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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, i'm doing the timing belt on my Focus (1.6 100hp) - Haynes and ETIS mentions nothing about it, but do you folk apply loctite ( i have the blue one) on crankshaft, waterpump, waterpump pulley and tensioner bolts? If so, how much? The torque for crankshaft bolt is 40Nm (29,5 lb ft) + 90° ... seems a little low for a keyless design? I really wouldn't want it to come loose....:) Thanks a bunch!
  2. Hi all hope this is the correct section long post about my focus any help input appreciated he goes I have a 2003 ford focus with 105xxx miles, it has the 1.6 zetec se engine. i bought it recently off a guy who stated in the add the buckets needed doing as the car had a very audable tap so i bought it as it drove ok even with the noise slightly underpowered no faults on diagnostics, seeing as im slightly better than your aveage weekend mechanic (at times) i figured i could fix it! but anyway ive measures all the valve gaps so here they are cyc1 ex .30mm .30mm Cyc1 in .15mm .20mm Cyc2 ex .35mm .35mm Cyc2 in .25mm .23mm Cyc3 ex .35mm .35mm Cyc3 in .23mm .20mm Cyc4 ex .35mm .38mm Cyc4 in .23mm .18mm Some are a little out of spec but i dont think they would produce the noise im hearing. Seems also to be coming from the belt side cyc 1 area. I think the timing might be out, belt was done according to cam cover at 56,xxx miles about 6 years ago, plugs were fouled on removal so its using some oil but it was over filled by 1 or 1.5 liters. Removed and new 5w30 and filter. Plug holes had oil 3/4 up the plug and was pushin oil out the pcv through the air box. So anyway i ordered the timing tools but which pin is 303-748 as there will be 3 in the box? ive it ripped up and ready ive a flat bar holding the cams. The crank pulley is off and rest of cover im aware of the floating crank setup so i wont turn anything until tool arrives i think thats about it anyway. Just lookin for advise and other causes solutions to my tapping knock noise and if the timing could cause the noise. Thanks
  3. Misfire after belt change

    Hi Everyone, First time here and I’m hoping someone can help me! I’ve got a 2008 (old style) 1.4 petrol Fiesta, well maintained with 6K oil changes and the usual basic servicing which do myself. It was running perfectly… Then at 100K I took it to a reputable local garage for a timing and auxiliary belt change and also the water pump (which was ok, but worthwhile changing at the same time). After I got it back I noticed a slight misfire at idle, just a small shudder every other second felt through the car. I took it back and they did a scan (no codes) and test drive, said it was fine. As it was due a service I replaced the plugs, leads coil pack, oil and filters and tried a fuel cleaner. No difference. I lived with it for a few months as the car accelerated and drove fine as before. Then when it went in for its MOT at 107K (different garage) I mentioned the misfire at idle which had not got any worse. They said the HC emissions were 120 and they are usually about 30? This suggested the engine was running lean and as the misfire occurred after the belt change the timing could be slightly out. They re-timed the engine (£100) and said it was the equivalent of half a tooth out on the belt. The misfire still exists up to about 1200rpm. It may misfire above that but I can feel it and it accelerates fine. Has anyone any thoughts? Could it be a failing sensor or something disturbed while swapping the belts? Thanks in advance. Graham.
