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Found 13 results

  1. Speed limiter!

    Have you tried the speed limiter? Tried it today in Norfolk it works well with the speed limit camera. Just press the limit button set a speed and as you pass the speed limit signs it resets the max speed you can drive at, also good for fuel consumption. But I suspect rather frustrating for any body following you in a hurry!
  2. Fiesta 1.4 TDCI VIBRATION

    Hi all, I am new to this forum so hi to all and I am hoping I can find an answer to my problem. i have a 1.4 fiesta tdci 05 reg, it's done 164,000 miles without a problem till now. The clutch went about 3 weeks ago, so had a new one fitted and since then I have a vibration that starts in fifth gear engine underload going up hill at around 1800 rpm /50 mph with light throttle it feels like the engine is shaking loose? Had it back to the garage they have looked at many things and couldn't find anything wrong. So after much debate they decided to change the clutch again in case it was a fault on that they checked the flywheel which is perfect, rebuilt it and it's exactly the same. They say there is some end float in the crank shaft which may be causing it?? And have advised I could need a new engine?? The car drives faultlessly in all other gears and conditions and if you accelerate through it it goes? There's no nasty knocks or rattles from the engine it is sweet. Has anyone experienced this before?? Any help greatly appreciated as it's becoming annoying now and hate the thought of an engine change. Thanks in advance. Dave.
  3. Newbee

    Hi all! After buying my second ford I can't belive I haven't come across this forum! I've currently had my Fiesta Titanium (1.4) since Febuary and had it recently in the garrage for a broken lower ball joint. So I had my OH's BMW, now i've got my car back, the power really just isn't cutting it for me anymore. Especially as my brother has an ST i'm feeling a bit left out 😂 Is there any way I can revamp it and make it more alive or perk it up a bit? Remap? Or what? suggestions please! Or its going in the bin and i'll steal the BM when he gets his new car!
  4. loss of grip

    Hi guys, recently (past 1 month) I have notices that my front tyres (mainly the front right) seems to be slipping when I take corners at high speed or hard turning round roundabouts. I have also noticed if I am going 2-5 MPH in traffic and build up some room in front of me and put the foot down the car starts to pull to the right. I have a ford fiesta zetec s 15 plate with 17" alloys and low profile tyres. I have already had a few issue with tyres going flat really fast and losing pressure (they have no punctures just getting low kinda fast every few weeks I see myself getting them back up to the recommended pressure as it drops 2-3 PSI. The back tyres never give me problems just the front and the right on is the worse. Any ideas if its just me being to heavy handed with turning and a bit to fast or if its a potential issue. Cheers,
  5. Scotland Car Meet!

