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Found 54 results

  1. Hey guys, just some advice I'm after. Is there much difference in the ECU's between a 1.8 TDCI mondeo and the 2012 titanium X sport. Looking at Buying a Bluefin ECU remap second hand, just wondering about the dramas that can come with it? Cheers, Tom
  2. Hi, I have Red&Black, 1.5 GTDI 150HP and think about remapping it using Superchips Bluefin. Anybody already did that on mentioned engine? If yes, how did it affected the performance and complete "feeling" of the car? I think there shall be no problems with HP increase to 193HP because I have found information that GTDI 150HP and 182HP are the same just the 150HP is "limited" in firmware, correct? Thanks! Kind regards, Gabrijel
  3. Hey all, basically looking for some info with different Remap companies for my Ford Focus St-Line 1.5T 150bhp. I am really interested in the Superchips remap system (Bluefin) but am told Ford can pick it up on Warranty. Someone also told me Revo are another good brand to look at. Looking for advice and hopefully someone has the same engine or similar and gas had a remap. Does it male a difference? Is it worth spending the £400 for the extra 40-50bhp? Any advice given would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Dodgy remap?

    I got ym car mapped by a "decent" local tuner and about 5k after that my first and second synchro went and grinder like *****, got a brand new gearbox put in and 3k later exact same issue with first and second. Will this be down to him removing some torque limiter? (guess work) or will there be another reason I'm going through boxes. Just seems like it's too much of a coincidence that after putting 38k on the car it's gone through 2 boxes since a map. Tia
  5. Revo ford fiesta 1.0l 100ps

    Hi, so i want to get my car re-mapped. I was goi g to go with bluefin, but i have been told to go with revo. Can someone tell me if i go with stage 2, what else will i need to change and if so coyld you recommend some of those parts?
  6. I am thinking of remapping my Fiesta ST-Line 125. Looking online I can get it up to around + 31bhp and +47nm with a stage 1 priced at £322 Currently the car seems like a lot of fun and I don't know if it's worth £322 for the extra power, has anyone on here remapped there car, if so did you find it was worth it? Here is a link - http://www.mybluefin.co.uk/curves/EcoBoost125PS.060214.pdf that you can see the gain of power on. Thanks in advance!
  7. Looking for some advice here so please feel free to comment... have owned my fiesta since new, now just had its 3rd birthday and showing 16k on the clock so think it's pretty well run in and fancy giving it a little bit of oomph! have looked at Revolution, Collins, Mountune, etc but really looking for experienced owners to give me some feedback on the best way forward and what the best products are. look forward to hearing back from the community... my first post btw so please be gentle! 😉
  8. Right. Seriously not looking to start a discussion here about what tuning method is best - I know we all have different ideas based upon different experiences and different research. Originally I poopooed (heehee ) the idea of these tuning boxes, having read many horror stories about problems with engines after installing. However, this was based upon (my) zero knowledge of different tuning methods or reading myself on how these boxes work. It seems that most of the naysayers are folk who are really talking about the 'early-days' tuning boxes, ie, a resistor in a comparatively giant plastic box that eats turbos, however looking for actual reviews on Arachnids specifically there seems to be nothing but good from all walks of life, on all vehicles and for months and months after installing (presumably the owners stop banging on about it after a while but it still continues to work flawlessly!) Stephen @madmole, I'm really looking at you here - as the biggest advocate for these things (I saw what must be your review btw =)) I'm looking for as much information as you can give if that's ok? I don't really want a sales pitch as I've been on their website already, but as much detailed information about installation, setup, usage and removal (if you have) from your own personal experience as you can would be massively appreciated and just maybe, we might be able to encourage a few more folk that this could be the way to go? I've got the thing sat in a cart with the FOC30 discount code already applied (thanks for that). There was apparently a 'sp40' code for 40% off, but that's now expired. My finger is hovering over the 'pay now' button and I think I need that final push. The other thing I MUST consider is the insurance impact. My insurance already almost doubled when coming to this car from my 1.6 petrol Mk1 as I was halfway through the year and want to get the NCB (I went on my own insurance quite late on and only have 4 years). If this is going to massively hike it then it may put the kibosh on anyway cos there ain't no way in hell I'm not telling them about it. Obviously I know that noone can really tell me but my insurance company but others' experience would be welcome. Anyone else who has one, please share - good and bad. Anyone else who HAD one and went for something else with better results, please share - when and why. Anyone else who is going to tell me that it will kill my engine and not to buy one: unless you were on the design or build team for them or unless this happened to YOU and not your cousin's sister's dog's breakfast's brother; thank you but no thank you.
  9. I am looking in to remapping my new ford fiesta mk7 and just wondered if its worth it and is it reliable? I have very little knowledge about remapping so any info would be handy! I have found a place online near me that says it can push it to 95bhp from 75 and up the torque as well, has anyone done this before with a similar model? if so I would like to know if it runs okay! Thanks BPF
  10. Is a remap really worth it?

