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Found 39 results

  1. Want to do something with the back just to make it stand out a bit more from stock. I'd love to get the ST diffuser but I'm looking for cheap things to do. Was thinking about taking off the ecoboost badge and putting a red edition badge there instead with a 'ZS' badge under the fiesta one. I've had a look around but can't find any though. Thoughts on what I can do?
  2. Focus Trend 2016 (Oct build) registered June 17 LZ - 6 speed manual 3 months ago I bought the new Focus from a dealer. It has been fine, however i just experienced something that concerns me, and wonder if its part of the issues re transmission I have read about some models, however i think those issues only relate to the auto, not the manual i have and to earlier models? On a smooth as silk piece on road, expressway, i had to drop down to 30 k due to traffic issues, then going up to 40k in 3rd gear the car started bouncing. It seemed to come from rear, maybe. I was in seat bobbing up and down like there were road corrugations running across the road. The bobby up and down was smooth, no gerking, there was no sounds rattles from anywhere, motor running fine etc. Then still at 40k in 3rd the bouncing seemed to stop but then the back started shaking from side to side, like the rear wheels were lose and about to fall off. I then changed into 4th around 45 k and the shaking stopped instantly, and it was all back to normal again. All this from start till end was around under one minute. The car other than this moment runs dead straight, the steering wheel has no shaking, the car has felt normal, its just been that one instant. The cars steering was fine while this happened everything felt normal but for the bouncing and shacking And since that moment ts been fine again, 300k later. I have tried to make it do it again, without success. It happened at the 2100klm mark, so almost ready to take in for the first dealer 3000klm check. So like to know what people may think before i get the usual dealer run around. What was it, does anyone know. The car has not hit any pot holes been off road etc, so its not wheel alignment or the like. I am wondering was it the sensor for towing trailers, as in anti trailer shake mode kicking in when shouldn't have. (no i was not towing). Any help thoughts welcomed. Dpm
  3. Hi all, Focus Mk2, 1.8 TDCi Ghia (How do I know if I might have a Mk2.5?) Got an awful dull metallic rattling from the rear drivers side, seems to go away when I brake, doesn't occur with large bumps - mostly just on rough or uneven surfaces, VERY audible from outside the car (people on the street turn to look - embarrassing!). I've secured the heat sheilding and it's not the exhaust - seems to come from the wheel area. I suspect caliper or brake pad rattle, although I can't move anything with my hand when the wheel is off. Couple of questions... Anyone had and solved something similar? Could it be shock absorber or top mount (ex-Ford tech suggested this)? Should my brake pads have anti-rattle shims? Doesn't have them at the moment (I've disassembled the caliper, cleaned, greased and refitted - no difference, or seems to be getting worse.) Do I need these shims, pic attached (or something similar). The caliper retainer spring/clip thinggies were seized in and I suspect the last time the brake pads were replaced (not by me) it was just bent out of the way and bent back again afterwards. Should I replace the spring clips - could it be that? Any help and advice gratefully received. Sam.
  4. S-Max Rear parking camera

    Hi! I've got S-Max 2012 with Blaupunkt NX. After a crash I got new back door with rear view parking camera (I think it could be original). How hard it could be to connect it to the navigation screen? Is there already some connecting cables to the back from radio?
  5. Fiesta Tailgate panel - 2015

    Hi everyone, New to the forum, not new to owning a Ford. On here to look for a bit of help sourcing a rear tailgate panel for a 2015 Fiesta. It's the panel that is above the rear plate and encases the badge (see image). Stupidly cracked it against a gate reversing in the dark recently. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I've tried to look on here and online for an answer as well as asking a few friends but I can't seem to find anything... I know that you can swap the MK6 Fiesta rear wiper with the MK7 for a smarter look etc but I was just wondering, as the MK7 Fiesta rear wiper is 1" longer than my MK6 rear wiper does that mean that I can use the same rubber length for the MK7 Fiesta in the MK7 Fiesta wiper? I have had a look and I don't think this will impede on the connection, just the length and I can see I have about 2" clearance with my MK6 Fiesta rear window.. Any ideas would be great! Thank you 😊
  7. Hi, two months into ownership of a mk5 1.5 diesel Titanium X hatchback. Thought I'd get out the 'hang on' bike rack that I used on my Mondeo Mk4 ( an ageing Halfords one) but it doesn't fit- the straps that would previously go on the edge of the bootlid don't fit. Is anyone aware of a hang on style bike rack for three bikes that will do the job? I'm after a high level one that does not obscure the lights & numberplate. I also have a rear spoiler which might complicate things! Many thanks,
  8. Ive been looking everywhere and no one has them, I have asked several part suppliers and breakers and they have absolutely nothing :( can anyone help or point me in the right direction to getting a hold of one ? thanks
  9. Rear Trailing Arm Bush

