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Found 19 results

  1. I have been having problems with what is a common fault on my 2004 1.6 Fusion Auto where it goes into engine fail, fault codes always show either throttle pedal or throttle body. I have changed the pedal and throttle body and over the last year I have been working on the ECU plug. Its so intermittant that it can clear by moving any part. Then next time, takes days to settle down. It could be the ECU but if it is sent off for testing it will no doubt come back as fine. My garage has been advising and they have seen similar before so its just a game of chasing and checking everything. So just before I bite the bullet to replace the ECU I want to check all connectors between the ECU and throttle components. Are there any in line connectors and where are they? Does anyone have a wiring digram that has this level of detail so that I can inspect all connections. Thanks Peter
  2. Hello all, It is my first post here so I'll just point out that I own Ford Fusion 1.4 petrol from 2006. Mileage about 80k. Had some smaller and bigger problems with it but in general I think it is a good car. But recently this "famous yellow exclamation mark in circle" showed up on my dashboard cutting of the power and so on. After checking error codes there was only the one in topics name: P2135 Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch A / B voltage Correlation So if I understand correclty it is something with throttle itself or with throttle pedal and its positions do not match. I am not experiencing any problems with throttle movement like gap in RPM or changing RPM on idle. So I am guessing the throttle pedal has to be changed. Anyone had same problem? Maybe any idea? Thx for help!
  3. Dear all, I'm new to this forum, stumbled on it whilst googling for a solution for my Mk2 1.6 October 2005 Focus. I just bought the car and then when testing it for about 10 minutes I didn't notice this, but the engine hesitates whenever I'm not accelerating or accelerating mildly. when driving on uneven pavements the hesitation is still there but one might not appreciate it is there due to the shaking of the vehicle. This is probably why I didn’t notice it when test driving it. On the way from the (independent) dealer via the motorway I noticed this hesitation immediately. I complained to the dealer and they without hesitation asked for the car back, but I still notice this even after they saying that the problem was the new Bosch sparkplugs they fitted when servicing it. Apparently the problem was fixed with new NGKs This time it did feel like the problem was fixed or at least minimised. But soon after, on the motorway, I noticed the problem again. Back home and looking under the bonnet it looked like they also have replaced the ignition leads as the lettering on them is very white. The coilpack is still the old one. More recently I asked a colleague who is into motor racing to have a look and he drove the car for a couple of miles, immediately feeling the problem. It is ever so subtle most of the time but it is there. However what he noticed was that the hesitation seemed to be always with the accelerator pedal in the same angle or position. Thinking about what he was saying it made sense with what I had been feeling since the beginning. The hesitation doesn’t happen when the pedal is pushed a bit further. This could be the TPS (throttle positioning sensor) he said or the throttle body needing a clean…. I have a cheap OBD tester and checked the throttle position percentage – here is where I have doubts: - When checking the TPS in percentage, it is a fixed value when key is in pos II. Moving the pedal does not change it. Is this normal on this car model? I have had other brands and it moved. - When engine is running the percentage varies with the pedal position. - Idling the percentage is 15.7 to 16.1 - Pressing the pedal ever so gentle it jumps from that value to around 18 to 19%. - If I press just slightly farther the percentage could go up but also down…. Strange yes - If I press even farther it goes up to 20% and holds it steady if I don’t move the foot. - Pressing a bit more makes the % go up through all expected values. Could this be the problems? Or could there be any other component failing? The car is still in warranty so I would appreciate any push into the right direction. Just taking the car back doesn’t seem to be helpful since they might not be looking at the right fault location?!
  4. Hello, I've had a problem with my car (st170) for a while. The engine management light has been on. The only real issue when I drive it, is there's a slight stutter when I accelerate beyond 4K rpm.... I took it to the mechanics and they couldn't pin point exactly what was wrong with it, although it has to do with the throttle flap not opening properly, they had a look at the wire that operates it and there wasn't a problem there. Then they told me they spoke to someone who specialises in what they had found out and said I need a new "throttle flap actuator motor" They've told me it's an expensive part. So I've been trying to find the part online, either reconditioned or from a breakers, but I'm finding it difficult to even get a picture of what I'm looking for.... has anyone had a similar problem? or does anyone know what I'm looking for and how to get it?
