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Found 35 results

  1. Trying to get an idea of what this should cost. Car has done 24K. Also are there any likely wear candidates I should consider e.g. brake pads etc. front tyres are getting close to the limit but I guess best not let the service garage near them? Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0 Auto Titanium X Nov 2014
  2. Hi. My Mondeo 2.0ltr diesel is due a service and is at 110,000 miles. In the past it started with the Ford services for a few years but the last 4 years has been basic services at local garages. What work should I ask to be carried out on this next service? Will the basic service be sufficient?
  3. I have a 2009 1.6 TDCI (110BHP) with 116k miles. I got my car serviced at a local independent garage. The spec for this car if I'm not mistaken is 5W-30. On the receipt from the garage it looks like they have put in 10W-40 instead. Does this really make any realistic difference? Should I considered having this replaced to 5W-30 ASAP? I've always been under the impression it is fairly vital to stick to the spec for the car but a few people have told me that it realistically makes no difference and if I change the oil every 6k miles there is no difference. Is this true or are the people who I have spoken to overlooking this completely? I had also been extra cautious about only using 5W-30 in the past as this is my first diesel and car with a DPF. Would the have any affect on the DPF? I've heard of things such as low-ash spec oils before.
  4. MPG Question/Help

    So i was wondering what range of mileage I SHOULD be getting. I don't exactly race off the line and would say I drive fairly economically. I mainly drive when the roads are quiet and don't do motorway driving. I have filled up twice now around the 230-250miles, with a full tank costing £40-45. I believe it has a 45L capacity (just under 10 Gallons), and should be getting ~43mpg. I understand thats as of new so i should be expecting around 35mpg. I am getting around 22-26mpg depending on how I drive. Is this normal or should I be looking at getting new parts? -There aren't any signs of leaking on the driveway either before someone asks :) Sorry if i haven't provided enough information. Link to car specs: http://www.parkers.co.uk/ford/fiesta/hatchback-2002/16-zetec-s-3d-(05)/specs/
  5. Hi all, I’ve been enjoying my 1.0 EcoBoost fiesta for just under a year now and its due a second service. I'm hoping someone from the Durham area could recommend garage please?
  6. RIP Cheap Ford Service

    Hey All, Just to let you all know the cheap service deal that Ford had which included the years free AA breakdown cover has now been "revised" aka its now no longer worth doing! See the link below for the update worklist: http://www.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/Motorcraft/Servicing Its a real shame, the old service included so much more (plus the breakdown cover with AA for a year) for £125! Now its £145 for bugger all. As they say, good things never last!
  7. Fiesta without full service?

    Hi all (apologies for the stupid question, I'm new to buying cars and would love your expert advice :) ) im looking at buying a used (64 plate - registered in Nov) Fiesta from Evan Halshaw ... it's done 12,000 miles and it had not been serviced EH are going to do a full service on it, however, given that it's gone 2 years without a service, is there likely to be any issues? (Other than resale) i could get get an equivalent car with a full service history for approx £800 more (it's the ztec 1.25 (82ps) engine)
  8. Hi all, So the Focus is due very soon it's annual service, major one this time - being a 59 plate, it's the 7th annual service. As usual, I will go down the Motorcraft main dealer route. So 195 quid for major motorcraft service, 30 quid for MOT, and 50 quid (approx) for brake fluid change. However, it's also approaching the 8 year/100,000 miles mark for a timing belt change - since it is a belt driven (Duratec 1.6 100PS) engine. I have heard people recommending to get that replaced early, and not to necessarily wait until its due date. So my main questions are: (1) In your opinion, should I get it replaced now, during its upcoming service? (Or wait until next year?) (2) If yes, should I also get all the tensioners and the water pump replaced at the same time too? (3) Any rough idea of costs? I'll try to haggle a bit, but don't know if they'll budge (being a main dealer). Maybe they can chuck in a free odour filter replacement. Cheers
  9. Hi all, About 3 months ago I bought my first daily / personal Ford, a 2008 Focus 1.6 Petrol, and it had 58348 miles on the clock (i've also got a Ford Puma, but that's being kitted out for rallying). It's now on roughly 61350, and am just wandering how often does this vehicle need servicing to your experiences. I want to keep on top of it, but don't want to be servicing every so often, as the manual describes when I don't need too. Just things like Oil change and filter, cambelt / timing belt change, brake fluid, etc. Some of it I can do myself, with mates pitching on the rest, like i've done with my previous cars. It had a service when bought, but does anything really need changing at 3k miles?? If not, at every how many miles should it get serviced. I tend to do a lot of miles in my cars and average 19k - 21k a year. Thanks in advance for any help, advice, tips and hints provided!
  10. Coming up to my first service on the car since I've owned it, the last one was at 6.4k miles and it's not on 15.3k so want to start getting some ideas on how much a service will be. I understand there are three types of services available but what would be the best one for me?
  11. So my car is due for its first service (1.0 ecoboost zetec s) this month, and I was wondering where to get it done. John gross (most local) don't advertise their price for a full service but I'm guessing a it's around the £170 mark? Is it worth looking about or am I looking at spending around that mark anyway? Thanks
  12. 1st year service ST3

