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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all I'm trying to find a headlight plug for the mk7.5 fiesta, as I'm in the process of facelifting my mk7 can't find any on eBay or anywhere online any help??
  2. Mk3 mystery plug...

    Mmmmk. So. In taking the passenger footwell side panel off to wire in an illuminated gear knob, I discover an empty socket and a foam-wrapped plug which apparently will fit it but isn't plugged in. All the wires are there in both plug and socket so I'm wondering if anyone knows what the heck it's for??! The red and black socket here is at the front of the passenger footwell. And this little chap is completely encased in very sticky foam. Ford definitely did not want me plugging that in, but I'd like to have an idea what it does before I do =]]
  3. Howdy Everyone. What is the Ford service interval for the plugs? I noticed on the PumaSpeed website that they recommend changing the 1.0 ecoboost engines plugs every "12-15k for high boost engines, 20k for stock motors" I have 28k of Very hard miles on my 1.0 focus of which 7k have been with a superchips maps. So i remove one of the plugs (does require an unusual plug socket size): And what do ya know, The gap is at the 0.7mm spec! and side by side with a new plug i cant see any wear. Looks like its burning nice too. So lesson of the story yours plugs should definitely be more than fine at 28k especially on a normally driven stock tune engine.
  4. Hi, I need to replace a broken yellow drivers knee airbag electrical plug which is attached to a loom in the driver's foot well, a loom which also feeds the nearby driver's foot well courtesy light. It has just two wires into the plug from the loom and I think it would be easy to repair but is there anywhere that sells this item alone? I will try Ford but I do not want to replace the entire loom just for this one little plug which I suspect is integral to the loom. Is there somewhere online that specializes in Ford electrical plugs such as this? This plug is for a Ford Fiesta 2009 1.25 Petrol Zetec. Thanks, Gallantfive
  5. Hi all, i have been looking through the forums to try and figure out what has happened to my focus, i bought a tuning box from a tdi tuning company, it came with a money back guarantee which i have had to use, after i put the box on the car was using a hell of a lot more fuel, i mean a lot - without any noticeable power gains, so after a few days i decided it wasn't for me, however ever since i installed it, and now even more so since i removed the box my car loses power, glow plug light flashes and the car dies! i turn the ignition off and on and away it goes. the car has had a fully synthetic oil change 3 months ago along with all filters, coolant etc. I removed the cam sensor as advised on other posts here but i cant really tell by looking at it if its ok. I also last month cleaned the egr and maf sensor. im hoping this dam tuning box hasnt messed up the injectors or fuel pump, as when i restarted the car after it died the other night there was a horrible whining coming from the engine bay!! this went away as i stopped the car straight away. also im thinking of getting it on a diagnostics machine but surely there wont be any codes if the problem is intermittent? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, cheers in advance!!
  6. Hello, Hoping some experts will be able to answer my question, I am not a mechanical expert so apologise now ;-) Car is a ford focus zetec 1.6 2008 Noticed a water leak in the centre of the car this morning so had a look underneath. It is situated just under the exhaust heat proof guard where the catalytic converter is situated at back of engine bay. It looks like it is the bottom front of drivers footwell starts...... I noticed water pouring out of this white plug in photo attached just under heat proof guard 10cm up.....what is this white plug for? I assume not normal? I have attached a few photos, one showing position on car where I am looking to help navigate you and the second of the plug Appreciate all the help and advice
  7. Thanks for your help! 2002 Ford Mondeo Zetec TDCi 2.0 manual car 93k miles: 1. Takes 2-3 attempts to start when cold -starts fine rest of the day 2. Big cloud of white smoke when it does start the first time of the day 3. Glow plug light constantly flashes once car starts and never stops flashing 4. Cuts out over 70mph...can get to 80mph if I gently accelerate 5. No check engine light 6. DTC's read "none" when I hold down the Trip Reset button The car has been this way as long as I've owned it (four months). Never noticed the engine cut out at high speed until someone came to buy it and drove the hell out of it. I haven't found any posts about the glow plug light flashing constantly and immediately from start up. It doesn't matter if I drive for five hours across the country...the glow plug light flashes forever...I've never seen it not flashing while the car is running. Thanks again guys! Can't wait to get to the bottom of this!
  8. Hi all, i was under the panels this morning having a look up at my clutch pedal as its been acting up lately, Found out it was just the clip holding the pedal to the rod was loose, So i clamped it tight with two cable ties until i get it fixed properly.. It has now fixed the problem with the clutch :D. However when i was doing this i came across a plug that was hanging down right beside my clutch pedal were the pedal meets the rod. It looks like there is something supposed to plugged into it but i have no idea what it is!! All my lights/wipers/radio/windows etc all work perfectly so i have no idea what it is.. Heres a picture to give a better idea, Any help would be appreciated!!
  9. Following on from here, kind of: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/47311-argh-this-flippin-car/ I didn't change the radiator as the repair, as ugly as it was, seemed to be structurally fine. Today my wife was just off to her mate's house, as she reversed back I noticed a small puddle under the front of the car. Popped the bonnet and had a look at the repair - put my finger under the bottom of the pipe, barely touched it and BOSH - off it came. It had completely decayed and felt just like paper. There was no gush of water, though, telling me that it's been on the way for some time. I did a 150-mile run the other day and I would have been proper (insert random swear words here) if it'd had happened then. To cut to the chase... I've got a new rad on order which should be here tomorrow. I've got the car up on ramps, tied the radiator from the top to take the weight, and undone 3 of the four bolts on the mounting brackets - one is siezed, and rounded, currently soaking in WD40, will probably have to beat it with a hammer, or drill it. Something. Anyway, I then turned my attentions to draining the coolant. I cannot find a drain plug anywhere. The Haynes *spit* manual shows a picture of the drain plug, situated what appears to be directly above one of the radiator support pegs that sits in the rad mount. I have checked both sides, front and back, there is no such drain plug. Nor can I see any practical way of draining the fluid. The bottom hose is barely reachable, points upwards at a 45-degree angle, so I don't see that as a viable way of draining the fluid out without it going everywhere. So, where's this dam drain plug??? I'd like to do the job properly but if all else fails, given that the rad is going to scrap, should I just stab a screwdriver through the bottom of the plastic bit and do it that way? There might not even be much in there (the header tank is now all but empty), but I've got cats and don't especially want antifreeze all over the floor.