    Hi, I recently replaced my front control arms on my Ford Focus 2010 1.6 TDCi. I now need to replace the rear trailing arm bushes and was hoping someone in the community could provide me with some 'idiot' proof instructions? I used Haynes for the front of the car but it hasn't been too helpful when working on the rear of the vehicle. I was hoping to replace the rear bushes without removing the whole arm and wondered if anybody had a good method for doing this, preferable without buying a special tool i.e. using a combination of sockets and clamps? Thanks in advance for your help, Stophen.
  10. Hi, I recently replaced my front control arms on my Ford Focus 2010 1.6 TDCi. I now need to replace the rear trailing arm bushes and was hoping someone in the community could provide me with some 'idiot' proof instructions? I used Haynes for the front of the car but it hasn't been too helpful when working on the rear of the vehicle. I was hoping to replace the rear bushes without removing the whole arm and wondered if anybody had a good method for doing this, preferable without buying a special tool i.e. using a combination of sockets and clamps? Thanks in advance for your help, Stophen.
  11. Hi Guys! Noticed tonight when I was giving the good old Fiesta a clean that part of my rear bumper seems to have gone AWOL. No idea how or when this would have happened. I bust my tyre on a massive pot hole this weekend but it was at a T junction & very little speed there. Perhaps it popped off or some wee ned has nicked it. Either way I'm needing to get myself a replacement. I've no idea what the actual part is so struggling to find it. It looks to cover the rear hook. It's the latest Red Edition I have. Any ideas? Much appreciated!
  12. hi guys quick question about rear parking sensors. Want to buy a cheap set for my 2014 fiesta- first of all not sure which colour to get. my car is silver though i dont know if they should be fitted to the black bumper or the actual silver paintwork. If its the bumper- is matt black the best bet or normal black or grey?? Secondly, i'm unsure which set to actually buy. The dolphin ones seem to have won awards etc but cost 50 quid whereas cisbo ones are only 15 on ebay and generally have very good reviews (4 and a half stars on amazon from many customers) though naturally i'm a bit scepetical because of the extremely low price. Also seen a set from massG that are 15 quid and have 5 star reviews, though not as many actual reviews. Anyway... Can post the links if necessary just wondering which ones i should go for or if anyone has experience with any of the ones i mentioned or any better suggestions? cheers in advance james
  13. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some advice on this product sold by puma speed? http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-Fiesta-ST-150-Stoffler-Rear-Valance-twin-hole_527.jsp Do I need to cut my original rear valance?(The standard one that comes on a 57 plate fiesta zetec s) Was wondering what actually come with this product also, is it a whole new rear valance or is it the fins and the top half that stick on over the existing one? Any help would be largely apreciated. Samuel.G.Harris Burgerm4n
  14. Hi Just wondered if anyone on here has had the same problem. I have a 1999 focus estate, only problem being is the heated rear window is only half working/clearing. Now I only use the car really for fishing and taking the dog out, but as you can imagine, only being able to see half out the rear window can be a bit of a pain. Has anyone had the same problem?....and if so, how did you fix it? Many thanks. Rich
  15. Hello all, Late 2005 Ford Focus Mk2 (no mud flaps fitted if relevant). I know that the rusting wheel arch issue with the Ford Focus (mk1 / mk2) is very well documented, but I've only seen photos of it at quite an advanced stage. I check my car for rust every couple of months and today, while running my hand across the rear wheel arch I could feel that it was quite rough in a 5cm section right across the top / middle and a tiny bit of paint actually crumbled off into my fingers. I've attached a photo but it might not be clear enough as it's taken on a phone. Unfortunately I don't have a work light or decent torch. Looking at the photo myself, I can't tell if this is the beginnings of rust or just rough/crumbling paintwork for another reason. Can anyone shed any light? Any advice on what to do next? Cheers, J
  16. My near side rear fog light is not working, I have checked and there is no power going to it, does anybody know what fuse this is on? Otherwise my thoughts are it may be relay as this is the only thing not working Many thanks
  17. Noisy Ride

    Hi guys, going over bumps etc and with the state of the roads here in england the back of the car makes a lot of bumpy rattling noises. sounds like shockers or something. Would changing both rear shockers or springs too? im a bit of a novice when it comes to mechanics. on a side note the latch on the boot was a little bit of a loose fit on the pin that sits on the body so when you close it and drive you can hear that rattling. Wrapped tape around it and that is now secure. Don't know if its that what's still making the noise but go over any sort of pot hole or uneven road and you can hear it. Any help would be appreciated guys :) Thanks
  18. Hi Guys, I have a 2005 Mk6 fiesta zetec (with ABS), I suspected the wheel bearings had gone. Over the weekend I removed the hub from the rear of the car and sure enough the bearings were knackered!! I am trying to find replacement bearings but am struggling. The bearings that are in the hub at the moment are tapered roller bearings, my local motor factor and ford parts are telling me that the part should be a straight roller bearing. Has anyone changed the bearings and know whether they are supposed to be straight or tapered? Straight roller bearing: Tapered roller bearing: Thanks in advance Moffs1
  19. tailgate