    How much have people paid for there 1st year service on there ST? Slightly long story but I had £50 Ford credit after issues with my stereo unit last year. I had one quote of £141.16 from my local dealer and another of £181.10 from near my work place (who dropped there quote to £145 without paint inspection to match my local). Went with my local and after I went to collect the car this afternoon the service agent was going to charge me £145 inclusive of my £50 Ford credit. I had to push to get them to give me the earlier quoted price (which can't have been too cheap if I had a second dealer match it) and then take my £50 credit off of that price. Damn stealers!!
  13. Hi All Am new here, so please be kind. My 6 year old focus zetec 1.6TDi came up with an Enging Malfunction in the centre section of the dash where the mileage is normally displayed so I pulled over called the AA and they diagnosed the issue as being: P2458 DPF Regen duration too high P242F DPF pressure too high It had two others thay he was able to clear. I was booked into Trust Ford Hounslow for a service the next day (please don't rib me about going to a dealer with a 6 year old car - I've had it loads :-( ), so the AA guy followed me the three miles there. So I told them check the errors first before the service, but when they called me later in the day they said they had already done the service and they recomended replacing the DPF but I could try adding the fluid and then a forced regen for £634. Or approx £1500 to replace the DPF along with the fluid. Very unimpressed that they did a service first on a car with issues that came in with an AA van behind it, but on asking for the area managers name the service guy said he would hold off on the service charge until I decided on a repair and could come and collect my car only paying the £65 charge for diagnosis. When I went to collect it he talked to me at length about the pricing but still not 100% on actual quotes. They also said I might want to think of not buying a diesel car next time if I only do short journey, at the time of purchase we were doing long drives. So wanting a second opinion I decided to take my car home, someone drove it round to the front. Got in it and the NO BRAKES!!! Almost rolled into the traffic! Went back in got another service guy to confirm there are no brakes. Recieved a call this morning and the brakes have been fixed as a pipe had come loose or not been put back properly. So my car went in with the DPF codes above and has got worse: Still has Engine Malfunction warning Now has the Yellow Engine warning light is now onOh and only on trying to collect my car did I find a fluid top up is scheduled for this service but wasn't told about it when booking through Trust Ford's central booking line. Sorry this is so long but I guess my question is: What are my options if the Garage has made my car worse by doing a service? Is it safe to drive? Are these the only options around the DPF?The car is only worth £4.5k so am bit reluctant to spend £1.5k for recon DPF, £300 on the service and an additional £300 on the bushes that have also gone - which they replaced three years ago under warranty. My wife is very upset as she has brand loyalty as her father worked for Ford for many years (passing away whilst still working there) and her brother also worked there.
  14. Hi, It's that time of the year when my car is coming up to its first year service. Clearly wanting to get it done at a Ford dealer, however not sure on service costs. Can anyone share some figures that I should be aiming for when getting quotes?
  15. Hey all, new member here but I've been hanging around a while. I've just purchased a 2005 1.8Tdci Mk2 Focus Titanium. In lovely condition all round for the milage (121k) especially inside, full service history, and didnt cost too much either. I'm just wondering what parts I should service / replace myself now, and any additions you all would recommend. I've already replaced the glow plugs as they were rather blackened and reluctant to heat up, replaced the air filter, and fitted the mist washer jets. What else should I look out for under the bonnet? Obviously the 125k service will be coming up where a fair amount will need to be checked, I just want to be on top of everything before that comes around so I dont get any nasty suprises. I've also heard very good things about the remap on the 1.8Tdci, is that still recommended for an engine with this amount of miles? Thanks for your time!
  16. When Is My Service Due?

