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Found 57 results

  1. ST springs on a 1.0 Ecoboost

    Hi, has anyone fitted ST OEM springs to a 1.0 Ecoboost? Seems like an economical upgrade, without lowering the car too much. Thanks.
  2. Grinding & stiff PAS

    I have recently had a flush and refill done on my 2008 mk 6 Fiesta's power steering since the fluid was black and the steering felt very stiff; it now feels more responsive but it didn't fully get rid of problems I'm experiencing. When dry steering towards full left lock it starts to grind also when turning a sharp left at low speeds. The steering also still feels stiff just off centre at speed and under breaking. I'm sure I sometimes hear a knock over speed bumps but it never happens when I listen for it. I think this started after I had to smash my wheel into a curb when a woman in a Dacia pulled out on my invisible black car with inches to spare. There doesn't seem to be any abnormal noises coming from the PAS pump or the belt; I have also considered the CV joint but from where I can see the CV boot looks fine. Is this suspension/wheel bearing related?
  3. So, I recently underwent a build on my 2015 Fiesta ST. It's now pushing around 250bhp with all the necessary parts. I've had some issues with the front right tyre being gouged by the wheel arch (since sorted). Strange it only happened on the drivers side though... The real thing worrying me is that whenever I put my foot flat in first and second gear I get a grinding/crunching feel through the gas pedal. Originally I thought this was where the arch was rubbing but it hasn't gone away since raising the suspension. My garage assures me this is normal, and is just due to fact there's a lot more torque going through the wheels now. Has anyone else experienced this? I'd rather check and be safe before doing some damage. Thanks, Nathan.
  4. First time posting and looking for some info! I recently purchased some h&r lowering springs for my 1.25 preface fiesta. A friend has offered to fit them but has asked me if im going to need/have modified links. Hes said that for something around 30mm it should be fine but im dropping mine 50mm and so he isnt sure. Am i going to need some or will it be a straight swap with my current springs? any help is appreciated!:)
  5. Hi, I want to lower my car but I don't know weather to buy Eibach or H&R lowering springs? I only want to lower the car by about 30-35mm and I can buy either and have them fitted for almost the same cost. Anyone got either of these on their 1.0 Fiesta and can share their experiences or thoughts? Many thanks, Tom :)
  6. Hi guys, first post here. So I just brought a 2009 fiesta style+ and judging by the previous MOT it needs new 2 new rear springs due to corrosion. Now I've come across Fiesta ST springs from a mk7.5 2015 model that were very reasonably priced and have a few questions since I'm a total newbie at these kinda things: Are the springs compatible with my current suspension? Will they fit without too much hassle? What will they do to the ride height of my car? The ST line are obviously lowered from factory, but from what I understand they're stiffer and designed to handle the larger weight of the engine in the ST, whereas mine has a lighter 1.25 petrol engine, so could it possibly ride higher at the front than the back? Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Crunching Suspension

    Recently became the owner of a 65 plate fiesta ST, the first couple of months were brill but recently I've noticed a large crunching coming from the rear drivers side suspension, no my gut tells me shock absorber but I was wondering if anyone has had the same issue and if so was it easy/costly to fix? It's not a constant noise, only heard it maybe three times. Taking it into ford for a service in about a month and a half, should I take it in now or will it be alright until then? Thanks in Advance
  8. Can anyone settle and argument? Is the component a front anti roll bar or front ball joint? Also does it look like it needs to be replaced? It's so I know what to get.bottom end top end Thanks in advance Craig
  9. Best aftermarket website

    New to this site so hi everyone. Been looking through the posts and can't find what I'm after so this is the reason for this. I'm looking for a website or brand what basically will cover most parts of the fiesta mk7 2010, I'm just looking at improving all parts including suspension(drop links, anti roll bars, ball joints etc) all components for the brakes. Basically everything except the whole engine and chassis lol, would do a few things to engine but not much as is only a 1.25 zetec. Any help or links would be very much appreciated
  10. Hi, I've got an 03 tdci that is coming up to the big 100 km marker. I was thinking for its struggles I'd do a bit if a suspension overhaul. I've got a knocking from the rear offside corner which is really like to cure and a going shock on the rear nearside. The points for my overhaul so far are: - new shocks and springs all round. - new rear drop links. - maybe have the rear subframe off and undercoat it (I've done the rear subframe bushes already and wished ever since I'd tidied the subframe up then) - rear anti-roll bar bushes So my real question is if I'm spending the time stripping all the rear suspension and some of the front is there anything else worth doing while I have the access?
  11. Mot advisory

    Hi all, took my focus for an MOT on Monday, failed on the handbrake :( now sorted for £30. It also had 2 advisories on the suspension arm rubber bushes, near side and offside. Can I replace just the bushes or do I have to replace the whole arm? Also, it is a job I can do outside my house? (I'm no mechanic but I'm good at following instructions!) the garage quoted me £180 or £60 if I supply the parts. More links and pics the better! Cheers guys.
  12. Mot due, what to check?