    From the album My '08 S-Max Titanium

  20. Hi, First of all I'm a 27 yr old medic not a mechanic, so if members could reply as if I were a lay person I would be very grateful. I'm not opposed to detailed replies and I'm happy to do a bit more reading if someone could point me in the right direction. I have a 2011 reg Fiesta Zetec that was perfectly fine until a van driver reversed into the back of it whilst I was stationary in a car park. Although repairs took place via insurance and all was well for 2-3 months, I'm now finding that my near side brake light doesn't work at all and my reversing light flickers and is dim. Initially I went to Kwik fit for a bulb change. After a bulb change was unsuccessful I was told by the mechanic that there seemed to be a wiring fault. Kwik fit don't specialise in wiring so I was referred to SMC. After visiting Ford SMC Gravesend I was basically told the work totalled £1000+ but even after I persisted the mechanic didn't explain what was actually wrong, for some reason he also disabled my rear parking sensors profusely insisting that he needed to do it. I then visited a local garage for a second opinion and the mechanic kindly explained that I required a new rear light wiring loom and connector which he said he could get for around £400, but told me to also go on ebay and call up any Ford spares dealers I could google. He priced his labour at £90. He said the repairs post accident may not have been completed to a high enough standard using worn parts but this is when he also started to seem a little vague. I have a few questions if anyone can answer them: 1) What could possibly cause damage to said wiring so that it would need to be entirely replaced? (considering my Fiesta seems pretty new.) 2) Does the advice of the mechanic seem sound? (something about such an extensive repair seems off to me.) 3) Does anyone know where I could find a rear light wiring loom and connector for such a new vehicle? (everything on ebay seems to be salvaged from older models and I haven't had a chance to call spares dealers just yet - I was hoping to be a little more informed before I do) 4) Why would the Ford SMC mechanic disable my rear parking sensors? 5) Would such repairs really total £1000+ (inc labour) 6) Considering I have moved insurance company since the claim closed and repairs were completed, is there any way that I can question the work done in the repairs and have my insurance cover any such corrective repair? (the garage used via insurance could have made mistakes) 7) Is the medic in me overthinking this? Im only 27 and not experienced in auto-repair so I'm in no position to judge but again, something doesn't seem right. Why would the entirety of the light wiring need to be replaced? (Please correct me if I'm wrong here) I hope some more technically inclined members would be so kind as to help me out here. Luckily I don't need to drive for my current hospital location so the car is just sitting on my driveway for the next 8 weeks. Any advice is appreciated and I'm happy to provide more info if needed. Kind regards, B
  21. Hey, Thanks for taking the time to read this, Here is my problem - On my Ford Fiesta Zetec the tail light does not work... the brake light does however... this is confusing because the TAIL light and the BRAKE light are both the same bulb.... I have removed the bulb and tried 4 others and the brake works but not the tail... Any suggestions?
  22. Hi guys Been trying to get my hands on the ST rear look for my ecoboost but having a hard time finding the parts for it on fordpartsuk even if I put the part number on the search box from a guide I've seen here. Am I doing something wrong or should I order from pumaspeed instead?
  23. Hi, Hoping someone can help this one. I have a 53 plate mondeo with a sticking rear caliper causing the handbrake to fail on one side. I'll keep this short, the handbrake stuck on causing the wheel bearing to overheat, requiring a new wheel bearing. This was replaced along with new pads and discs but I still have the issue with the caliper siezing, although as the handbrake is not working on this one side it doesnt stick the handbrake on causing it to overheat - again. When I fitted the new pads I wound back the piston on the caliper. When I checked the other day I can see that the piston has wound out, yet the handbrake arm on the rear of caliper will only move back and forth with brute force (hammer). Could it be that the piston is getting stuck halfway out due to corrosion? If so, can these things be cleaned up and refitted or is it simpler to buy a new part? I thought is was the handbrake cable which attaches to the caliper, which in turn pulls the arm which pushes the piston out - is this correct? Any guidance appreciated as MOT is looming. Thanks.
  24. Rear Bearings

    now i have found out where noise is from on my focus ( rear bearing ) is it easier to change hub rather than just bearing , hubs cheap enough on e bay and euro parts , thanks
  25. Hi Everyone, I have a problem with my Fiesta. For some reason the rear passenger side footwell keeps getting soaked. I have taken the car to a Ford dealership to have a look at but they could not find the problem. The only next stage for me is to pay them to strip out the car and have a look. Seeing as I don't have a great deal of cash to hand I thought I would turn to you guys for advice. Has anyone had (or still having) a problem like this before with their Ford? Thank you for your help.