    I've been looking recently at Remaps for my 1.8 Tdci, but for £350 will i actually feel much difference ? What's your guys experience with Remaps? Tia
  11. Is a remap really worth it?

    I've been looking recently at Remaps for my 1.8 Tdci, but for £350 will i actually feel much difference ? What's your guys experience with Remaps? Tia
  12. Fiesta 1.0 build

    Right I'm starting a build thread for my fiesta red edtion. All I've done so far is a cat back with resonator delete, ordered a intercooler and induction kit which should be coming in the next few days and will update on everything I do. Will get a picture of the exhaust later
  13. Remap Options

    Morning Guys, I'm looking into getting the fiesta remapped, i was just wondering the best possible options for the fiesta i have. 10 ecoboost zetec s 125, 2014.
  14. think its about time i done something about the performance of my 1.6 tdci focus, now the question is do i go for a tuning box or a good old remap? Anyone had any experiences with tuning boxes specifically from TDItuning or Racechip seem rather intrigued by them promise rather good improvements and seem to have many safety features and i really like the idea that they can be reprogrammed for your next car so are they really as good as they sound or are they a waste of time and money? any help is greatly appreciated https://www.tdi-tuning.co.uk/car_and_van_diesel_tuning_boxes/ford/focus/16_tdci_113_bhp__115_ps__84_kw/ford_focus_16_tdci_113_bhp_115_ps_84_kw_crtd4_twin_channel_diesel_tuning_box_chip_P12297.html https://www.racechip.co.uk/shop/ford/focus-11-dyb-from-2011/1-6-tdci-1560ccm-116hp-85kw-270nm.html
  15. Focus 1.6 Ecoboost Remap advice

    Hello. I have the 1,6 Ecoboost (182) and am toying with the idea of an Engine Remap to get some extra power. Does anyone have any advice / experience of a suitable solution ? i.e. Bluefin / Revo etc. I am not too bothered if the remap is permanent, so long as it is reliable and does not fry the engine ! Thanks in advance.
  16. Which remap?

    Hi all, just wondering who has had their car remapped? I have a 1.0 100ps Fiesta 64 plate, I'm wanting a little more power... So which tuning company to go for?? Bluefin superchips? PumaSpeed? Revo? Pro's and cons would be helpful too, I think I've heard a few issues about Bluefin?? Id like to get mine remapped within the next two week or so... Cheers. Cookey.
  17. Hi all! I'm looking at the MR165 and MR135 MTune Only tools for essentially "remapping" or "re-calibrating" the ECU. With bluefin, I've heard you can revert back to the stock map, so what it was originally. Can you do this with this tool? Thanks! .#Crash
  18. Hello Just wanted to share with you all, the brief history of my Focus bought from evans halshaw 2 weeks ago for 9k added - new interior mats, wind deflectors, carbon look font pressed No. Plates and holders, painted calipers green.... looks good imo.... performs a lot better than its good looks since having it dpf'd and remapped. Learning a little on performance i now know that manufactures badge power and actual power are not the same. My 163bhp (badge power) on the DYNO was 119.8bhp and 273.4 Torque (ft-lb) before surgery and 172.7bhp and 393.1 Torque afterwards............. lots more fun to drive. Im also told that its the Torque which is the force that pins you back in your seat when traffic light drag racing??? Please feel free to add your comments
  19. Hi all, I have a brand new Focus STline 1.5 Ecoboost (147hp/240nm) and I'm debating getting a Stage 1 Bluefin remap through SuperChips. The gains are shown at 47hp and 63nm giving a final result of 193hp and 303nm. I just want to hear some opinions, past experiences and advise from yourselves before I put any money down as the general opinion online is that remapping is safe as long as your engine parts aren't already worn (which at 2600 miles mine shouldn't be!) however the majority of these posts all reference diesel turbos not a petrol turbo like mine. Thanks in advance! (P.S. On the face of it the gains look rather large, however I know that the engine is used by Ford with the exact parts just a different map in the Focus Red & Black Edition to get 180hp so going up to a claimed 193hp isn't such a big leap from there).
  20. Hey guys so I need a bit of advice; So I've had a look at this website of a remapping company near me. They're a professional company so they know what they're doing. I asked them about getting my car remapped and what it would cost and what would I gain. My car is a 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta MK7. I've done some cosmetic mods to the car already, which you can see on my profile so the car looks nice. This is also my first ever car. The company said that they normally can do around +30bhp and +60nm of torque on this car with a remap. This will cost me £159. Do you think it's worth it or just don't bother?
  21. Performance Upgrade

