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Found 37 results

  1. Hi all, First of all i have already posted this in Audio and Electronics but have had no responses yet, so sorry for the repost. I am thinking about swapping out the head unit to something with a bit more punch and clarity (if this is possible). With the stock audio system, the audio gets very distorted on higher volumes when using the aux (i don't listen to the radio). Also the built in aux port has alot of wear and can cut out depending on how i position the 3.5mm jack. My insurer (co-op young drivers) said swapping out the head unit doesn't count as a modification, only if i add an amp or change the speakers is it then considered a vehicle mod. So i want to swap out the existing Ford 6000 CD to something a bit better, which includes Bluetooth and a USB port for charging. Will changing the head unit to something more premium improve the audio clarity and volume? Any suggestions? I found that the 6000 cd outputs 20w per channel after some googling. Do you think it is worth my time upgrading the head unit? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Thanks (My car: Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.25 2008)
  2. In case anyone doesn't know, Ford offer speaker upgrades which can be fitted at Ford dealers http://www.ford-accessories.co.uk/fiesta/2012/infotainment/audio?intcmp=other:acc:pdp:prod-list-view::select-product-group# I'm just wondering if anyone has had either the sub or speaker upgrade installed in Northern Ireland. If so, which dealer did it and would you mind sharing how much it was in total? I'm interested in having the sub (and potentially speakers) installed in my 2013 Fiesta Zetec S Ecoboost. I previously rang up Boucher road/Mallusk (can't remember which) in Belfast/Newtownabbey. They initially told me they don't offer speaker upgrades, and only checked after I explained that it is advertised on the Ford accessories website. They weren't able to give me an estimate of how much it would cost to install. Presumably they haven't done it before, and in the end I didn't bother as they didn't inspire me with any confidence and were generally unhelpful.
  3. Rear speakers dead

    Focus C-Max 2006. Owned for a couple of years now, and the rear speakers have never worked - I assumed they were just missing due to a low spec car. But I took the door card off last week and found a speaker there (with wiring as an added bonus too!). So I assumed there was a problem at the head unit ... just managed to get the CD6000 out (a task in itself) but all the wiring shown in the Haynes manual to the rear speakers is present and correct (Gy, Wh, Gy/Wh and Wh/Vt). Reading elsewhere I wonder if the rears have blown, but of course I didn't check the impedance while the door card was off ... I just assumed since both were dead it was something more systemic than both of them having just broken. Any suggestions? Is my next step to get the door card off again and test there or is there something else to try first?
  4. Hi, I own a 2000 Reg Fiesta and i'm looking to upgrade the sound system. I've done some reading and it seems this is harder than initially anticipated. Firstly is this possible with the current wiring I have in the speakers? Do I need to change the wiring or increase the power output to the speakers? I am only looking for entry level speakers for the fiesta such as these: https://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-focal-130as_p-32021.htm but I am also open to suggestion if someone could recommend some. I will only need to upgrade the passenger side and driver side of the front seats as these are the only ones with speakers in them. The fiesta also has speakers by the door handles as well which may need upgrading if possible? If someone could provide some general advise that would be great... is this upgrade possible at a relatively low cost? (max £250 inc speaker price) Thanks.
  5. Hello peoples of the Ford Owners Club! I have a 2009 Focus Zetec and I'm keen to upgrade the stock audio system. My wants are only to add some subs (underseat - gotta save that boot space) and some new front door speakers. After some deliberation with many audio fitters I've been told that the Focus is incapable of housing an underseat subwoofer due to the limited space. It seems the Kenwood subs (links below) are the thinnest around (70mm) and they still catch on the seat when it moves. Now feel free to absolutely roast me but I have to ask: Is there anything wrong with placing it sideways with velcro (as per) onto the air vents under the seat. Not blocking the vents themselves of course, just resting on top. The cardboard model I made seems to fit fine and with room at the sides for the cabling. Before I buy two subwoofers though it would be good to know if this is a terrible idea first of all. Anyone else with similar upgrade experience to the focus? Any help would be much appreciated. :) Michael https://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-kenwood-ksc-sw11_p-31239.htm https://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-kenwood-ksc-sw01_p-25624.htm
  6. Aftermarket Headunits?