  5. Hi my 2007 Mondeo 2.0 tdci keeps going into limp mode (flashing Glowplug) i got the codes read and these were p1576 p0121 p0221 po226 I am unsure what parts i need to fix the problem is it the throttle sensor or the peddle sensor or something else. I tried a search but could not find any info if this has already been posted could someone point me in the right direction. Also a how too guide would be very helpful too. Thanks in advance Pete.
  6. Hawksey 0 Budding Enthusiast 2 posts Posted 2 hours ago · Hi all, im after some advice if possible. I have an old Focus C Max 1.6 petrol and over the last few weeks it's developed a starting problem. This seems to be worse when the car is hotter after runs around town when I go to start the engine again. So far I've done the following which hasn't really solved the problem. 1) plugged in OBD reader which shows no fault codes 2) changed spark plugs 3) taken throttle body off and given a clean. 4) just this morning fitted a replacement T Map sensor in the inlet manifold, disconnected the negative and reset the ecu memory by running a test wire from disconnected negative terminal to the positive. Left like this for 30 mins. Then plugged back in and went through the relearn process. Starting problem is still there. Once started it seems to run fine although there is sometimes a very slight hesitation in response from the throttle when changing gears. What should I do next. The only things I can think off is the built in throttle position sensor on the side of the throttle body is fauty so I could replace the unit with another used part. Replace the coil pack and leads. Any suggestions on what I can do? I know ford can plug it in and test all the sensors but they charge a fair bit for this and I don't want to waste money on this if possible. Many thanks in adavance. Hawksey Quote Edit
  7. Hi People I have the Fiesta 1.6 MK6 Engine in a Ford Fusion 03 . The car Idle always had a fluctuating Idle since I got car earlier this year , the car was purchased with around 50K miles on in March this year; the car is 2003 Fusion 2 model . It had got progressively earlier last month, the Idle suddenly started hitting 2000 RPMS on the colder days , recently it has got worse with the needle now resting quite consistently at 2200 RPM . It seems ok when I put the car in gear and start driving but, it has become very irritating when in traffic . Strangely I can counteract the High revs by using the AC and heaters which drops the idle to around 15000 RPM . Strangley there has been no engine light or codes to give me a better clue This is the first Ford Car I have had and is otherwise a good car . I have been researching causes of this and just wondered if anyone could chime in here or share your experiences : Air intake/Vacum Leak - THought to be most common cause of high idle but, not sure where excatly this could occur or on on which pipes ,there are pipes everywhere, so would like to narrow it down if possible T-MAP Dirty- I am getting some flexidrive tools tomorrow and will remove and clean to see if makes difference , though this is usually thought to make the car revs die down . I had managed to clean the throttle body , it was slightly dirty but ,this did not make any change . If anyone could share their knowlege here it would be much appreciated . IT is getting cold here and might have to start using my Pocket rocket instead
  8. Rough Idle

    Hi all. Recently purchased a '96 1.8 Verona. 118k miles. A 1 owner car. Only really had motorway usage. It does drive real well, BUT, it's a bit irratic on idle, when it's started from cold it revs quite high (about 1800 rpm). I've cleaned the throttle body etc, and made all the general checks, ie. air leaks, hoses, plugs not fitted correctly etc. But can't seem to put my finger on it. I have an OBD2 tester,but that doesn't work this this car. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  9. Slow Throttle Response

    Hey! I have a Ford Fiesta 2010 Zetec 1.4 Diesel, I feel like most the time the throttle response is poor. It might take one or two seconds to fully put the power on, I'm no car specialist in-fact far from it. So i was wondering if this can be fixed or is it just because i have an older Diesel car? EDIT: I have been looking into reasons, i have a few idea's to go off now, Fuel Filter maybe clogged & dirty (Clean or replace Fuel Filter), If not that then maybe the fuel pump is playing up(It's a tricky job so take to mechanic), I am not going to lie i do have a heavy foot when it comes to accelerating from a stopped position (At lights or other), my resource says this could be a cause because of the cars electronic throttle control system, now i don't know if my car even has this system in place and could this be the problem for me? It says sometimes the system dampens responses to save save diesel. Any Advice would be highly appreciated, Thank Jordan
