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Found 140 results

  1. just posting to ask if anyone had upgraded their fiesta stereo to the axion DAB radio unit, if so is it worth the upgrade @ £135, see link below https://www.ford-accessories.co.uk/infotainment/audio/digital-radio-upgrade/2146136?model=fiesta&year=2008
  2. 6000Cd Mk2 Aux Connection

    Hey Guys, Been a long time since I posted something on the Focus forum, but been real busy with college and all, and the car was running like a wee princess. However recently I started to wonder whether it would be possible to somehow add an AUX connection to my 6000CD system. The system itself has a fully functioning button for the AUX which automatically changes the output channel to AUX, however there is no factory AUX connection and there is no way to plug in the iPod or other MP3 players. My question is whether anyone knows (or has already done) this sort of modification ? And if so, how can I go about doing so and if it's possible at all! Cheers lads!
  3. Ford Fiesta ST Interior

    I just got an ST. I choose it over the Polo GTI because its generally more fun to drive however, the interior and the equipment in the GTI excited me more. I knew that when I bought the ST so I'm not complaining I'm just wondering if anyone could show me some images of 3rd party headunits, perhaps like the US version which has a much better headunit. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi my friend has a Fiesta mk7 (2010) and bought a Damaged ST 2015 and want to swap the radio for the Sony in the ST. But he seems to need an adapter. Anyone has a link for it? sorry for the crappy english - I am from DK
  5. Hello everyone, I recently changed my basic two line monochrome blue display with full color sony display, i only changed the screen, it was plug and play. My car didn't have sync or bluethooth to begin with, only USB and radio/CD, after the screen change USB and radio/CD work as intented. My issue is that with the new screen, I lost the car information messages (for example when a door is open, i no longer get the message on the screen), i lost the MYKEY menu aswell. When i go into setting, i only have audio setting and time setting, not even the option to change the language, I have not replaced the silver box, also i have not replaced the facia, still have the 1-6 numberpad. Is there a way i can get the car information messages back on my new shiny display, i dont car for bluethooth/sync and can live without MYKEY feature but i definetly want the car information messages feature back. Anyone who have done this mod before please advice, thanks :)
  6. Hi,Can anyone help me find the DAB functionality on my Ford Sony DAB radio?I have a ford focus 2014 st with a standard FM/AM radio. I bought a replacement off ebay........a Ford Sony DAB radio (part BM5T-18C815-XK, serial Z010263). A professional installer came to swap it over but he couldn't find the DAB menu?? Only the FM and AM stations. We tried every button & menu but to no avail. We didn't connect the digital aerial but in any case, surely the unit should have still been able to offer the DAB menu and simply said "no reception"? The seller advertised it as DAB and indeed it does say DAB on the case.See pics attached. Any advice or help would be really appreciated.Many thanks
  7. Which Radio Do I Need To Buy?

    Hello Just purchased first ever Focus, it is the last of the mk2's before the 2.5 on an 08 plate, there is no stereo in it, I can see from various places on the internet it came with the CD6000 model, problem is on Ebay there is loads of different ones, which is the right one? The Sony MP3 version would be great, will it work? What is the best one I can fit in it for easy plug and play? Thanks in advance
  8. Hello forum members :) I'm a new driver and just recently bought a new Ford KA Zetec 2015 model. Really loving the car, perfect for city driving. My only problem is the Ford Audio system is really frustrating to use - not sure if other people have found this? There are so many different versions and finding information and support has been really tricky. I looked at the audio system before buying the car and made sure it had Bluetooth so I could stream audio directly from my android phone. For anyone with a bluetooth speaker this is normally a pretty simple thing to do. Alas, all I can do is precariously play mp3 files that are stored on the phone as a usb device or cd by plugging in over the usb. On the specifications for the car it clearly states "using a Bluetooth connection, you can also stream music wirelessly from a smartphone or mp3 player to your car radio". But how? There are no instructions on how to do this in the manual. I am close to getting a radio transmitter! Which is something you might expect to have to do in an old car, not a new model with Bluetooth. Any suggestions would be really useful to myself and maybe others as well. I have tried: 1/ I have connected to the cars FORD AUDIO bluetooth using the system menu, which is navigated by talking to Miss Ford. 2/ I can make calls over the Bluetooth easy once connected so it is working. 3/ When connected over the blutooth I have tried pressing the CD button (which changes the source) but it says NO SRC, unless I'm connected over usb at which point it says MEDIA. 4/ When connected over MEDIA I have tried playing Spotify but it simply does not work, Media only let's me play existing MP3's. 5/ I have tried all the system menus for the Media Player but none of them are settings for connecting directly in order to stream music. Thanks :D :D
  9. Hi guys So I bought this used Sony stereo with DAB to replace the standard boring Ford stereo. But of course I have run into a couple problems. Which I hoped you guys might help me with. The car is an Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost from April 2014. The car is born without DAB and SYNC functionality. On the pictures I have attached you can see that the standard Ford unit has some sort of advanced USB input. The new Sony unit has a larger "multi-input" of some sort. I tried to connect the unit without the weird USB thing and of course the USB in the car didn't work anymore and the Ford Ecomode is also "grayed" out when browsing through the Sony units menu. How do I get back the USB functionality and Ford Ecomode in the menu? Do I need some kind of adapter to solve this? Second problem can be seen on the third picture. The new and bigger screen is pretty exposed and needs some kind of frame I guess. How do I solve this? Thanks in advance guys.
  10. I really wanna install the Audio/Bluetooth update to my 2009 Fiesta, but my car doesn't have USB.. Is there any other way to update it? Can the dealer do it or can I maybe use a CD instead? Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, Completely new here as just bought a 14 plate Fiesta a few weeks ago. The car is a pretty basic model, to the point where it doesn't have Bluetooth connectivity, or, as far as I can tell, any real version of Ford SYNC. I'm therefore trying to listen to music on my iPhone through USB, however something between iOS, Spotify and Ford means the tracks keep skipping after one or two seconds of playing. I've spoken to both Ford and Spotify and neither have been helpful. To get around this, I've bought an external Bluetooth adapter, but it means I have no control over my music from the dash/steering wheel controls. Im therefore wondering if it would be easier (or at all possible) to upgrade my Fiesta radio with a newer radio unit, hopefully one with inbuilt Bluetooth and phone sync capabilities. Does anyone know if it's possible to do this? Presumably my current setup wouldn't allow for incoming calls and hands free (assuming no mic etc) even if I could get Bluetooth enabled? Any guidance would be really appreciated! Cheers.
  12. Ford 6000 cd

