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Found 14 results

  1. Get a steering lock now

    Be aware- https://uk.news.yahoo.com/relay-crime-police-release-footage-type-vehicle-robbery-144400029.html
  2. Remote car keys

    If you keep your car near your house and lock it up where do you keep your keys? We keep are Edge by the side of the house behind locked gates and use to put the keys in a cupboard in the kitchen about 4/5 feet away from the car, the problem was that you could still open the locked car by just touching the door handle. A new key storage location has now been found out of range of the car! All we've got to do now is remember where the keys now live!!
  3. Redacting number plates

    How does everyone feel about masking their plates in pics? I've been doing until recently but not sure if it's really necessary?
  4. Website Security

    Just recently Firefox has been complaining about username and password fields on this site not been secure. Anyone else
  5. Hi posted a couple of weeks ago about a really strange and frustrating problem with my 2009 ford fiesta 1.6 diesel tdci. I have since taken to ford and auto electrician with no luck of solving the issue and am in desperate need of help to get an answer to why my fiesta starts intermittently. Any help would be much appreciated. I have narrowed down the issue to that of the immobiliser flashing rapidly causes the car not to start, the car does this intermittently and always starts first time when i go out to it in the morning or the first drive of the day after that it will play up and start intermittently maybe after 8 attempts of turning the key back and forth. I was told by for that it was the ECU and will cost 1600 quid to repair but find that hard to believe and them trying to rob me of my money. I feel the answer to my problem is simple and has to be to do with this immobiliser flashing rapidly and causing the car not to start. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. Another story about poor vehicle security around keyless entry affecting many makes of cars https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/aug/12/cars-risk-keyless-entry-system-hacked-volkswagen including Ford's. As far as Ford's (and most non VW's) are affected it appears to be those based on the Hitag2 transponder chip (see paper here) which has known problems. So does anyone know if and what Focus models/years may be affected?
  7. Best security

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone has advice as to best security? On my second ST in a year [first was stolen from Ikea car park :( ] and really don't want to lose it. My insurance have told me I must have a steering lock (which I have purchased and waiting to be delivered) and advised me about getting OBD plug security. I had and still don't really have any idea what an OBD plug is but from a little research I think this is how they steal the cars?? - Help please :-/ I've read some posts which say move it, disconnect the OBD etc but as I needed help last time changing a wiper blade, this isn't something I'm going to do myself. I've seen some products, databloc, a little lock plate or key thing and what appears to be the better one (as it says Thatcham - assume this means its the best) an obd portector or protector and would prefer something professional if possible. Has anyone had any of these or can you please make other recommendations... want to get something asap. Thanks Guys
  8. Hi, I have 10-15 year old Ford Fiesta Zetec. I know it has a car alarm but I am unsure as to how to turn it on when I lock the car doors. The doors have central locking but I have to turn the key in the door, not press a button on the key fob. There is a red flashing light by the car radio. Any thoughts please let me know. Thank you.
  9. Hi Everyone Security again I am trying not to 'lose' my Fiesta ST3 which I have had for 3 weeks. I am using a Stoplock Pro steering lock which fits the fiesta steering wheel perfectly. I realise that this is not foolproof but it is a deterrent. I am looking to use an OBD data port protector as well. I saw this website http://databloc.eu which is asking for £14.49 plus delivery for a Ford dataport protector. I have scoured the internet but cannot see exactly what they are selling. There is an installer who just says 'it is a small blanking plate that covers the OBD plug'. They are charging £79.99 to fit this gizmo. My question is --- has anyone purchased or had one of these fitted. At £14 is it any use? My second question is --- has anyone got any other easyfit data port security. My problem is that I am rubbish at DIY but I have found the data port and how to access it. I would be grateful for any suggestions especially as I have been reading the dreadful stories about disappearing keyless cars. I would have thought that Ford would be addressing these issues by now but nothing seems to be available to make these cars more secure. Thanks and if you have any advice, brilliant!
  10. Hi All, Just before I start I saw this somewhere else on here before but can't find it again, and before I go breaking any rules, I'm not affiliated with this company anyway, just thought it was valuable knowledge to share. Apparently Cars like this are stolen every week, are stripped and sold for parts, pretty hard to trace once the car is dismantled and fitted/sold around. Was browsing through youtube on my iPad and one of the suggest videos was this: http://www.youtube.com/embed/dvmSOEKfkug?list=UUYUbIXYW8qzVjK5mt1G66g After watching it, I thought it would be useful for any ST/RS owners who want to upgrade the security on their car. Seems like a good system but at a price, can't speak from experience but it just looks to easy.. Anyway here is the full site and information: http://www.securemycar.co.uk/Ford-focus-rs-stolen-viper-car-alarm.html Regards, Max.
  11. Random Alarm Activation

    Help needed please. I have bought a 53 plate C-Max 1.8 Zetec and absolutely love the car. It night and drive like new and has only done just over 50,000 miles. The only problem I have is that the alarm decides to go off anywhere between 7.30 at 5 in the morning. The battery is fully charged and is not faulty. As far as I am aware there is no internal sensors fitted in the interior light cluster. I have checked the display for any codes but it shows none at all. I have noticed on another forum that it may be the bonnet switch and to disconnect the switch and place a wire link between the wires to simulate the switch which I am trying now. Any help would be appreciated. Can the alarm be completely turned off or would that mean that the immobiliser wouldn't work either.
  12. Stolen Keys

    Hi all, Recently had my remote control key for my Focus C-Max stolen in a burglary (still got the simple one). We moved the car away from the car park at our place because we figured the guy could come and find out which one it was very easily, and are currently working out our options for staying secure, and would appreciate your thoughts. Here's our options as we see them: 1/ Replace all the lock barrels and remote. Totally secure, but we're told it needs to be done at Ford garage, and will be very pricey (it's not worth our while invoking the insurance for this) 2/ Deactivate the remote control, or get a new re-programmed one, and use a steering wheel lock in case he enters using the physical key. Is it possible to do the deactivation/code change ourselves, or can it be done cheaply at a non-Ford garage? Obviously this is less secure, but the police are on to the guy, and if nothing works with the remote there's a good chance he might not have time to try the physical key on every Ford in the car park anyway. Many thanks for the help, Chris
  13. Just posting this as information for other people out there. The other morning I came out to find a thief had punched a hole through my drivers window (right in the corner so my alarm didn't pick them up, I have since moved the ultrasonics!) to try and program their own key in via the OBD Port and steal my car. The way the thieves steal keyless Fords is by plugging a device into the OBD port, pressing the 'Power' button, then this wakes the Computer/ECU up and from this they can then program their own key in, remove their device and then unlock and start the car. This process can take minutes and it makes hardly any noise. The OBD Port Protector I have installed on my car saved it, it stopped the thief from programming their key in and driving away my pride and joy. This problem/thieves with the equipment seems to only be around Essex & Kent at the minute but it will soon spread to other areas I'm sure. Luckily I only had to fork out £40 for a new window and not £10,000+ for a new car! See the photos below!
  14. Ford Focus 2005 Cannot lock or unlock drivers door using manual key. Locks only operate using fob. Key operates fine in ignition. Is there a manual override setting in door?