  10. I recently bought a used Ford Focus 1.8 Diesel (5 Door) and have a couple of questions maybe you guys can help me with. 1. When the car starts it produces quite a lot of white smoke which stops after a minute or two and is not present when I rev the engine. However, when I stop the car and get out I do notice a strong diesel smell. There is no ticking from the engine when I turn it off and the car seems to drive fine so I am not sure what the problem is. 2. The throttle seems to be a little on the dull side. As I said above the car does seems to drive fine but something just doesn't feel right about the throttle - I have driven many turbo diesels in the past and they had a bit of punch to them when you put your foot down - whereas the Focus does respond it just doesn't seem very aggressive. 3. A couple of mornings ago (it was very cold just above freezing) I started the engine and it was ticking over fine but when I put it in gear and tried to reverse out of my parking spot the throttle simply didn't respond at all. The engine was still running and ticking over fine but nothing from the throttle. Within 10 seconds it was working fine but it was totally dead for those first 10 seconds. 4. When I have the vents on to clear the windscreen, the passenger side clears very quickly but the drivers side takes an age - is there an easy way to check if the fan is broken? I am going to book it into a Ford Center for a winter service next week and will ask them about these other issues as well - but as you know these places can often charge a fortune for things which actually don't need doing so I was just hoping to get some sort of idea of possible issues before I take it in. Also does anyone know of a device which will allow me to read ECU codes to give me some more indication of the problems and also a resource for explaining what the codes mean? I am thinking the problems could be something to do with the injectors - I also thought perhaps the head gasket but I have been told that usually there would be some ticking sound when the engine is turned off if the gasket was the problem. If it is the head gasket how difficult is it to change yourself - I know a garage will charge a small fortune for doing it so if it is not so difficult I would consider doing it myself. Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.
  11. Spent £6000 on a ford fiesta zetec s (petrol) that had done 57,000 miles in April of 2015. About a month after I bought the car I discovered a problem. I was driving along in 3rd gear and tried to accelerate, however, when I pressed down on the accelerator there was no response for 1 or 2 seconds, and then suddenly it responded and the car began to accelerate. The problem has continued every since and has become more frequent. No warning lights have ever come on and no diagnostic tool has ever picked up a fault code when I take it to my local ford dealer (who the car is still under warranty with). Every time I take my car to the dealer they are never able to get it to "fault" & no fault codes were ever found hence they said that they can't do any more unless it actually breaks down or shows a warning light. I've had different technicians carry out many different checks on the car, the engine and other potential faulty parts have been cleaned but the problem is still occurring. After the ford dealer were put under pressure by myself to get the problem solved, they replaced the accelerator pedal but this has not fixed the problem. Has anyone had a similar problem with their fiesta? Or know of anyone that has? Any advice/ideas is greatly appreciated as I'm running out of patience with the car and the ford dealer. but they were never able to get it to "fault" & no fault codes were ever found hence they said that they couldn't do any more unless it actually broke down or showed a warning light.
  12. Throttle Cutting Out

    Hey everyone, I have a FORD FOCUS 58 Plate 2.0 TDCI Titanium. For years I had an intermittent problem- the throttle pedal would briefly stop working. This began happening once every 3-6 months so wasn't too much of an issue. It now happens everyday. Been researching this problem for a while. Despite following many similar topics on just this forum nothing has solved it yet. I do lots of motorway driving (approx 200 miles everyday). On each journey the throttle pedal stops responding and the revs drop to idle. Occasionally the pedal becomes responsive again, other times I'll have to pull over to stop/start the engine. This tends to reset it. Occasionally I can sense when it will happen as the car judders when easing off the throttle pedal and is slow when pressure applied. I don't appear to have any DTC Fault codes, and a Ford Dealer found nothing after a diagnostic. I've replaced the pedal with another (second hand) and it still cuts out. I ordered a replacement (second hand) Throttle Position Sensor but another pedal showed up instead. I was told on this year/model the TPS is now in the pedal. It has now got to the stage where I'm just wasting money on guessing the fault. Suggestions have included replacing injectors, instrument cluster, ECU, fuel filter, but no-one has actually diagnosed the fault. Any help/suggestions will be much appreciated!