    Hi dont know if there is a thread on here about this but i want to change my head unit. Has anybody fitted one and got any pictures of it. ideally looking for a double din touch screen but haven't looked in depth as such just had a quick look. i will most likly replace the speakers afterwards depending on the amp in the headunit. Thanks in advance Mitch
  7. Hi gang, I recently went about replacing my stock front speakers in my MK2 (Pre-facelift) as they had both blown, with great success: Finally Have Working Speakers! I then decided to see what was happening in the rear (I know what you're thinking), and discovered that there were no speakers or wiring. Off I go to Halfords and pick up some lovely FLI 5x7 Coaxial speakers, bulb connectors, blade connectors and 8m of speaker cable. Several hours later and everything is sorted, all speakers working perfectly, and as far as I was concerned, wired and connected up "perfectly", happy chappy. So today I head off to work and after about 25 minutes all sound cuts out, when I park up, only the right front speaker was working and it sounded like a whisper at max volume. After work I checked the fuse, which was undamaged, hopped back in the car, plugged in the radio code and hey presto! Everything was working fine again! But pride comes before a fall, as after 20 minutes down the road, everything bar that right front speaker was out cold like Jose Aldo. I've run a few checks over the head unit and wires with a multi-meter, but I'm no pro, so I have no idea what I'm looking for. Has anyone had this issue before? Or any suggestions for how to fix it? Thanks in advance, Sam
  8. So after almost two years of having no sound in my Focus, I finally bit the bullet and decided to have a crack at getting the audio issues sorted! Initially I had a mobile auto electrician diagnose the vehicle and he decided the stock speakers were blown, so I took it upon my self to fit some new ones! I purchased a set of 6.5" coaxials from Amazon for £17 and set to taking the door card off. I drilled out the rivets hold the old cones in place, sawed off the old speakers and got the gorilla glue handy to reuse the old housing. After this dried I rewired the speakers, using the existing component lead and reattached to the door, a quick test and, success!! We have sound!! Pop riveted the housing back in, whacked the door card back on and, with less than 1mm clearance, the speakers sit perfectly!. Coupled with my new bluetooth/fm receiver I can blare the tunes once more! Small job, but proud all the same!
  9. MK1 sound system

    Hello everyone I recently purchased a 2003 ford focus mk1 and I'm looking at upgrading the sound system in it (This is partly due to one of the speakers sounding horrible) Im thinking of picking up a 750w sub and some 6x8 500w speakers for the front. I read on another post that a new alternator would be needed otherwise the lights will dim with the stress of it all. I was just wondering if anyone has done something similar to this and is able to recommend one which would suit my needs. Many Thanks!
  10. I really want to improve the overall sound quality in my current Ford Fiesta 14 plate but not sure what's the best way to do it? Can I buy certain upgrade kits? Should I just buy new speakers and a sub or do I need to replace the stereo as well? Can't seem to find an awful lot online but maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing... any help is appreciated guys! 👊🏻
  11. Fez Boot Build?

    Hey guys so I'm thinking of making a boot build for my fiesta Zetec s and was just wondering if anyone has done it already as any pics for inspiration will be appreciated, I'm thinking of taking the spare wheel out and putting a sub in and line the boot with red LED strips and a Perspex sheet to cover the amp. As stated, any help, advice or pictures are very welcome! Thanks guys
  12. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I own a 2003 MK6 Fiesta Zetec which I fitted a Parrot MK1900i bluetooth system to the car. I use the bluetooth system for all my calls and for playing my audio making my Ford 4500 radio completely redundant. Anyway, i want to upgrade my stock speakers however i've been advised that in doing so i will have to upgrade my head unit. I'd rather not do this because it wouldn't get used and would overall be a waste of money. I was wondering whether theres a way i can upgrade the speakers and possibly install a subwoofer without changing the stock radio? Any help would be appreciated, thanks smokecal
  13. Hi all, Need some help, I have a all new mondeo 2015 and want to put a amp/sub in, it does not have RCA output so was thinking in line adaptor, speakers to RCA, however, as it is a new car I am struggling to find any wiring diagrams for the speaker side of things, can anyone help with trying to identify the speaker wires please, I have attached a picture of what I am faced with. Thank you for any help you may be able to give.
  14. Speakers

