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Found 17 results

  1. Morning all I own a ford focus CL 2003 and along with many others my bonnet lock has failed. I have ordered the lock repair kit from ford but I can find a decent tutorial on how to code the barrel to my key and fit the new barrel and rod. The catch is working fine - the barrel and rod is missing. Can anyone help !! Thanks Liam
  2. Anyone able to advise on the removal of a damaged sump, and subsequent fitting of a new replacement on a 2015 Fiesta 1.0T (140)? Looks like the exhaust may foul any straight-forward removal of the existing casing?
  3. So I have looked to replace the heater blower motor. However, when I've looked in the passanger footwell it doesn't look the same as photos I've seen to replace others. is this because of the model of Fiesta I have? So I'm not sure how to begin there. also is there any way to find the OEM part number without taking the car to pieces. Ford Fiesta Ztec Climate 1.2 2005
  4. Hi, i am after some advice - I have a failing EGR Valve and I was wondering if it's better to clean it/replace it or just blank it off? Two different garages have told me two different things...
  5. Someone drove into my car the other day and left a sizeable hole in it, but decided to drive off. (photo attached) Looking on ebay ive seen a new bumper for £45 but its not a genuine part. car is still on finance and dont want to mess around with an insurance claim, as its a pretty easy diy job. anyone know if it voids your insurance if it is not a genuine part? Just wondering as i also saw a listing on ebay for a different bumper that says its "insurance approved"?
  6. Long story short i have a smashed left wing mirror on my new 16 reg ford fiesta black edition. I have seen this wing mirror and was wondering if it will be compatible (wing mirror link). Any help would be appreciated, i have seen a video on how to fit it. Just wondering if that part is genuinely compatible, thank you :).
  7. Hello all I'm Ryan and I am new to the forum. I recently purchased a fiesta 2003 MK6 1.4 16v petrol 3 dr and one of the issues I have is the right wing is dented after it was struck. It has left opening the driver side door difficult as it catches the dent on the wing. So inevitably I hit the internet and bought a new right side wing, new indicator and bulbs. I now have an issue. I cant figure out how to get the wing off. I cant find all the bolts. I see two under the hood and as far as I can tell the hood itself also needs to be removed to gain access to the wing. Could anyone please help me with locations where the bolts are and what I need to remove to get to all the bolts? I will get pictures if anyone needs them. Please ask if it would help. Cheers Guys Ryan
  8. Hi I have just bought a 2015 Focus Zetec and want to buy an oem chrome grill (from China on eBay) to replace the stock grill on the car, as I really like the titanium look. Before I do buy, does anyone know how easy/hard it is to remove the old grill and attach the new one? I expect I will have to remove the entire bumper. Would it be better to buy one direct from Ford, if so, does anyone know where from (have looked, but drawing a blank). Many thanks Mr M
  9. Bumper Removal Help

    Hi, I've just joined the forum hoping someone can help me. I have a focus mk2 and am trying to replace the bottom section of the front and rear bumper. Can I remove these bits without removing the whole bumper? If so what do I need to do? Also one of the torx screws just keep spinning and won't unscrew, how would I remove this? Its the plastic bit ant the bottom I want to remove, this isn't my car...just quickly got a pic off Google to help describe what I need to take off. Thanks in advance for any help. Already posted this in the fiesta section my mistake as someone pointed out lol
  10. Ka 2003 Loosing Coolant

    My daughters KA is loosing coolant. . There is water on top of the thermostat housing so it is either a leaking hose or a failed O ring. How can I tell? If I need to replace the housing I've seen them on Ebay for about £15 but I can't find any instructions anywhere? I can't even get the air filter housing off so is there anything on the internet or do I need a Haynes manual and if so which one? Thanks Chris...
  11. Morning guys, Driving home last night I managed to get a decent chip / crack in my front screen. I've never had anything this bad before and although it's on the passenger side and not within my line of vision it's just about at the limits of what most advise for injection; not to mention annoying! I'm aware that the heated screens are fairly expensive, plus I also have auto lights / wipers. Therefore I'm looking for advice - Repair for free or get the screen replaced for £70? I'm not bothered either way, but considering the screen has gained a few small chips during the time Ive owned it, it's probably worth replacing. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks Stu
  12. Hi, Can anyone help? The driver's door of my 2001 Ford Focus is rather rusty at the bottom so I'm thinking of buying a replacement door and fitting it myself - it looks reasonably easy to do. However, what about the locks in the door? Do I need to somehow switch the locks from the old door into the replacement door? Or does the new door miraculously work with my old keys because the electrics tell it to? Thanks for any help. Ian
  13. Hi, I know there are various posts on this subject but I can't find the answer to my issue. I have purchased a pioneer double din stereo to replace my cd6000 factory stereo. I have pulled the old stereo out no problem. However the cage supplied with new stereo would not fit through the stereo surround trim. So I purchased a fitting kit off eBay specifically for my model focus expecting to be supplied with a cage that fits. However the new cage supplied is the same size as the one that came with the pioneer. So I must be doing something very wrong? If I remove the trim then the whole is way to big for the cage to be secured. I have showered the Internet for a guide or solution, but to no avail. Any help would be very much appreciated!
  14. Hi All, my automatic drive belt tensioner failed last night, belt wrecked and need to replace it as soon as shops open tomorrow. I have been looking at the haynes manual regarding moving Power steering reservoir etc. Even with these items moved I cannot see the bolts/nuts I need to remove to get the tensioner out. It looks like I need to remove the air conditioning compressor from the engine as the bolts securing it also seem to secure the tensioner, is this correct?? Does anyone have a clear picture of one of these tensioners I can look at? Thanks guys Mark.
  15. Hi all, Thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately the other day my drive belt started to fray, it subsequently got tangled round the lower pulley and snatched the timing belt. After replacing both belts looks like it's trashed the engine as now it's very flat and total loss of power. Be warned the drive belt cost £12 and so for my questions: I've purchased a replacement engine, same year and same spec complete with all ancillaries. Mechanics part is no problem but the electrics/ ecu bit is worrying me. What parts do I need to keep original from my trashed engine ref sensors, pumps etc to avoid any kind of remapping? I just want to take the old one out, swap the bits round and bolt a new one in and have it run. Any advice would be much appreciated. Old mechanic, new cars are a bit complicated! Thanks, Jason
  16. Hi, I live near Worthing West Sussex and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a new back window/screen for my Streetka. I folded the hood and the screen has split in two places and is damaged beyond repair. Ford charge an arm and a leg so will probably have to fork out in the end but was just wondering if anyone knows anywhere that I could get one cheaper. I have been quoted £100.00 to fit it when I get it. Here's hoping :)
  17. hello, I have a 2005 Street ka. Over the weekend my rear window has been damaged, force was used resulting in the top of the window being pushed in. However not only has the plastic come away but also the stitching attaching the whole top part of the window has been broken away... please tell me there is a way to get this repaired other than an expensive new roof!!! Thank you x