    Hello, This may have been asked before but I have had a look and didn't seem to get a good answer. I have a ford fiesta mk6.5 (56) it has a FORD 6000 CD radio which worked perfectly when I bought it but after going into the garage to get the clutch replaced the reception went really bad. I have cleaned the aerial screw and reconnected it with no improvement. I have taken out the radio and checked the wires in the back. I have also removed the base and put it back on. I do pick up one radio station (classic FM) it does pick up other stations but they are impossible to hear without static. No AM stations pick up. Any help would be appreciated :-)
  13. Hi, This is my first post! I have recently obtained a Ford Fiesta 2003 as a present from my parents as my first car. I am wanting to change the stock radio which came with the car (the triple section 4500 RDS). I have been looking at possible radios to replace the old one with but I wondered if there would be any cable swapping required or whether I would just be able to use an adapter. Here are the radios I am looking at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kenwood-KDC-164UB-Radio-CD-Tuner-Illumination/dp/B00OTIDCSG/ref=sr_1_11?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1444244224&sr=1-11&keywords=car+radio http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-CDX-G2000UI-Player-iPhone-Control/dp/B00GUD98JA/ref=sr_1_8?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1444244224&sr=1-8&keywords=car+radio I would really appreciate any advice you have on fitting these radios! I realise I need to cut away the three sections on the dash and a fascia. Thanks allot, Charlie Wood ************************************************UPDATE***************************************************** I have found out the information required and ordered a radio.
  14. Hi This is my first post on here. I've got a 2009 fiesta zetec 1.25 and for the past week, every time I turn off the engine, the radio continues to play, and I can't turn it off by pressing the off button. I have to turn the ignition back on and turn it off, and then turn the ignition off. When I then go to get in the car the following morning, the time on the screen still says 18:04 for example, when it is 8am the following day. As soon as i turn the ignition, it updates to the correct time. Also, the ambient red glow around the radio buttons and keypad (I have the Bluetooth voice control if that makes a difference) stays on constantly, so I am worried it will drain the battery? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated! I'm thinking about booking it in to my nearest ford dealer as I thought it may need to be checked out by a main ford dealer as its electrical rather than local garage?unfortunately it has just run out of warranty (by a month). Thank you in advance, Sam
  15. Hi folks, My first post on the forum, so hello! I have a 2003 StreetKa Luxury with what I believe to be the stock CD changer fitted. I've not had the car long, but haven't been able to use the CD changer because it gives me an error as soon as I select the CD mode, then flicks back to the radio. I've tried inserting a CD, but it gives the same error, so I wonder if it's something like a CD stuck in the unit or whether it could be a fault which stops the CD mode from activating altogether. I'm totally clueless with stereo units, so any help would be much appreciated. Practical help would be a huge bonus; I live in Coventry and would be willing to pay someone to sort this out for me, so long as it's not a fortune. Failing that, would it be an economical option to change the unit for another one? Cheers.
  16. ford sony radio

    hi can anybody help i have a ford 600cd radio but i have just a ford sony radio for the but it has the blue tooth already in and it worked fine on the old radio do i need to get a new module for the sony radio if so which one do i need thanks
  17. Updating Radio

    Hi, I have a 2010 focus mk2.5 which I bought preowned. I bought a genuine Ford cable to connect my iPod to the steering column controls but it is not working at all. I have downloaded an update for the radio onto a USB stick but when I plug it in nothing happens. The stick is flashing but nothing else happens. Anyone has any ideas please???? I have spent hours on this now...
  18. Hi on my mk3 focus I have two little black boxes on the windscreen, which have wires running into the roof lining. It's a zetec so doesn't have auto lights / wipers - but I haven't seen these on similar models. Are they anything to do with the radio lights coming on when dark and off during the day? Only I thought the dome by the windscreen (between the vents) was what controlled this. Can't see anything on Ford Etis.
  19. Hiding wires!

