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Found 27 results

  1. MK7 Front Badge Removal

    Does anyone know how to remove front badge on the MK7 because I would like to replace mine as its in pretty bad shape, I've had a look and i cant see how to do it, also is it glued on or are there tabs? I'm also wondering if someone can give me a link or the part number for a new one?
  2. advice for cleaning EGR

    Hi all, just bought a 2005 Ford Focus 2.0L Ghia TDCI. i have had it for just over a week and started having some issues, so took it to a garage and had a print out of the fault codes. I was told by the mechanic that the egr has had some sort of water in/ on it (i think from the full engine valet the guy before me had done). he also showed me the egr plug, which, as previously mentioned, had water all around the seal. he advised to remove the valve, give it a good clean with brake cleaner, and properly dry it out. I do a fair bits on my vehicles myself, but just wondered if there were any tips/ tricks to make the removal and refit process less stressful and any tricks on cleaning it as best as possible! Many thanks!
  3. advice for cleaning EGR

    Hi all, just bought a 2005 Ford Focus 2.0L Ghia TDCI. i have had it for just over a week and started having some issues, so took it to a garage and had a print out of the fault codes. I was told by the mechanic that the egr has had some sort of water in/ on it (i think from the full engine valet the guy before me had done). he also showed me the egr plug, which, as previously mentioned, had water all around the seal. he advised to remove the valve, give it a good clean with brake cleaner, and properly dry it out. I do a fair bits on my vehicles myself, but just wondered if there were any tips/ tricks to make the removal and refit process less stressful and any tricks on cleaning it as best as possible! Many thanks!
  4. Morning, This one is a fix I wasn't planning on having to make. My son has got a penny into the casing of the steering wheel so now when I corner there is a rattle almost as annoying as the child that caused it to happen. I've seen some guides on removing steering wheel for airbag issues and most quote disconnecting battery and leaving for 20 mins before disconnecting airbag connections. Do I need to do this though? I'm not going to be pulling any wires away, I just want to free the cover on the front of the wheel so that I can see inside and recover the penny. Thanks
  5. Afternoon all, I have a 53 plate 1.4 petrol Fiesta Zetec Duratec which for a while has had an intermittent issue with lack of setting off power and also revs jumping when lifting off to shift up the gears which is more noticable and annoying when shifting from 1st to 2nd. I saw a lot of information about cleaning the throttle body and also the MAP? sensor as part of that assembly. I recently gave the throttle body a clean with carb cleaner and i'm not sure if it was a placebo but it seemed like the issue went away for a week or two and the car felt better but in the last day or so it has come back which leaves me wanting to actually remove the TB to clean the inside too, my only worry is that when i remove the TB the gasket will be completely worn (could this cause the issue in the first place?) and need replacing. Only annoyance is that a new gasket is £20 (http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_throttle_body_gasket__f_1141994.htm) every where i've looked so i either spend that on a small bit of rubber i may not need in the end or i don't buy it and then i get stuck because i need it. What is my best option here? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Also: It seems like this (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/For-Ford-Fiesta-Mk5-1-25-1-4-1-6-Throttle-Body-2001-2010-2S6U9F991FC-/252581426956?fits=Car+Make%3AFord|Model%3AFiesta+V&hash=item3acf06b70c:g:58oAAOSwGJlZFBJR) is the same TB as i'd expect on my fiesta but it seems like the face that is attached is a flat, flush face so am i being a noob by asking how the gasket is to be fitted while reattaching the TB? Does it simply sit on the face and create a seal when the TB is screwed down?
  6. Hi, Wasn't sure where to put this topic, so please move if it's better suited elsewhere... I'm looking to paint the front and rear brake calipers on my focus, and in order to do a decent job I want to remove them off the car completely and clean them up and paint them properly. I'm pretty handy with a set of spanners, and have taken them off before to change discs and pads, but where I come unstuck is on removing them completely. The car has done 70k miles so the brake fluid could do with a full flush, so with that in mind I'd get a mechanic to replace the fluid and calipers but my question is what do I do with the brake lines after I've disconnected the caliper? I've read that it's not a good idea to crimp them as it can damage the line, so can anyone offer any guidance? Thanks, Tom
  7. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me, i have makeup/fingerprint stains on the external b pillars on my car which are matte black. I can't find anything so far which has taken this out. Does anyone have any ideas how to remove these stains? Thank you.
  8. dent removal any ideas??

    So I was out today and as the title says my car felt the slight impact of a garbage truck. This little FEZ is having no luck lately. Basically it has a left a nice sized dent in the back left panel (I own the 3dr so no door damage thank goodness) and the wheel arch has a small dent on too. That looks a little creased. Then there is obviously the scratches :( Any one got any quick cheap fixes for it. Contacted a dent puller and was quoted just under £250. Not what i wanna spend on my first car for a couple of dents and scratches. Cheers Guys Ryan
  9. Front springs

    Hi guys my first topic on here basically I'm changing the front springs on my 2007 focus (I'm dropping it 30mm) and just wondering if anyone has any tips or a guide to go by I've done the rears (biggest pain ever) and before I start the fronts just wanted some advice
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking at removing my grills on my 2013 focus to spray them, I know how to remove my lower ones but I'm just a bit stuck on removing the upper (the one with the badge on). Just wondering if anyone has ever done this before and could help?? Cheers
  11. right I picked up my red edition last week and have brought some heko wind deflectors! I do want to put them on the car but have yet to do so, mainly because when I come to get a new car I will remove them, so Im asking if anyone knows how hard they are to remove and will they damage the window seal when you do remove them? Don't want to put them on and then struggle to get them off when the time comes
  12. Hi, New to the fiesta hype. started with a few little mods, deflectors,spoiler,miltek exhaust etc etc. purchased a 's' badge for the front radiator badge grille. i can see its held on by 3 clips at the top which are easy to remove. but the bottom 2 I'm struggling with. can anyone help. they are attached to the bumper. Thanks sam.
  13. Footwell Lights?

