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Found 100 results

  1. Dashboard cluster removal

    Hello, I'm having a little trouble removing the dashboard from my mk6.5 (STyle) fiesta. I have removed the following Steering wheel upper trim Steering wheel lower trim The trim below the steering wheel (to gain access to the trim infront of the dashboard cluster) The trim infront of the cluster And two screws at the bottom of the cluster. I tried giving it a little pull but it seemed like I'm missing something, any help would be appreciated. I have looked at a few guides but they removed the rubber trim above the cluster and it doesn't look possible on my car.
  2. Hi everyone, This seems to be an issue posted couple of years ago but didn't find a solution. Apologies for my restricted car knowledge but keen to learn. Basically, I used to press the MAX button on my heating control unit and hot air used to blow within 10 seconds. Now, no matter what temp the car is set to, even at 30 degrees the car still blows cold air even after the car has been driving for hours. I've been told by Halfords that it's the "flap" which sounds right as when I used to turn the heating on there was a clear recognisable sound like a flap closing after 2 seconds and then the car would blow hot air in seconds. Now there is no such noise when I turn the heating on. He said along the lines the flap should close and blow hot air and open for cold air. At the moment its not closing? I've been told by one mechanic that I should just change the entire heating unit or something along those lines. If it is this "flap", which parts would I require to order? Thanks for looking! Rik
  3. Alright, so I installed AIRTEC Stage 2 induction kit. I took it out for a skoot and I noticed once I put my foot down there was a whistle coming from the passenger side... I am completely lost on why its making this weird sound and would appreciate any help or suggestions!
  4. HI All I tried to look on the forum for the signs and symptoms of the illness of my Ford but no real joy. My mondeo mk4 2008 2.0tdci has some starting problems, there are days where it start without problems at all, like a new car, but from time to time after few starts there is a dodgy one, it cranks up longer than usual and literally when the engine starts it cough's once. It seems to be on the right hand side of the engine bay ( when looking from the drivers position ) This is going on for couple of weeks now and started after stalling the engine in reverse. After stalling it didn't want to start at all, turning the key and not even single crank. Last Saturday was same situation, the car was driving lovely all day long, and suddenly it decided it will not start. I have checked all fuses in engine compartment ( visually and with the meter) disconnected the battery few times and nothing, so was just about to call RAC and tried one more time, hey ho, it started cranking and after 5 seconds of cranking it, the motor decided to start. Reading up on the forum stating it's the starter motor, but if it was going bad i presume it wouldn't have good days. Also there is EML light showing up on the dash board when ignition on but goes off when engine runs, again, it's not ever time, just some times it decides,, hey i will shine. I tried to hook up the odbII scanner as i have one and there is no problems with it at all. The idle is 799-802 rpm - really steady and i am getting bit bored with the issue now. I hope somebody here will be kind enough to assist me with the problem and hopefully can sort it without going to the garage.
  5. Hey all, First time poster here hoping to lean on some of the forum expertise to solve a problem that's slowly grinding away my sanity! For a few weeks now I've been getting a relatively loud ticking noise coming from what seems to be driver side front wheel. Presuming it's wheel rather than engine as tick has a higher frequency as speed increases...it's not always there and tends to only become noticeable after travelling at 40/50 mph then start to brake. Ticking noise disappears entirely when braking. Car is a Fiesta MK7, that's just hit 77k miles. Your best guesses please gentlemen!!?
  6. So, I recently underwent a build on my 2015 Fiesta ST. It's now pushing around 250bhp with all the necessary parts. I've had some issues with the front right tyre being gouged by the wheel arch (since sorted). Strange it only happened on the drivers side though... The real thing worrying me is that whenever I put my foot flat in first and second gear I get a grinding/crunching feel through the gas pedal. Originally I thought this was where the arch was rubbing but it hasn't gone away since raising the suspension. My garage assures me this is normal, and is just due to fact there's a lot more torque going through the wheels now. Has anyone else experienced this? I'd rather check and be safe before doing some damage. Thanks, Nathan.
  7. Hy guys. At first sorry for my language, I'm from Slovenia ;) Focus 2004 1.6 petrol 74kW So, I had faulty VSS (speed needle dropping to 0) and I replaced it with new aftermarket sensor. There comes new problem :D The speed needle is waveing/oscilating for about 5-10km/h (attached gif). I tried to replace it with another new sensor (other manufacturer) and still same problem. Forscan did found 2 DTCs: P1000 and P0723. I already did clean contact, try to find some faulty cable, but no luck. I also attached PrtScr from Forscan live, if it helps (VSS, VSS_OBD, OSS).This was recorded barely moving. Any suggestions what should try to fix? Regards, Martin
  8. Help!!! roof issue insurance claim Our Ford Focus CC (convertible) was involved in a accident in which the other party crashed into the rear of our car. He admitted full liability and our car went for repair. The cosmetic damage has been repaired however the convertible car roof no longer works. The insurance company is disputing that the crash was the cause of the roof failure. To me the matter is very straight forward, the roof worked before the crash and because of the crash it no longer works. The insurance company "One Call" uses "Commercial Legal" to handle claims and they outsourced it to "Chief Rentals" and they have instructed the "National Accident Repair Group" to inspect the vehicle on 24/08/2017 (tomorrow) to determine if the accident caused the roof failure. As the roof worked before the crash and it doesn't work now either the accident was the cause of the roof failure, or the Ford Garage broke the roof during the repair. If outcome from "National Accident Repair Group" isn't that the roof failure was from the accident then Ford broke the roof and I'll need an independent assessment done to help prove that. The roof did work before the crash however after the crash we didn't test it ourselves I was wary that it might get "stuck" open or cause more damage, I suspect therefore that if the roof/hydralics were "tested" during the initial inspection then that (as the boot was "bent") or the actual accident have caused the roof to fail. Does anybody have any advice for me at this point. Does anybody know an expert Focus CC mechanic I can take the car to for the independant engineers report and I need to get the car and fixed at some point.
  9. Reving

