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Found 15 results

  1. SatNav home bug ?

    When I use the inbuilt sat nav, I hit the "Destination" button and I get a screen like this: (stock pics - sorry (mine doesn't have climate)) If I select home, I get an error saying it's not set, and do I want to choose a favourite - which doesn't take me to the favourite screen When I do go into favourites, I get a screen like this: (Home/Work are already set of course). If I go back (top left button), home then self populates. So get it to function as required, I have to hit destinations, favourites, back, home button. Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. information

    Anyone know what the function of the green 4 pin Fakra like connector is on the back of the satnav mfd screen and also where I might get a mating connector for it, I've tried ebay without much success. If anyone knows where the sync-gen2 module is located, I would appreciate that as well. Thanks in advance
  3. Sat Nav / Radio Off

    Is it possible to have the satnav on but the radio off? I know that satnav cuts in during prompts but sometimes, in order to concentrate I like to have the radio turned off. If I turn the radio volume down then I don't hear the prompts. Any thoughts please?
  4. Which plug is for what

    Hi I am from Denmark, som Sorry for spelling mistakes. I have installed the Sony radio with satnav in my car. Pretty easy. My question is.. What are all theese plugs for on the back of the screen? blue, pink, Black and green 🤔
  5. Fiesta Sat Nav Problem

    Hi Everyone, I've just bought a Sony head unit with the sat nav screen. I've installed the new head unit in my Fiesta and everything is working spot on with a little help from a blue fakra gps antenna. The only problem is it has switched all of my miles displayed to kilometres on the car and on the nav screen. When going into the display settings to change back to miles it just won't let me click on it, will only let me select km? Does anyone have any idea what the problem is? Thanks in adavance to everyone
  6. So I have a 2010 1.6 Zetec and I have a sat nav built in. For some reason it says I am in the middle of the North Sea when i live in Manchester. It will also not calibrate manually. I have the SD card in correctly. I seen a post from a while ago saying it could be the gps antenna which is located under the drivers dash, I need to look for a blue connector that I can't see. wondering if any of you guys had any ideas? I will post some pictures showing what sat nav I have and where I think the gps atenna should be. Thank you.
  7. Hi and hello to all fellow Ford owners. I have just become the proud ownder of a Wildtrak 2016 3.2 automatic and have some questions. I'm really hoping that people may be able to help me out. 1. It has satnav but there is no SD card. I'm in the Falklands, so any UK satnav SD is useless for me. My boat (garmin) uses a satnav based on South America so I am wondering whether there is a Ford Sync 2 SD that covers my area (i.e. including the Falkland Islands). It would be useful to simply show tourists where they are rather than for directions - I already know where I am going when off-road !! 2. If there is no SD card for my area, how can I use my iPhone off-line to show the same thing ? I have researched Applink, but there seems to be very little help out there and car play (Apple's thingy) does not seem to work.Looking online, there are very few apps that are Applink enabled 3. Does anyone know what file format the Ford SD card is ? Just thinking that I might be able to change the format off my Garmin so that might work. Many thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestons
  8. Bought this about a year ago and have made some changes, some of which have raised questions. I retro fitted ST3 Reccaro front electric seats (and rears as well - if I've got them, why not?) . Easy enough to do, just needed to splice into the appropriate circuit underneath the passenger seat for power for the motors. The most difficult part was explaining it to the insurance company, I did think long and hard before doing so but I thought I ought to at least make the effort. I changed them because I discovered 150 miles into the first 300 mile journey, that the original (half leather seats FWIW) that if I didn't stop and rest for a couple of hours, they were going to cripple me, seariing, burning pain between my shoulder blades and into my neck. They got my wife in a similar manner. I've also retro fitted the factory fit SONY SATNAV to the car replacing the existing SONY DAB radio. Obtained the parts from a Fiesta of the same age. Having read all the issues other people were having with the SONY DAB units, I thought it might be a bit of a gamble but it turned out to be basically plug and play. I changed the radio control panel for the sat nav version which involved some very minor plastic (ha) surgery to one of the mouldings. For some reason the 8 pin connector on the back of the control panel is in a different position on the replacement one from the original one. I don't know if this is because it's from a Fiesta or because it's satnav one. (out of curiosity anyone any idea?) For information there are 4 Fakra connectors on the back of the unit, the blue one connects to the GPS antenna, the black one connects to the FM aerial (so it can get traffic information) and the red one feeds the FM signal to the head unit via a short link lead. I kept my original head unit, there are some slight mechanical differences between the Fiesta one and the Focus one. Changing the top covers over would solve the problem but unless it didn't work, I couldn't see the point. There is also a bigger green connector with 4 pins. Anyone any idea what this is for? I've seen a North American version of the SATNAV and it has a yellow single pole Fakra in place of the green one, which looks exactly the same as the single yellow one you get on the original colour screen. As Preee ( I think that's the right number of 'e's) has suggested in other posts, I think it might be for the reversing camera, although if the video signal has been digitised (by a unit in the wiring harness), then the camera signal may come up one of the CAN busses. If anyone has any ideas, I would like to know. As I mentioned it all works and all the 'features' that the car had previously are also still working. I've got a temporary SATNAV antenna on it at the moment, square plastic blob on the end of 3 metres of co-ax, wedged underneath the dashboard, it seems to work OK in spite of the heated front windscreen. I plan to upgrade the radio antenna to the factory SATNAV version. I don't know for certain that it is a combination unit or whether the 2 are separate. Can somebody tell me and show me pictures? I think it might be, because under the head lining near the base of the existing antenna is a blue Fakra connector with a co-ax coming out of it and disappearing into the wiring loom. Anyone any idea where the other end of this cable may turn up - just so I don't have to remove the whole interior of the car to trace it. I have also heard that there is a co-ax link cable needed between this lead and the SATNAV. Anyone any information on this? I've also bought an OBD adaptor (the tunnel rat one) and downloaded the Focccus, Forscan and ELM config software (and a few others). Still playing with these but they seem to work fine. Ive used the Focccus one to enable the autolocking for the doors. Over the enext few months I'll be going through it to see what can be done so there will probably be more changes. I do want to fit the factory reversing camera. The car has privacy glass at the rear (which I'm rapidly becoming disenchanted with), which I didn't think anything of until the first time I tried reversing in an unlit car park at night - ok the thing has front and rear parking sensors but I still like to be able to see where I'm going.
  9. Sony Sat Nav Problems