    Hi all, when I was looking to buy my car, I noticed on a few of other focus's mot history that theybhad fails and advisories on the front suspension arms and bushes for excessive movement. My mot is due in around 3 weeks. Does anyone have a photo and/brief description for how to check the suspension arms on my drive before I got for the mot. Also, are there any other common fails for these cars? Thanks everyone.
  13. Hi All, I've just got my first car and I have noticed a knocking coming from the front drivers side when I go over big bumps or break very hard it does not knock when I turn the wheel to full lock Left or Right. Is this a common issue or something more sinister my car is a (P Reg - Ford Fiesta 16V Zetec S 5d manual (1997))
  14. I've had a look on the forums and couldn't find what I needed, I have a Fiesta MK6 1.4 petrol and intend to replace the suspension leg and wheel hub assembly on the front driver's side after a curb collision driving over black ice. A general guide on what to do would be very helpful but knowing what tools and size of bolts/nuts would be great before I start! Could I use the brakes I have on now instead of using the ones that came on the new parts or would that be too complicated as I don't really want to deal with brake fluid etc. (as I bought a whole front right corner that came with the brake discs and calipers on the hub) I have experience of removing standard suspension and installing coilovers but on a Corsa B and have recently bought the Fiesta so am rather clueless haha Any help is appreciated guys Thanks Jordan
  15. Hi, I have a squeaky rear shock on my Mondeo mk3 TDCI hatch, it's 13 years old now and got around 80k on the clock so i think it's time it's due a new set of shocks/springs. The front springs both snapped within 3 days of me buying it and the garage i got it from replaced them both for free so i'm looking only to do the rear. I've never worked on suspension before so have a few questions: 1) To change the shock once the strut is removed, do you need spring compressors on the springs before removing the top mount/ when putting the strut back together? 2) What other parts is it work replacing when the rear struts are off? Drop links etc? 3) Any knowledge on good aftermarket springs? finally, 4) Do yo know any good guides of doing this job? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi all, I've got a rear squeaky shock absorber that sits lower than the opposite side when it's jack up. I believe it needs replacing, so i thought while i'm at it i should replace the rear opposite side shock and both the springs as the front two went in Jan (and the cars on 75000 mile). I've been looking into replacement shocks and keep seeing "Not suitable for sports suspension" and i can't seem to find a definate answer it the zetec s has sport suspension. So i've got a few questions: 1) is the suspension on a tdci zetec s standard and will stardard shocks (such as http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251628162712?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT or http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200933191443?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT) fit? 2) I've been reading alot that eibach 40mm lowering springs on standard dampers are a really good upgrade for handling and keep the ride comfort. Anyone tired this/ heard anything different? 3) do you need spring compressors when changing them? It's probably worth mentioning it's a hatchback late 03 reg so it's post face lift. Thanks in advance!
  17. I am looking for a better suspension set up on my Fiesta ST 2013 - Mountune MR230 package installed with billet quick shift as well. Currently I've got it lowered onto a set of H&R Sports Springs - around 35mm lowering - and spaced on Eibach Pro Spacers - total 30mm track width widening front and rear. I am thinking of going over to coil-overs though because the ride is still too jiggly and a large part of that I think is the spring rates and damping set up - the set I'm looking at are BC Racing BR Series Coil-overs - could anyone give me any advice as to the best set-ups they've found? I appreciate any help and advice that comes through!
  18. Hello, Been experiencing suspension issues on my 08 Focus, I was told by the garage that I require a new lower suspension arm. I have been looking online to buy the part and find two different parts for my car. One has a 18mm ball joint and the other has a 22mm? Both say they are for my car but I cannot decide which one I should buy? Any help with this matter would be appreciated. Thanks
  19. Hi guys, wonder if I can pick some people's brains on here. My 2008 Focus 1.8tdci has had some suspension issues recently. At first it was the front passenger suspension creaking/knocking when going over bumps, I had this problem diagnosed as a suspension bearing and had this replaced along with the top mount whilst the job was being done. Problem solved, the noise which I had been hearing has gone away... For about a week, but has now been replaced with a new noise... This time it is a loud bang when I go over a bump with any kind of speed or hit a pot hole. I was told when having the other work done that my shock absorber seemed like it was towards the end of its life (car has 140000 miles) and this makes me think that perhaps the suspension is 'bottoming out'? Or could the new noise relate to the previous work not being done properly? Very annoying scenario as I wish I could go back to the old problem now as this new 'bang' is a lot worse that the old knocking kind of noise. On a side note, I was planning on lowering the car using the Eibach springs and keeping the original shocks, but now this one has failed (possibly) would I be better getting a coilover kit? or replace just the 1 worn shock with an OEM part and then get the springs like I planned? Thanks folks.
  20. Rear Trailing Arm Bush