    Have had this problem for a while now and has started to get a bit worse but it only happens for a few days then the car drives like normal for a few weeks,months then comes back What it seems to do is just rev itself up and down a bit or when driving the revs just drop a bit and seems to lose power for a few seconds but this only happens when the engine light comes on and when the light goes of the car drives completely normal. have a video of it doing when sat in traffic can upload later and will also read the codes and post them but does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? car is 55 plate focus 1.6 petrol at 118k miles
  10. Hi everybody Can anyone tell me how to connect the fuel pump and the carburetor. I have ford fiesta 1.3 mono injection and can't connect the fuel ignition Sorry for my bad english
  11. Hi. I've got a Fiesta Mk6 with electric boot release, key fob and dashboard button both of which have stopped working. I can still get in to the boot using the key. Looking at it when i press the button on they key to open the boot the latch moves but not enough to open it which is where i believe the problem to be!! Any suggestions to fix it would be great :)
  12. Hi Im new to this and dont really know about cars that why i have signed up to try and solve this problem. Yestarday i filled up my tank and as the evening went on my car started to lose power in gears 4 5 6 and also pulling very slow in the other gear, it felt like someone had just taken the turbo out, i have rang ford and was told i need a diagostics test but read other forum with people staying that ford saying there was no problem. My car wont go over 65mph and wont go over 3rpm even if i have my foot right down. There is no warning light etc i really dont! I read another forum before saying his focus went in to limp mode after 2 days of hot weather and the last 2 days it has been 16+ here which is hot for the area. Also i have seen articles on the shell station saying the fuel is rubbish so thinking it could be a fuel fliter. Please can anyone expand my knowledge on what i already know. Cheers
  13. Info on the problem. - 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 Style - Auto - 30,000 Miles Short version of what’s wrong with the car and important notes: - Mostly heat related starting problem - The car drives perfectly - There is no injector pulse when fault is occurring, the most important info here is wiggling the wiring harness WILL get the car to start when the car is NOT hot, however when the engine has warmed to normal operating temp wiggling wires will not have any affect which I’m guessing is due to thermal expansion. - ECU has been swapped out with another new one and problem persisted. - Disconnecting the ECT sensor will get the car to start almost 99% reliably. - ECT sensor has been replaced. - Crank sensor has been replaced. - No fault codes ever registered. I have been trying to trace the problem through the wiring harness but it’s proven to be too difficult. The current process I’m using to find the problem is to investigate all sensors and their circuits that have anything to do with fuel injection, the only problem is that I do not have a large knowledge base when it comes to cars. I am wondering if you guys can help me and please be so kind to tell me what sensors you know to affect fuel injection and if you’ve ever heard of such a problem before or know of anything that could help. I have a scanning tool and have been inspecting how certain sensors work and everything seems to be fine (voltages .etc) to my knowledge which again isn’t vast. I have had a friend bridge the whole ECT sensor circuit to eliminate it and sure enough the problem is not regarding the ECT circuit. I’m getting close to having to give up a perfectly good car all because of some stupid wiring problem. Thank you for any help, it is much appreciated.
  14. Hello My 2007/2008 Fiesta ST has developed a weird problem Basically when i press the swtich for the electric window i get a weird rapid clicking noise, the interior light flashes on, theres a beep and the lights signal as if the hazards are on however from what i can tell they havent actaully flashed outside. The problem is usally resolve by opening and closing the door again, although sometimes once is enough sometimes i have to do this 4 or 5 times before i can open and close the windows? Is there some sensor or something that thinks the door is still open ? I need to get this fixed and if i can do it myself that would be really helpful thanks T
  15. Hi all, I've got a bit of a problem with my Fiesta not starting. When you put the key in and turn it there's no response from the dash (no lights or anything). Turning the key all the way does absolutely nothing (pump not priming, not clicking etc.). The interior light works and the horn but as far as I can tell nothing else is working!! I've tried a spare key and swapping the relays under the bonnet around and still not getting anything. Battery has been tested and is fine. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm suspecting the ECU has died for some reason. Also does anyone have a diagram for the under bonnet fuse box? I think I may have put one of the small fuses back in the wrong place when checking them...
  16. I have a clicking kind of noise coming from my passenger side wheel area. The frequency of the noise will increase as I speed up. Anyone have any idea what this could be? I drive a 2010 Fiesta Titanium with a Zetec S body kit.
  17. Hi everyone, So I've had my Fiesta for just over 6 months now. The problem I'm having is that when I'm reversing, the car makes a groaning or moaning noise, as if it's struggling. Seems to have got progressively worse over the past week. Also, the difference between in reverse and out is so minute I end up grinding half the time! Has anyone else experienced this with their Fiesta? Thanks!
  18. Hi all, In the past couple of days I've noticed a real lack of power from my 1.6 TDCI engine. Whenever I accelerate in 4th or 5th gear the power seems to come in pulses but again not overly powerful. Tonight whilst joining the motorway, again with the car feeling sluggish, the engine malfunction warning appeared on the trip computer followed by the check engine light illuminating. I tried to check the DTC code but it comes back with #00 NONE? What could the issue be? Kind regards, Luke.
  19. Hi all, I have owned my 2010 Titanium Mondeo for a couple of years now and think it's a great car. About a year ago I adjusted the drivers seat in the car and the airbag warning light started to come on and on intermittently when starting the car. The situation stayed this way throughout the winter but then seemed to fix itself when the weather warmed up (from Spring etc.). However, the problem has now returned and the airbag light is now permanently on when i start the car up. I've looked as various solutions online but nothing has worked to this point. This seems to be a very common problem yet I have not found a solution. Obviously I will put it into a garage to see if they can diagnose what is going on but is there anyone that can help me in the mean time? Kind regards Sean
  20. ST150 inlet manifold help!!