  13. Hi guys, this is my first forum post and hello to everyone on this forum 😊 To start things off I am having some trouble with my car lately and the problem is forever getting worse by the day, I will start off in first gear and everything is normal, acceleration is normal and the clutch bites instantly, but when I hit 2nd gear if I do it quickly the revs will stay up at 4500 - 5000 rpm, so I have to depress the accelerator to bring it down to its right revs, as soon as I put a little pressure on the accelerator it revs right up to 4500 or higher again. The only way I can accelerate is by dabbing at the accelerator which is very frustrating. I have done a few clutch tests, such as putting the car into 3rd as I am stopped and releasing the clutch so stall it and it does stall when I do this, I ain't very knowledgable on cars myself, any help on this or recommendations would be brilliant, getting very stressful now, thanks a bunch guys, I an upload a short vid clip to show you better to
  14. Hey guys, I have a mk 6 fiesta zetec 1.25, and the throttle response is crap. Have had a look at the fuel pump and the throttle body and all is clear and flowing free. Therefore I'm thinking of upgrading. A larger ported throttle body is a bit too expensive, so I was wondering if anyone knows how good a power boost valve would be, are they worth the money. Or does anyone have any other suggestions to increase throttle response. Cheers
  15. Engine Systems Fault message appeared on dash then showed Low Speed Mode. Massively reduced power and engine sputters. Garage read codes p2110 and p0607. P0607 is where a malfunction is detected in Engine Control Module. P2110 is Throttle actuator control system forced limited rpm. Advice would be greatly appreciated. What is worth checking before going down the route of replacing expensive replacement parts which may not be the root cause? If the ECU and/or throttle body are going to be replaced in an attempt to resolve, which is best to try first?
  16. Rev Problems

    I drive a 53 reg 1.6 focus zetec, which unfortunately broke down the other day. I own a diagnostic tool so checked the problem and it showed issues with the throttle positioning sensor. I called the recovery people and this was confirmed with their more expensive diagnostic tool. The bloke that came also said that the exhaust was blowing before the cat. I have ordered a new tps and was just wondering if this will solve the problem. Also fuel economy has been very low recently. Thanks
  17. Hi, I recently bought a 52 plate Mondeo Estate tdci automatic ghia x. It is a beautifull condition car with only 78,000 miles on the clock. But every now and then (prob once a fortnight), whilst driving it will sudenly start to accelerate on its own getting slowly higher untill you have to pull over and turn the ignition off. It is just about tollerable when driving on small roads but it has happened recently on the motorway and i had to pull over on the hard shoulder and kill the ignition. It has got to a point where it is now just damned dangerous! I would really like to repair this fault with my local mechanic rather than taking it to my local ford dealer. If anyone has had any similar problems with the same model mondeo as i have then any tips would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Hi all. Need sum help if possible. Anyone know where i can find an adapter so i can fit my st throttle body to my 1.8 zetec. The bolt positions are different. Any help appreciated.
  19. Few Queries

    Hi All, I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to cars, so apologies if this doesn't make much sense! I've had my Fiesta for the past 7 years, It's my first car and I've not really taken that good care of it to be quite frank! I've had 2 minor knocks in those years, nothing serious and no permanent damage was done, but over the past year I've been having a lot of problems with the throttle getting stuck, which is quite terrifying when it gets stuck completely and my car ends up zooming off down the road like a lunatic. The garage fitted a new throttle cable, but it's still getting stuck... and to make matters worse, the other night it got stuck completely down to the ground again and because I hadn't put much oil in it recently the engine blew up from over revving. Fortunately I'm having a new engine fitted as we figured it'd be the cheaper option considering I've spent so much on trying to sort out my car and apart from the blown engine and throttle problem the car is in pretty good condition. My queries are - Will a new engine sort out problems with fuel consumption? I'm currently only getting about 200 - 250 miles to a tank, whereas a few years ago I was managing to get about 400 miles out of a full tank. What could be causing the throttle to get stuck all the time? is there a new part I should get (bear in mind I recently had the throttle cable replaced) Why is my hand break light constantly flickering on and off when I'm driving - especially around corners, even if I don't have my foot anywhere near the foot break the hand break light still seems to flick on, on the dashboard which is quite distracting! My cars only done about 91,000 miles so it's not totally exhausted! :) Many thanks!