    Hi, I recently replaced my front control arms on my Ford Focus 2010 1.6 TDCi. I now need to replace the rear trailing arm bushes and was hoping someone in the community could provide me with some 'idiot' proof instructions? I used Haynes for the front of the car but it hasn't been too helpful when working on the rear of the vehicle. I was hoping to replace the rear bushes without removing the whole arm and wondered if anybody had a good method for doing this, preferable without buying a special tool i.e. using a combination of sockets and clamps? Thanks in advance for your help, Stophen.
  21. Hi, I recently replaced my front control arms on my Ford Focus 2010 1.6 TDCi. I now need to replace the rear trailing arm bushes and was hoping someone in the community could provide me with some 'idiot' proof instructions? I used Haynes for the front of the car but it hasn't been too helpful when working on the rear of the vehicle. I was hoping to replace the rear bushes without removing the whole arm and wondered if anybody had a good method for doing this, preferable without buying a special tool i.e. using a combination of sockets and clamps? Thanks in advance for your help, Stophen.
  22. Zetec S ride hide

    Hi, I was hoping someone could do a quick measurement of their Zetec S with original OEM suspension. I'm trying to find out if my Thai made Sport model has the same suspension as the Zetec S, before I go purchasing any expensive components. The measurement I'm after is the front and rear wheel centre to wheel arch (directly above wheel centre) height. My car has about 10,000km on it. Thanks
  23. Hi,I drive a 2014 WZ (Mk 7.5) Fiesta 1.0T Sport, right hand drive, with Powershift transmission (ASEAN specification). Does anyone know if the FSWERKS FORD® FIESTA LOWER FRONT STRESS BAR, SKU: FS036 will fit the 1.0T with Powershift, as I see it advertised on sale for USD 59.95 (http://www.fswerks.com/products/fs036?variant=265257132)?That is significantly cheaper than the equivalent bar from Pierce Motorsports (http://www.fswerks.com/products/fs036?variant=265257132) or Ultra Racing (http://ultraracing.my/ecatalog/index.ph ... lower-bar/).Thanks team
  24. Sport suspension pack

    Hi,I drive a 2014 WZ (Mk 7.5) Fiesta 1.0T Sport 125PS, right hand drive, with Powershift transmission (ASEAN specification). I'm looking at making progressive suspension improvements - currently I've just added a Corksport torsion bar, but I'm revewing other reinforcement bars as well as springs and dampers.I've read lots of great reviews on the US Ford Racing handling pack / performance pack (M-FR3-FA). I understand it is part of the Euro spec Fiesta, as well as being the standard sport suspension fit on the UK Zetec S model. What I haven't been able to work out is if it is standard fit to the ASEAN spec Sport model, or if a different suspension is fitted.I'd welcome if anyone can clarify the above and/or provide a measurement from the wheel centre to the top of the wheel arch (directly above the wheel centre) for a Zetec S or FRPP fitted car.Much appreciated
  25. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help. Both my rear foam bump stops have perished to the point they are now causing noise while driving. One has actually seperted from the plastic dust cover - both are heavily flaked, worn and orange. I have rang my local Quicklane garage and they say that I have to buy the whole rear shock absorber as the bump stops are not seperate on the fiesta. I have tried looking on car part websites to see if the bump stops can be bought and fitted seperately but no such luck unless you believe some ebay listings. The pictures online to buy the rear shocks though only show the absorber without the bump stops and do not mention the foam bump stops in the items description. Can someone confirm if you do have buy the whole shock absober on my fiesta or is thr garage pulling wool over my eyes? The price quoted to replace both rear shocks is £270. Is that about right? thanks in advance! To confirm - I have a 2006 ford fiesta 1.4TDCI. Regards, Craig