    Hi guys, I was wondering if their are any car meets going in Scotland anytime soon? just want to go for a good drive. anyone know any good roads in Scotland? Cheers, Adam
  6. Hi Folks .... I drive a 2003 Mondeo Zetec Estate 2.0 TDCI. It has fitted to it (not by me) non standard wheels with 225/45 ZR17 91Y tyres. Any thoughts on what pressures I should be running these on?? I have a 1,500 mile trip coming up and thought it would be good to ask!! Thanks Dave
  7. Hello, Just picked up my my 2010 Focus MK2.5 1.8 Zetec with Sport Pack. Loving it so far, but only done about 150 miles. Has anyone done a modification to the needle pointers in the dashboard. I am looking to change the colour of the needle pointers from the default red to mabe a blue from the 2012 focus for example. images of both attached. I look forward to a reply and becoming a part of this community :) Thanks in advance Harry Ford Kuga dials are identical to my focus, just just so you see what i mean. And the new 2012 focus dials:
  8. Well, we have had the 70mph motorway speed limit since 1968, cars have changed a lot since then, and 70mph is a very slow speed, 47 years later, for a modern car But - what do you consider fast? and what would be regarded a quick 0-60mph? off road, of course!
  9. Speed sensor cuts out intermittently I've got a 2003 Ford Fiesta LX 16V 1242cc 3rd hatchback (Non ABS) While im driving the speedo cuts out. Sometimes for a few seconds then back on again, Sometimes for 5-10 minutes then back on again. Every other dial including the revs are fine and stay working. Don't have any loss of power as some people have described. I've come to look at it this weekend, and as some people say, get to it via taking out the battery tray. So took battery out, battery tray out, battery tray support bracket out and now im struggling to find what im looking for Ive read and it says in the haynes manual that its mounted on top of the transmission, above the left hand driveshaft But i can't find anywhere online a picture showing you what or where it actually is I've took a few pics myself of what i think it might be and was wondering if anyone could help me figure out as to what or where it is. Some pics below http://i.imgur.com/abBHJGV.jpg On this pic it's basically right in the centre of the pic just off where the flash is focusing http://i.imgur.com/oVTJVwJ.jpg On this pic it's the thing with a white top and what looks like purple plastic http://i.imgur.com/GfxSBpr.jpg On this pic it's what looks like it's been chewed by a rat with tape wrapped around it OR is it neither of these? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all. So basically Iv just bought a new (old) car also being my third car within the last year but of course as it was cheap £999 it came with some problems. The car is a ford focus 1.6 lx (2000) and here come the problems; 1. The gear stick spring had snapped so was a wee bit floppy - easy enough to fix thanks to a great guide on this forum. 2. My speedo dropped out while driving, which was odd. And then mileage just kind of flat lined. But then after a while they came back. Iv been reading up and could possibly be the speed sensor?!? 3. The car is very juddery when for example I am in third and come to a round about, I slow down to prepare to stop but don't need to so I have slowed right down but accelerate again in third, but the car seems to hold back the power and put up a fight by knocking me back and forth a little. Maybe a slight misfire?! 4. (This isn't so much a problem, just a question) when I stop day for example at lights. The car seems to vibrate a fair bit, almost as if I'm revving a little, but the rev gauge doesn't move so it isn't revving. Is this normal? Thanks for taking the time to read this guys and I look forward to your responses Cheers Dan
  11. Well I Laughed !

    Not long been out in the car , as the car is fitted with the Driver Assist pack . Part of that pack is "Speed Signs" , that display on the centre cluster as you drive past them and fade out, they flash if you go over a chosen speed above those speed limits. Pretty good really and clever. Lmao Well turning the corner at the top of my road , it glitched and threw up a sign "90MPH" , now would i legally be able to say " Well the car said it was alright to do 90Mph" :), would be funny though .
  12. I'm new to the forum (never asked for help with a car online before!) and hoping for some advice, or for info from someone who may have experienced this problem. Last week, I bought a 1999 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec. My dad had given it the once over, took it for a test run and (with it having a full MOT) everything seemed fine. I drove it round town for a few days, everything seemed lovely. Having not had a Fiesta before, I really enjoyed driving it. However, the first time I took it above 40mph on a dual carriageway, I noticed a major problem. In fourth/fifth gear, trying to get above 45mph, the car starts to judder in a rather scary way and sounds as though the engine is getting ready to blow up. It really struggles in 5th gear, and both dad and I struggled to get it above 50mph. Driving normally around town (as I usually do) everything seems fine, it's a dream to drive. What could be wrong with it? Dad at first wondered if it was something to do with the drive shaft, now wondering if gearbox may be the problem? Had gearbox fluids checked already; it could do with a service and we don't know when the timing belt was last changed so planned to do these jobs as soon as I bought it. I really do like the car, but have such a tight budget, basically used all the saving I had to get the car in the first place, and shopped around for weeks to make sure I'd got a car which wouldn't need any expensive work doing straight away. If anyone has a good idea of what could be wrong, it will help me figure out whether to try and return it (bought from a small-time local dealer) or whether it could be easily fixed. TBH, I'm a bit gutted as I do really like the car. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.