    I bought a new Fiesta Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost 99bhp on 12/10/2013, which has the optional Sony Sat Nav. My main problem is that there is very limited information about how to use the satnav - just 2 pages in the Fiesta manual - so it is all trial and error. Main problems: 1) I can enter a postcode but there doesn't appear to be any way to enter house number, so the destination is imprecise. 2) After entering postcode there is a further field called "District" which would look a good candidate to enter house number, but it is not possible to enter any information into this field. 3) So far I have entered 7 character postcodes ok. Just tried to enter a 6 character postcode but it insisted on 7. However after 'fiddling about' I was able to enter the 6 character code but can't reproduce what I did. The supplying dealer (Think Ford) was only able to confirm my observations, and Sony was no help as they insisted on having a model number which I don't know. So has anyone else solved these problems (admittedly quite small in the context of a very good car) or can point me to a proper instruction manual. Bryn
  10. Magic Or What?

    How come I get traffic updates about congestion or blocked roads when my mobile has mobile data set to Off? Seems like magic to me. I always get the Ford Assistance message up when starting up and can maybe imagine that an emergency call might be possible in an accident, but how on Earth does it get updates about traffic conditions please?
  11. Ford Sync Sat Nav

    My car came without the sat Nav function would I be able to get the sat Nav function put in if I went somewhere or would I be looking at a horrible new unit to get sat Nav?
  12. Hi guys Just got an 03 focus zetec. I want to get a built in satnav but the stereo obviously has rounded edges, does anyone know where I could get one because eBay only seems to have squared edge ones. Cheers in advance
  13. Recently purchased a 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 tdci titanium model and there is no satnav built in, just a standard black radio system. Did the titanium 2008 model come with a satnav built in? The manuals I got with my new car include directions on using the satnav? Just wondering if at any point it would have had a satnav built in but the stereo system replaced by a previous owner? Also would it be possible to get a satnav put into this car? Thanks in advance. Much better car than my old vauxhall corsa 1.2 sxi!!!
  14. Installing A Satnav

    I'm new to this forum, just got a C-max T and want to install my satnav, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Ford Focus Satnav Volume.

    Hi, I have a 60 reg Ford Focus with satnav built in to the radio/CD. My problem is that when the satnav is operating and the radio cuts out to allow audible directions to be given, the volume of the voice is so low it cannot be heard. I have tried all the variations of the satnav controls I can find to alter the volume, but so far have not been able to increase it to a level I can hear clearly. Can anyone help and put me in the right direction?