    Hey guys just wondering if there's anyone that can help me, have recently purchased an inlet manifold and never swapped them out before, car is sitting at 1800-2200 revs in neutral so need to swap them, only problem is how??? if anyone can explain how to do this or link me a video that would be great! thanks jonny👌🏻
  21. Removing MyKey

    Hi I just bought a Fiesta ST a couple of weeks ago and got bored in traffic one day and played with the My Key setting, now my car is perminantly on the 80mph limit etc. Ive read everywhere about turning the setting off but I only have that one key? Is there another way of turning MyKey off with only one key? Thanks Noah
  22. Hi guys I have a slight problem with my Fiesta Ecoboost, as my boot will not open unless I use my key fob. Before anyone asks, the car is definitely unlocked haha I don't know if it is a loose wire or just a broken button. Are there any checks I can do? I called Ford up and to just have a look at it they want £85 Thanks in advance - Ben
  23. Hey all, I've noticed a few complants here and there about rattles in our Fiestas, so I am hoping that we can gather all of them in this one thread, to better give current and coming owners an overview. People can write about the kind of rattle (what does it sound like, is it loud or minor), when does it rattle (constant or intermittent, when cold/warrm), where does it rattle (cabin/front/rear, boot, engine bay) AND mots importantly: have you had it fixed (yourself, garage, warranty). I'll start: I have an intermittent rattle somewhere in the right side of the car, passenger side since I live in DK. It's a plastic rattle, mostly heard when the car is not warmed up yet, disappears after 10 min. or maybe the music drowns it out. It's not loud and probably not something that can be fixed. The plastics in the Fiesta are not the best quality.
  24. Hi guys, wonder if I can pick some people's brains on here. My 2008 Focus 1.8tdci has had some suspension issues recently. At first it was the front passenger suspension creaking/knocking when going over bumps, I had this problem diagnosed as a suspension bearing and had this replaced along with the top mount whilst the job was being done. Problem solved, the noise which I had been hearing has gone away... For about a week, but has now been replaced with a new noise... This time it is a loud bang when I go over a bump with any kind of speed or hit a pot hole. I was told when having the other work done that my shock absorber seemed like it was towards the end of its life (car has 140000 miles) and this makes me think that perhaps the suspension is 'bottoming out'? Or could the new noise relate to the previous work not being done properly? Very annoying scenario as I wish I could go back to the old problem now as this new 'bang' is a lot worse that the old knocking kind of noise. On a side note, I was planning on lowering the car using the Eibach springs and keeping the original shocks, but now this one has failed (possibly) would I be better getting a coilover kit? or replace just the 1 worn shock with an OEM part and then get the springs like I planned? Thanks folks.
  25. Hello, I have installed a milltek sports cat downpipe with a milltek exhaust system. Since installation, it rattles tremendously loudly inside the car but only when it is a cold start. I cannot replicate the issue unless i wait for the engine to cool down then start again. the rattling when inside sounds awful, but when is step outside the car the rattling is there but very faintly. Anyone else had this issue, or a similar one?