    may be a stupid question, but how do i get the bulb out of the footwell lights on a mk7.5 fiesta titanium? Easy enough to twist them out of the holders but how do i actually get the bulb out? Want to change them, cheers for any help
  14. Hi, I would like to know what is required to remove the airbag from the steering wheel on the mk2 ka? I need to fit a new indicator stalk. Help would be much appreciated.
  15. Upgraded Headlights

    Hello everyone, I've bought some upgraded headlights for my fiesta mk7.5, does anyone know how to swap the headlight bulbs, removing the headlight itself? Many thanks in advance. Cookey.
  16. Hi, I'm a complete novice with cars and looking for some help. I've looked all over the internet for a guide on how to remove my old grey MK6 seats from my Fiesta LX 1.25 and found nothing. I'm slowly turning my LX into an ST replica and I recently bought some nice half leather blue ST seats. Can anyone provide some help with regards to removing my current seats and door cards and replacing them with the new ones? Thanks!
  17. You can find below the steps needed to replace the mirror indicator bulbs/ remove the housing on a mk7 Fiesta. The process is pretty simple, takes about 10 mins and only needs one person and a screwdriver. I was removing the cover to replace the bulbs with chrome ones but the same process applies for pretty much any work you want to do on the mirrors. The reason I have written this guide is that whilst the process is simple it does require you to apply a fair bit of pressure to plastic parts which is always a worry if you don't know exactly what you're doing. From my experience the job doesn't endanger your mirror glass as you pretty much leave that alone and you're most at risk of snapping one of the plastic clips on the housing. On the up side though they all seem surprisingly sturdy so as long as you're careful you will be fine. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  18. In need of a form of guide or any information about how to remove a rear bumper on a mk6 ford fiesta flame. Recently bought the car and need to remove the rear bumper due to damage but don't really know on how to remove it. Any info would help and would be very grateful, cheers! :)
  19. Handbreak Help (H)Required

    Hi guys, Hope this is in the right place i have a 2014 fiesta (UK) and have somehow managed to lose a very important key in this rather poorly placed void that coincides with my pocket position :P does anyone know how i can get it out? or maybe take the surround off to get to it? thanks!
  20. QUICK QUESTION / REQUEST!!!!! TITANIUM OR ZETEC MODELS 2013 mk7.5's ONLY!! Has anyone taken off either of the front door covers and taken pictures of the wiring loom at the top where it all sits, up near the tweeter location!! OR Would someone be able to do this for me, i just need good close up's and slightly further away pictures of the loom up near where the tweeter would sit in the door card/cover. The loom comes into the door as normal and then comes through the black under panel near the front and towards the top, it doesn't run along to much and there should be a connector plug near where the connector is for the tweeter plug and where the wires also go for the side mirror, i will put a photo up of the area i am talking about in a bit. Any help would be very appreciated in solving a mystery!!
  21. Hi again! =) I was playing with the car today (like most Saturdays) thinking what else I could do to it for looks without spending a bomb. Looking at the front of the car there seems to be a grill between the bumper and the bonnet.... do you think this could be removed? Below I have included a picture of the grill (the best one I could find) and one without the grill. With Without: What do people think?
  22. Hi all, i have a 2003 finesse and was wondering if someone could instruct me on how to remove the door panel. The previous owner put st doors on it with electric window buttons but its still manual windows so im curious to have see if i would be able to fit motors etc to get the windows elecrtic? Thanks
  23. Mk5 Gauge Pod Removal Help

    Hi, I want to remove the green filter from my mk 5 guages as i'm not keen on it, i've managed to remove the dash surround and take all the screws out and remove the plug from the gauge pod so now it is free in its housing problem is, i cannot get it past the steering wheel, i tried removing the top cowling of the steering column, should i remove the indicator stalks alswel? please help!
  24. Hey guys, I've just bought an 04 black fiesta flame that's only damage was a dent to the rear bumper just behind the exhaust - as though it has reversed into a tow bar. I've been quoted pretty high prices by nearby garages for repairing it (nearly £200), which I was surprised at given it's a plastic bumper... I wondered if there was a reasonably straight forward way of mending it myself? I've heard that it might be possible to heat it up and spring it back out - is this a good idea and does anyone know the best way to do this? I'm worried that the paint may melt and I'll make it even worst, any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers, James
  25. Hey guys, I'm looking to remove the horrible black plastic strips off the side of my 2004 fez. Not just cos it will hopefully look better, but because it's a 5dr, the strip from the rear doors catches the rim of the front door when opening, causing a horrible scraping sound and causing the plastic the bend and come off the body where it catches the front door (hope that makes sense) Anyone else get this problem? I've looked at how to remove these bumper strps on various other forums, spirits, fishing wire, hair dryer etc. but I'm not sure what il find underneath.....holes or just gluey crap? And will there be contours underneath or will i be left with nice smooth bodywork underneath?Can anyone enlighten me? It's a 2004 fez flame, metallic Aquarius blue (if this helps?!) Thanks in advance! 😄