music? I just had mine drain by 15% on a 20 minute drive. When playing through a standard Bluetooth headset I can go for hours on 10% It's a cracking feature, but not a lot of use if the phone goes flat after an hour!
  17. Hi im looking for a hands free kit for my iphone, but its becoming a bit of an headache! I want to be able to display my phone so that i can view it when driving, but i dont want long wires every where. I am pretty stuck on the best place to put it as well, as there isnt a vent in the middle and no big dashboard to put it on....can anyone help? Cheers Linda
  18. Hi guys, Thinking about getting a phone mount for my car. Obviously there are two types of solutions: the window suction type mount, and the air vent clip type mount. I want the latter, as it allows for easier cable routing (aux and charger), and my phone overheats easily when navigation is running - so an air vent blowing onto its back would be ideal. So far I have looked at 2 cheap options on fleabay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Black-In-Car-Kit-Air-Vent-Mount-Smart-Phone-Holder-Cradle-for-HTC-One-X-UK-/140758273036?pt=UK_Holders_Mounts&hash=item20c5d8cc0c http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-In-Car-Clip-Air-Vent-Mount-Holder-For-HTC-One-Windows-Phone-8X-8-S-/390595553692?pt=UK_Holders_Mounts&hash=item5af14f299c The phone I have is a One X. So here are my Q's: 1. Does anyone have any other product recommendations? (A bit skint at the moment, so nothing too fancy lol) 2. Out of the two links I posted, which looks/is better? (more stable etc) 3. Any other useful/relevant advice? Cheers.
  19. Hi Guys I'm hoping you can helpme out if you own either a Samsung Galaxy SIII or an HTC One XL android mobile phone. I am about to upgrade to one of these phones but have hear that the Samsung doesn't work very well with the bluetooth in my car (Mondeo 59 Plate Titanium with Sony 6 CD Head Unit) I haven't heard anything about the HTC. I currently have an HTC that works seamlessley and would be tempted to go fo the HTC just for the same seamless experience but the Samsung seems like it might be a better phone but if it doesn't work in the car it might as well be a paperweight to me. I know ford have a site with a list of compatable phones but the handsets on there are generally ancient so i assumed they arenot testing for my car anymore. (If it helps I have previously applied the update via USB that ford made available) So anyone with either of those phones I would be grateful if you could confirm it works ok or adviser that they do not? Hoping you can help JOhn
  20. Focus 06 Sony "phone"

    Hi All, Just bought a used '06 Focus Ghia with the Sony head unit. Occasionally, it decides to display "PHONE", and will not do anthing else. There is no Phone attached, and all the buttons on the head unit seem to do nothing to get rid of it. Does anyone know the reason why this message appears, and how to stop it? Did the last owner badly remove a car kit? Cheers!
  21. Just bought a HTC One S. It is not yet in the Ford compatabillity list. Has anyone successfully connected a HTC One S yet please?