    Hi All, Hope you can help! I recently bought a 61 plate Fiesta 1.4 Diesel, I've never had a car worth servicing before so I'm a total novice in this area. I looked at the discussion board but coudln't find the answer anywhere. I've looked up the service schedule and I understand that its every year or every 12,500 miles, whicheer is first. I bought the car in February last year at which point it was two years old and had done 9,000 miles (give or take 500 miles). It has two stamps in its service book, each for the yearly service. I do considerably more miles that the previous owner, so 7 months later it has now done 22,000 miles in total. According to the service schedule the third service is at 37,500 miles or 3 years. This would suggest that my next service will be some time in march next year. However, I have now done over 12,500 miles since the last service meaning that the car should be due a service. The question: Is my car due a service now or is it due one at 3years/37,500 miles? Any help would be massively appreciated. Cheers
  17. Personal Service Records??

    just serviced my car at home myself and I made up a service reminder window sticker which got me thinking..... Does anybody keep any kind of personal service record for their car when they do any work or services? I really like the way that the ford dealers give you the paper work of what was done after a service and its all nice and neat (except when you see the price ££££ lol!) . I used to just note down on a piece of paper what wok i did and the date for my old fiesta and escorts in the 1990's but now I have made a folder to keep any receipts of work or parts bought and have printed off from ford etis the service schedule , as well as that i have made a paint and body check sheet and a visual health check sheet just to keep all tidy and so that i came refer to it to check what I i did when i did it. I have also dome the same for my brothers car and my father in laws car as its myself who services them so it helps me keep track of what was done. so does anyone keep any personal service records and if so how do you organize them ect? also just for the sake of it whats the oldest record you have or whats the first bit of work you ever did on any ford? Mines was a wheel change on a 1988 escort lol!
  18. Hi I had a brows through the forum but could not find a subject relating to the vastly different service costs when looking around to service my two Fords. Firstly this topic concerns only Ford Garages, not independent garages. I recently had my wife's Fiesta 1.4 diesel booked into the local garage for its major service I was quoted a price which I thought was a bit steep. I phoned around other Ford garages in the area and was amazed that I could get the same service done for £90 less. I went back to the original Ford garage who has serviced my Fords in the past. only to have the service manager say that he would match the lower price and give me the service at £90 less than I had been quoted originally??? As a side note during this visit the customer in front of me was arguing about the cost of his service. The Service manager did explain that their garage charged £100/HR labour and hinted that the other garages were probably charging less. I consider £100 /Hour excessive in the extreme as the mechanics are probably paid less than £15 /Hr. I know they are in business to make money but this seem outrageous. I have just within the last two weeks picked up my new car, a Mondeo Business Edition estate from Arnold Clark in Newcastle I mentioned the cost of servicing in my local garage and he looked at me as if I had two heads and gave me their service plan leaflet which gives a price which is half of which I am paying in the South of England. He could not understand how they get away with charging so much, and neither can I. Lastly why is it that whatever Ford garage you go to they charge you more for a service for a car which is less than 42 months old? OK comments please don't forget that this is only Ford dealers and there is two services normal and major service for it would seem up to 1800cc, 1801 to 2500cc, and 2501cc and above. My cars are diesel. It would be nice to build a picture or map of what Ford garages are working with a fair price structure and which garages are fleecing their customers. I think if all the Ford owners had this information you would see a migration away from the more expensive garages. Perhaps the Club site could provide a page indicating service prices at Ford dealers in the UK fed from the data provided by service receipts given by club members. What's your view. Thanks for reading my drip. Jumper
  19. ok i have posted a few topics on best oil and best spark plugs but this got me thinking on the ford focus mk2.5 1.6 zetec petrol when doing a service is it best to use genuine ford parts for: -air filter -oil filter -cabin filter or does it not really matter about these as they are just filters and one should be as good as another and whatever your local auto shop stocks will do just as good. of topic a little can anyone recommend good spark plugs for the above car? Im looking at NGK or Bosh maybe but not sure what ones to get for best performance in engine. The ones that are in it i think are ford as they are just blank labeled. Thanks