    Hi all, just looking for some advice, I'm fitting a new stereo next weekend, and I think I'm going to need to run some wires from the back of the unit to the A pillar (driver or passenger side), what's the easiest way to feed the wires behind the dash? I've got a 2011 Focus mk3, thanks in advance x
  20. Sat Nav / Radio Off

    Is it possible to have the satnav on but the radio off? I know that satnav cuts in during prompts but sometimes, in order to concentrate I like to have the radio turned off. If I turn the radio volume down then I don't hear the prompts. Any thoughts please?
  21. Hello, Due of the recent increase of points and fine for using a mobile while driving I am looking to install factory bluetooth and usb on my fiesta. I understand that to do this using original parts I may require the following (Please correct if wrong and post part numbers if available) Radio - I assume that mine requires to be upgraded? Or maybe its ready? Bluetooth Module Wiring Loom - From radio to Bluetooth module? USB & 3.5mm Jack USB & 3.5mm Jacking Wiring Loom - as current 3.5mm wiring loom is unlikely to have the usb ready to be plugged in. Then finally I know someone with ford IDS who will need to tell the body control module/or radio? my car has bluetooth and usb This this worth the cost and hassle or should I just buy a Parrot for like £150 plus wiring kit?
  22. Ford Focus 2012 Radio Change

    Hi All, First Post... So i have had a 2012 Focus for a little while now, and have been looking for the perfect thing to do to my MK3. This morning i found it. So that stock nasty radio in the focus, i have decided has got to go. The blue dot matrix screen needs an upgrade. So, this being the case i dont actually want to spend a lot of money if i can avoid it. What with the whole sony radio system and screen shaping up to be quite expensive brand new... I know the screen is bigger for the colour LCD, so i am aware its not as simple as just unplugging the dot matrix, and that i would need the Sony Facia to match. But do i need to swap the whole radio, or does someone know if i can simply get away with swapping the front facia plate and putting the new LCD screen in? Or am i just asking for a world of issues? The reason i ask is that i have actually found a sony facia and LCD screen, but not the radio part for a sensible price, but dont want to buy it if its not going to fit/work. Hope someone can help, Thanks, Ryan. EDIT: Im aware quite a few of these sort of posts exist, but none i could find that face the above situation.
  23. Hi All, Just over a week ago, I purchased a 2013 Grand C-Max Titanium X, having upgraded from a 2003 Ford Focus. It's a pleasure to drive, and all the mod cons, are a welcome addition too. The only niggling frustration I have, is the fact that my Sony stereo (the factory-fitted one), seems to be randomly pausing for a period of approx. a second, every 30 seconds or so (sometimes even more frequently than that). The music then picks up from 1 second further into the track, and plays again. Regardless of whether I have the DAB radio on, or music playing from another source (such as the USB port), it's happening all the time. I've tried switching the Traffic Announcements off, to see if it was periodically checking for an announcement, but the issue persists. At first, I paid a blind eye to it, but spending over two hours in the car each day, commuting to and from work, it's now becoming an annoyance. Having had a good look at various articles on the Internet, I can't find any other individuals reporting similar occurrences, like this. As such, I'd be most grateful, if anybody can share any insight into what may be the root cause of this issue, and better-still, how to fix it. Thanks in advance for your help with this. Joe
  24. Radio buttons not working!!

    So I have an 07 fiesta... I was on my way home from work and pressed the mute button on the radio... then used the controls on the steering column to get it off mute by pressing the up volume button (I've done this before with no issue) next thing I know the volume has gone all the way up to 20!!! I tried turning it down with the steering controls and on the actual dial thing and nothing worked! So I turned it off (the only thing that worked)... I got home and check all the other buttons and NONE of them work... so now my radio is stuck ridiculously loud with no way to turn it down! Help?!
  25. So after almost two years of having no sound in my Focus, I finally bit the bullet and decided to have a crack at getting the audio issues sorted! Initially I had a mobile auto electrician diagnose the vehicle and he decided the stock speakers were blown, so I took it upon my self to fit some new ones! I purchased a set of 6.5" coaxials from Amazon for £17 and set to taking the door card off. I drilled out the rivets hold the old cones in place, sawed off the old speakers and got the gorilla glue handy to reuse the old housing. After this dried I rewired the speakers, using the existing component lead and reattached to the door, a quick test and, success!! We have sound!! Pop riveted the housing back in, whacked the door card back on and, with less than 1mm clearance, the speakers sit perfectly!. Coupled with my new bluetooth/fm receiver I can blare the tunes once more! Small job, but proud all the same!