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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I own a 2000 Reg Fiesta and i'm looking to upgrade the sound system. I've done some reading and it seems this is harder than initially anticipated. Firstly is this possible with the current wiring I have in the speakers? Do I need to change the wiring or increase the power output to the speakers? I am only looking for entry level speakers for the fiesta such as these: https://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-focal-130as_p-32021.htm but I am also open to suggestion if someone could recommend some. I will only need to upgrade the passenger side and driver side of the front seats as these are the only ones with speakers in them. The fiesta also has speakers by the door handles as well which may need upgrading if possible? If someone could provide some general advise that would be great... is this upgrade possible at a relatively low cost? (max £250 inc speaker price) Thanks.
  2. Pressure In Coolant System

    Hi all, I have recently brought a Ford Focus 1.8TDCi Duratorq 2008. When I came to check the coolant level in the system (cold engine) there was no coolant visible in the expansion tank. When removing the expansion tank cap, the system lets out pressure and the coolant floods back into the expansion bottle through the large hose located at the bottom of the tank. Surely when the engine is cold there should be no pressure in the coolant system? Thanks in advance!
  3. tried to make as short and to the point as possible bare with please 😜 I have been having a few problems with my 06 plate 1.6 focus zetec, the much talked about engine system fault error, usually followed by 'reduced acceleration'. The car was booked in to be diagnosed however i decided to take out the cluster and have a bit of a fiddle which seemed to miraculously cure the problem for about a month! However the fault has returned and seems to be slowly getting worse over the last couple of days until today it showed the error and failed to start full stop for an hour and a half (started after that and drove it home). I'm attempting to take the cluster apart and clean the circuit board with a contact cleaner however I can't seem to access the front of the circuit board as compared to the ones I've seen from researching it is back to front in the casing?? I've read to prize the needles off with a spoon and access it that way however it feels to me like it's going to hurt the internals of it. I've attached a few pictures below, all feed is welcome as I am well and truly stumped 😊 Also the very back part of the plastic casing was caked with a dusty black substance, could this be a cause or something to do with it?
  4. Hi guys! I own a Ford Fiesta from 2014 with 113.000 Km on board. Unfortunately, my original wheels took so much damage from the romanian roads that I had to buy new rims on which I didn't mount the pressure sensors. Of course, this means that I now constantly get the "tyre malfunction" error. Is there a way to disable TPMS? I was thinking to buy an OBD2 interface (http://elm327.ro/blue21) chip and then "somehow" I would disable this from some application. Is this even possible? Did someone already try this? Any advice is much appreciated.
  5. Hello All. So after picking up my MK7 the other weak I have only now realised that the speakers are blown and produce a horrible crackling noise when turned up. I spoke to my local garage anf they offered to fit replacement speakers but advised after market speakers due to my age and to prevent them just blowing again. I have read through some forums and know that I will have to fir an additional bracket myself - which I am hoping isn't too much trouble. However the main problem is I do not know what speakers to purchase, or ones that will even fir my MK7! Please could you guys advise some speakers that will fit and are of good sound quality.
  6. Hey, can anyone recommend which Induction kit/air filter to put on my mk6 fiesta zetec s, it has a full millek exhaust system on it, thanks
  7. Early morning shot

    From the album Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S

    © megsfiestax

  8. Exhaust System Change

    If I bought an ST180 Cat Back exhaust system would it be a straight fit onto my fiesta Zetec S ecoboost 1L ???
  9. Dvd Sat Nav System

    Hi All, I am actually new in this forum. and also a new driver. my first car is ford focus which is old 2005 model. I want to upgrade my system so that built in sat nav, reverse camera, dvd, Bluetooth etc modern facility can get from the car. I know this is old and may be not a wise decision many can say, but as I want to run this car for next couple of years and I thought rather than buying a separate sat nav, why not buy a built in sat nav and others. btw, now I am confused which system I should buy and how they are reliable. I found Erisin ES1131F 7" HD touchscreen. Anybody have any idea about this system ? or any other better system for this car ? I will be very grateful, if you share your experience. thanks in advanced. Zaki
  10. IMG 1226