    Hey guys and gals, im a fairly new ford owner and am looking to change the speakers in my driver and passenger side doors on my 2010 fiesta zetec. Just wondered if there are any factors I need to take into account regarding size, model etc... Thanks!
  15. Hi all. Just wanted to document and put a few pictures of the audio upgrade that I am planning for my wife's 2006 Seat Leon 1.6 R (petrol) MK2 audio system. I recently upgraded my own head unit in my Focus to the AVH-X8700BT and the previous unit, Pioneer AVH-X2500BT was not going to be used. Rather than sell it on, I decided to install it in my wife's car as she didn't have bluetooth, aux in etc. She's not overly concerned with sound quality unlike myself and would need more the functionality of handsfree bluetooth calling and music streaming. I plan on doing the upgrades step wise like I did in my own car. Phase one: Head unit upgrade with all wiring, fascia, adaptor, mic etc wires in. I think this will make the most noticeable impact in functionality and sound improvement. I have acquired most of the parts and only one needed to be picked up later on is a 3.5mm 1.8m Aux cable, just in case it's required down the line. 1. Fascia, ISO loom and stereo removal keys bought from Ebay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171470784318?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT 2. Headunit, wiring, USB extender, Mic, fascia surround, cage and stereo removal keys.
  16. Hello All. So after picking up my MK7 the other weak I have only now realised that the speakers are blown and produce a horrible crackling noise when turned up. I spoke to my local garage anf they offered to fit replacement speakers but advised after market speakers due to my age and to prevent them just blowing again. I have read through some forums and know that I will have to fir an additional bracket myself - which I am hoping isn't too much trouble. However the main problem is I do not know what speakers to purchase, or ones that will even fir my MK7! Please could you guys advise some speakers that will fit and are of good sound quality.
  17. Not that happy with the sound quality of my MK3 Zetec Focus(6 speaker) so looking into some simple improvements. The head unit is fine but the speakers are not especially the rear. Don’t want to spend a lot of money and not really looking in a very load system but anything better that the stock speakers will do! 1. Is the power output from the unit all same or is the rear power lowered? 2. Are all 4 speakers 6.5”? 3. Starting by replacing the rear speakers, will theses improve the quality? http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/kenwood-kfc-e1765 4. Any suggestions welcome!! Thanks in advance.
  18. Focus Mk2.5 2008 Reg Speakers

    Hi all! My drivers side speaker appears to be blown or loose as it rattles with high volume / bass. I love my music and this is obviously very annoying. Planning on upgrading the stereo to a double din touch screen GPS bluetooth thingy from eBay in the coming months but would also like to sort the speakers out and upgrade them, or at the very least - fix the rattling! What speakers are used in the Mk2.5 Titanium Focus front door cards and rear too please? And does anyone know what the exact make and model speakers are standard in the Titanium? As the others are pretty good... Thanks muchly.
  19. pioneer active sub

    Im after ordering a active sub pioneer wx110a for my fiesta mk7. Whats the difference if i order it from fordparts uk or ebay apart from its cheaper on ebay. Do i get some sort of fordspecial fitting kit if i buy direct.
  20. Hi there, I bought a 2005 Mk II Ford Focus not long ago and I have just realised that the only speakers that are working are the one in the front passenger seat door and the two little speakers above the dashboard. That leaves the driver door speaker, and the two rear door speakers not working. I pulled the radio out and had a quick look in the back and it looks like everything is connected properly... I have also checked that the balance is not set to 0 so I dont think it is the radio settings. Any advice as to what I should do next?? Seems unlikely to me that all three connections are loose at the speaker end...
  21. hello, i have owned my 2014 ford focus zetec navigator for a little over 6 months now and it has been great ill say this now yes i a am a younger driver however i am not a boy racer only reason i own a car is to get to festivals and general day to day journeys, however back to my problem over the last few weeks the audio played via my usb connected ipod has every so often cut out for a second or so and then continued playing, knowing how reliable apples cables are that was the first thing to be replaced, this seemed to work for a day or so (maybe i just subconsciously ignored it) however upon driving home from work today listening to the same device the speakers in the front left side of the vehicle changed, this change is not one that i know how to describe other than someone dragging their nails down a chalk board in a school (altogether not a very pleasant sound), now my immediate guess is that i have got a damaged speaker through either my own fault or due to it getting wet with windows/doors open. if this is the case any advice on how to go about changing the speakers as have not got a clue when it comes to anything electrical other than computers.. thank you in advance for any help given
  22. Sub Installation

    Hi I'm trying to install a sub in my fiesta mk7.5, I've got everything in and working except for the RCAs, I'm trying to find a way to connect them to the door speakers preferably without removing the head unit, any ideas ?
  23. Ford Focus Speakers

    Hi I'm pretty new to this, I've recently purchased a Ford Focus lx 2006 and its truley amazing! However, I've noticed that when I turn the volume up over 20 the whole left side speakers stop working and when I turn it back under 20 they're fine? Any suggestion greatly appreciated :)
  24. Hi there! I am using my phone so I will apologise In advance if my grammar is appalling. I am a complete novice when it comes to speakers and would like to find a nice upgrade for my standard front speakers in my car. I don't nessasarily want to pay loads of money for some but would like to get some that are better than the stock ones. Could I get some recommendations from you guys or, perhaps get some information on what size speakers I need and what to go for. Thanks for the help
  25. Hello Can anyone help me on tips with how To run a amplifier power cable To The Battery On a 2009 Focus? Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Chris