    Evening all, I've recently had my Fiesta150 remapped but it isn't that noticeable to me. Remap apparently increased BHP by 10-15%. I've been looking at induction kits but don't really know where to go from here. Can anyone recommend if this would be worth the money. Can you feel a decent increase in performance? Also, would an induction kit effect the sound? Ta
  22. Hey guys, im a proud owner of a 59 plate titanium 1.6 tdci fiesta and as fun as it is having a slightly faster car than what im used to for my age. the time is coming nearer for the car to push for 150BHP. i was wondering what kind of mods including remaps and induction kits i can get for the best bang for my buck. i have been looking at the j1 kit but the price is a bit daunting. if any one knows any good exhausts (that exclude black smoke) that are a good price as well as and good induction kits for a good price as well that would be a great help! Any opinions as well as suggestions will help! and any experiences any one has had with these cars and getting power please let me know! thank you!
  23. Bad Remap

    He guys, This is my 1st post since owning my Fez. I had the car for just over a week and fancied a remap. I found a mobile service that comes to your house and does them. So i got it done for £250. 2 days after and i got a message that randomly pops up saying "Engine Malfunction. Service now" and it would go into limp mode and splutter with black smoke. I had it taken in to a garage and they said they couldn't find anything wrong (i didn't tell them about the remap) so they said they have booked it into Ford to get an ECU upgrade. So could this remap cause the issue or just coincidence? As i said, the message pops up randomly. Even went a whole day without it popping up. Thanks
  24. Best ECU remap?

    Hello world! My name is Kevin. Yeah, I know it's a english name, but I'm from italy, so I'm sorry if my english is not so good. I'm going to remap my 1.0 litre 100 hp ST-Line Ford Fiesta. I don't want to destroy the engin and the gearbox, so I'd just like to obtain about 140 hp and 200 / 2010 nm of torque. I read my Ford-Getrag IB5 gearbox is tested for 200 nm of torque, and it would be safe to get about 210 nm. So I'm looking for a quite good conservative map. I read something about Monotune, but it's not available in Italy and only can be installed on the 125 hp engine. Bluefin.... Meh, I don't like it so much: I could get about 250 nm of torque with it, and I'm worried about the gearbox reliability. I discovered a REVO dealer in my town that looks very professional, but I didn't find anything about revo remap on italian and english forums... Stage 1 promises about 140-145 hp and 210 nm of torque with 95-ron gasoline, so it looks perfect to me. What do you think about it? And what about the garbox? Will it be fine with it? I know Ford implemented a torque limiter in 1st and 2nd gear on 1.0 Ecoboost 140ps and I don't think revo remap will respect its limits. But I also noticed this: stock 140 ps goes from 0 to 60 mph (0-100 KM/H) in about 9 seconds, Revo mapped 100 hp engine time is 8,9 seconds, so very similar to the stock engine. Do you think Revo still using a torque limiter? Thank you!
  25. Hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a mk1 Ford focus that I am looking at replacing due to an ever expanding family/the likelihood of some longer journeys on to the continent. It's been unbelievably reliable but at nearly 17 years old it's time for an upgrade. My in-laws have offered me their impeccably looked after Focus TDCi estate at a very reasonable price. It's a 59 plate with low mileage for the age (49k). It's the model with the DPF fitted and my father-in-law has been getting the oil changed every 6 months to try and reduce the risk associated with contaminated oil from the DPF system. I live in London and do regular very short journeys (this is my biggest concern). We do head up on the motorways for decent length journeys but might not go very far for a couple of months then maybe make three long journeys in a week. As far as I can see I have several options: Do nothing and wait for the DPF to break. maybe it won't. It does seem a common problem but there are loads of Focuses out there so maybe it isn't all that common... Get he EGR valve blanked off. Does this require remapping? Are EM faults likely as a result? Get the DPF removed, a remap done and EGR valve blanked off. I know this contravenes Constructions & Use regulations/I need to tell my insurers etc etc... Don't buy it. Stick to a petrol like i always said I would! I'm leaning towards option 3 at the moment (like the thought of extra power and torque while also removing the DPF risk) but wondered if anyone has done this and if they had any long term problems. I can find loads of posts about people talking about doing it/having just done it but nothing about anyone living with it long term. If this isn't the best option then I read this very informative thread from Lenny about just having the ERV blanked off. Might this be the better option? No DPF removal no MoT failure. Though blanking off the EGV probably contravenes the same regs technically. Despite the doomongering popping up in some places, i've scoured the internet and can't actually find anyone who has had an MoT failure as a result of doing any of this work. Has anyone got any advice basically?! TIA!