    From the album Fiesta Zetec 2008

  11. Hello all! I bought myself a 2007 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi just over a month ago now with 94k miles on the clock, and I seem to be having a few problems with it! One day I turned the car on to drive to work and the revs were dipping at idle and when trying to move off I stalled. When I managed to get going, the car was jerking all over the place, revs were going crazy. I took it to a garage which was recommended to me and they disconnected the mass airflow sensor and, although the engine warning light was on and there was a slight loss of power, the car ran fine. After a week I went back to the garage and they replaced the sensor but then the jerking problem came back about half an hour later, so I got my sensor put back to the original one and went to a Ford Specialist garage who said that there was an air leak which I got fixed and they hooked up the airflow sensor again and everything was then fine. They also said there was a fault on the DPF but a good drive in the lower gears would fix it. After all of this, whilst driving around I noticed that the car would sometimes slowly feel like it was losing power over the period of about 3-4 seconds, then would judder every so slightly, but I thought nothing of it apart from that it could be the DPF. I was told to take it down the motorway for a good blast, but being a learner and driving around with my Dad, I couldn't do this! So instead I drove around some dual carriageways in 4th gear at 70mph for a good 30-40 minutes. I also started driving in 3rd at 30mph instead of 4th. The problem seemed to get better until Thursday (a day before my driving test!) when the car went mental again and was jerking all over this place, this time with a knocking noise if I managed to get the revs to about 1800rpm. Black smoke was coming out of the exhaust also. I managed to drive it around the block very carefully and the jerking went away along with all the smoke, so I went to take it for another blast down the dual carriageways, however after about 5 minutes a red light game on with "ENGINE SYSTEMS FAULT", so I pulled over as soon as I could and turned the engine off. 5 minutes later I turned the engine back on to drive home, the error was still showing, there wasn't any jerking but the car had NO power. Moving away from junctions was a very long process and I was at this point getting worried that my turbo had failed or something, but after reading about it, it seemed to have been "limp mode" (which I don't know much about!). I took it to the specialist garage again and they said that my DPF was completely clogged up and they were unable to get the engine above 3000rpm to regenerate it. They suggested having it removed but some quick research showed that it is illegal and my MOT would fail Feb 2014 onwards. They told me that the DPF does cause a lot of people problems but usually only becomes a real issue if you drive around town too much, and/or there is an underlying problem to which they had found some contamination of the mass airflow sensor with oil or something (he didn't go into much detail, they're going to look into it more tomorrow) I was just wondering whether anyone had any ideas/advice on this as I'm unsure what to do. My car is still under warranty, but the private dealer I bought it from wants to take it to his garage for a checkup, and I'm worried that he's just going to apply some temporary fixes so he can get out of the 3 month warranty. Thank-you!! :)
  12. I've just signed up on here so this is my first post. I have a Mk6.5 fiesta and I want a new sound system in it just to make cruising around all the more fun. Anyone got any suggestions of good speakers or subs that I could look into. I was more going towards Kenwood as I already have an idea of the head unit that I want to get (Kenwood DPX-504u) although any suggestions would be appreciated. Not looking at doing any major changes to the car, just the small things that make it nicer to drive. Want to get this sound system upgraded first off and then I might look into making the interior nice so any suggestions of decent mods to make the small details nicer would also be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hi guys I'm new here so hope that I'm posting in the correct forum. I have a Ford Courier (MK3) and that is based on the Fiesta MK5 1.8 TDi diesel engine. I've been having a lot of trouble with it as the engine seems to run hot. The dash light doesn't come on, but the radiator fan comes on quite a bit. Also the engine has been smelling hot. I tried to bleed the system because you can clearly hear air gurgling away in the engine... but have not been able to get the air out. I also noticed that half of the radiator was hot and the other half cold. The coolant in the expansion tank was also cold even though the engine was running at temp. I decided to replace the thermo... just in case that was stuck open/closed and then I replaced the radiator. These helped a bit but the engine was still running hot. It was then I realised that the hoses to and from the expansion tank were cold. I removed the hosed that led from the top of the radiator to the expansion tank and found a restrictor in the hose. A peice of plastic with a tiny hole drilled through it. I discovered the same in the expansion tank overflow hose. I have since removed them and the coolant is now moving through the system unrestricted as it should. Why would anyone do this... what benefit did it have?
  14. Hi all, First time post so go easy on me haha ^_^ Im looking at getting either a zetec s or metal and firstly I'm not sure which one to get. Secondly the car I have now, peugeot 206 (ooooo) I have replaced the head unit, door speakers and have a sub in the back. I was wondering if its worth going for the better stereo in the fiesta? Dont want to fork out £400 extra and end up ripping it out to put a aftermarket head unit in. Whats it like? And does anyone run a sub or speakers off of theirs? Not sure if its worth just keeping the basic one in their and then taking that out when I get it. Any advice would be appreciated! Cheers