  20. just wondering whats the best oil to get the smoothest running engine on the ford 1.6 zetec castrol magnatec 5w30 or the ford formual f 5w30? also is this castrol magnatec any good or is it just a sales ploy and is the ford formula f the best oil for the focus? i like the idea of the partcles in it sticking to the engine parts for quiet running and protection on cold starts but does it actually work or as i day just another sales ploy??
  21. Hi, new to the club, just bought my first Ford today! A 2003 Fiesta 1.4. Quick question about servicing, it has stamps up to 50,000 miles at the end of 2011, and I've bought it on 69,000. I want to take it for a full service just to make sure everything is OK with it, has anyone got any experience with Fiesta's of this age going for services? Just so I can get a rough idea of costs and if there are any common problem areas. I've seen quotes for around £150 but don't want to get a nasty shock if there's something totally wrong with it, so I'm kind of worried to actually get one done. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
  22. Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know what's happened to my 13 Plate ZS. on the 1st April was driving back home in traffic, then I couldn't get the car into gear any more. I drove back home in second gear, and things just got even worse. The car was struggling to start because the clutch wasn't engaging properly, Called my local ford and they advised me to call ford assist this was around 4:30pm. Ford assist said it could be up to 2 hours for someone to come and take the car by which then my local ford will be closed. I decided to drive the car in second gear to my ford garage(Thank you long gear ratios!) Took it too ford, one of the guys drove it and said he also thought it was the clutch. At the this point I was very annoyed because I had previously mentioned to ford that the clutch on this car is giving me problems and I think its faulty, back then ford assured me that there is nothing with the clutch and having said that after a few weeks I broke down because the car wouldn't get out of reverse gear, AA guy came and managed to get it out and gave me a report saying ford needs to investigate gearbox! Took it too ford next day, and they said they cant find anything wrong with it, and that they can't investigate the gearbox because the problem wasn't there at the time. I hoped it was a one off and left it. The car has been with my local ford for the past 12 days and a series of events took place. The guys there said that if it was the clutch then I would have to pay for it. I said to them I will not pay for a new clutch on the car because I've had it for less than 6 months and the car has done 15k in total. We ended on them saying lets see what the problem is first. I phoned them up a few days after and they said that they need to get approval from ford to open up the gearbox. after a few days I phoned again they told me that the clutch on the car has failed but they have no idea why! They also said that they phone Main ford and they agreed to pay for the new clutch because they don't know why it failed. They said we are now waiting on parts to arrive and it shouldn't take any longer then 2-3 working days, this was on the Tuesday 8th April. I phoned them Yesterday and they said they are still waiting on parts which are expected to arrive by Wednesday/Thursday and the car should be ready by Friday 18th April. I was very shocked to hear how long it will take to receive a clutch. Very sorry if the story had dragged but overall I just wanted to say that I've personally never seen such bad service from a local ford garage. In total I would be without my car for 18 days and that's if I get it back on Friday. I personally think if I was paying for it myself they would of had it done the next day. What do you guys think about the whole situation? Many Thanks Noor
  23. OK I'm getting new Axel stands as my old pin ones has had their day. Now I see the rachet type ones and was thinking of getting this type instead of the pin ones. The focus is around 1600kg I think so if I'm right that's about 1.6 tonne , so 2 or 3 tonnes axel stands would be OK to use on the focus. I'm looking Just some advice before I buy. Are the rachet type axel stands safe as the old pin type ones or safer? Wud u trust them OK when under the car? I was also looking at car service ramps. What's anyone's opinion on these. Also what's the best ones to get and has anyone made homemade ramps? Thanks.
  24. Hi Could some of you please help!! I have asked a garaage to quote me for the following: Service, Air con service, and to check if there is a problem with water ingress and this is the quote he came back with: the price for the service on your car is £199.99 that is for a full service which includes engine oil & filterair filter spark plugs if not platinum & engine flush.The aircon service is £49.00 & to look at your water ingress is separate which would be £96.00inc. Is this reasonable? Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in central london. I bought the car second hand and its 10 years old and looked after very well. it has about 56k of milage (1.6 Automatic ford focus) Thanks in advance.