  4. snapped wet timing belt

    hi everyone. my 2008 titanium 1.8 tdci 62000 milles came to a holt this morning. got towed to the main garage and without further investigation tomortow the head mechanic is ptity sure the "lower wet timing belt" the one thats in the oil has snapped. having had a quick browse on the web this belt isnt due to be replaced till 125k or 10 years. is this common? whats going on and should this have been changed? han new timing belt on 59000 jan 2016 due to a small leak on the water pump. think the repair on this will be heavy. 😕
  5. Hi all, So the Focus is due very soon it's annual service, major one this time - being a 59 plate, it's the 7th annual service. As usual, I will go down the Motorcraft main dealer route. So 195 quid for major motorcraft service, 30 quid for MOT, and 50 quid (approx) for brake fluid change. However, it's also approaching the 8 year/100,000 miles mark for a timing belt change - since it is a belt driven (Duratec 1.6 100PS) engine. I have heard people recommending to get that replaced early, and not to necessarily wait until its due date. So my main questions are: (1) In your opinion, should I get it replaced now, during its upcoming service? (Or wait until next year?) (2) If yes, should I also get all the tensioners and the water pump replaced at the same time too? (3) Any rough idea of costs? I'll try to haggle a bit, but don't know if they'll budge (being a main dealer). Maybe they can chuck in a free odour filter replacement. Cheers
  6. I have just had a full engine replacement on my Focus 2008 1.8TDCi after the internal 'welt-belt' broke (see previous posting). The replacement engine (same engine code) came from a 2006 model with 80k on clock and now that it is fitted there is a nasty whistle/whining noise when I accelerate otherwise the engine runs pretty smoothly. The engine was replaced by a mechanic friend who also noticed this noise but could not identify where it was coming from. He tried removing the auxillary belt to check alternator/water pump? but no change. In the end he said it might be the manifold/engine interface which apparently doesn't have a shim and thus can take some time to seal-up, so he suggested driving it for a while to see if the noise went away. The whistling/whining noise occurs in neutral and all other gears, and it is most noticeable when I accelerate hard. It appears to be more dependent on accelerator rather than engine revs, so if I keep a constant accelerator pressure and change gear the whistle is the same pitch. The noise is more of a whizzing/whistle and not a whoosh (as per intercooler leak) and at high acceleration the pitch is up there with a dog whistle! On the way home from work after my first day of driving the car, I was whistling along happily at 80mpg when a saw a puff of grey smoke out the back and hey presto the whistle completely stopped. No whistle for the rest of 15 mile journey. Great I though it must have been dirt that has burnt off. However next day after 15 mins of driving the whistle is back. Now 3 days on and no improvement. Any ideas please thanks
  7. Hi all, About 3 months ago I bought my first daily / personal Ford, a 2008 Focus 1.6 Petrol, and it had 58348 miles on the clock (i've also got a Ford Puma, but that's being kitted out for rallying). It's now on roughly 61350, and am just wandering how often does this vehicle need servicing to your experiences. I want to keep on top of it, but don't want to be servicing every so often, as the manual describes when I don't need too. Just things like Oil change and filter, cambelt / timing belt change, brake fluid, etc. Some of it I can do myself, with mates pitching on the rest, like i've done with my previous cars. It had a service when bought, but does anything really need changing at 3k miles?? If not, at every how many miles should it get serviced. I tend to do a lot of miles in my cars and average 19k - 21k a year. Thanks in advance for any help, advice, tips and hints provided!
  8. I am at the planing stage of changing the timing belt on my 2010 Focus with 108k on the clock. Garage quotes are coming in at around £350 so thought I would have a go, but shame I have waited for winter weather. Couple of questions. 1. It appears there are two types of tensioners, according to Haynes pre 2005 and post 2005, both Parts4less and Europarts show two tensioners types for this car but not clear from descriptions which one I need. One is pictured mounted on small arm and one without arm. 2. Bit confused over loosening of crankshaft pulley bolt. Haynes says remove starter motor and lock crankshaft using special tool (which I will buy). It also talks about holding the crankshaft pulley with tool to prevent turning while loosening bolt. Since the crankshaft is already locked with special tool, do you also need to hold the pulley. Maybe required to minimise stress on crankshaft? but makes it a two man job, one holding pulley and one undoing bolt with breaker arm. 3. Not clear if coolant pump driven from aux belt (would not replace) or timing belt (would replace), have different opinion from two garages and Haynes not clear but beginning to look like it runs from the timing belt. Have looked at engine and still not clear. 4. Willing to have a go at making guide for this job, is it worth it, as it seems most guides here are more about customising smaller things than bigger basic jobs. Is it assumed these types of jobs are best left to Haynes?
  9. Hi all, ive been on here for a while just never posted anything, Sorry if this is in the wrong place I have a ZS 09 petrol, Its just been in to have its timing belt and water pump done. Before going in was running fine and fan hardly came on, But scine i have had it back it seems to be running alot hotter than normal and you can smell it alittle too. Ive had a look at the coolant level and they filled it above the max line and above the top return hose. I went back to ford and told them and they said it should settle and come down after awhile as it might have air in the lines still. Ive have the car for about 7 hours now and doing little trips and its still the same. Ive took some of the coolant out so its on the max mark and not covering the top return hose. All the hoses coming and going from the radiators and expansion tank are hot. I went into the dash secert menu thing to find the temp and its running between 95c and 105c, it creeps upto 105c then the fan comes on then goes back to 95c. This takes around 5mins. Went for a drive and it comes down to around 80, but goes stright back up as soon as ive stopped at traffic lights or something. Its never ran this hot unless i have pushed it hard but then it cooled down stright away. And ford only took 4hours to do the timing belt and water pump which seems abit rushed when they said i should plan for them having the car all day.
  10. Hi All, My car has done 54k miles and is an 09 plate. Next year its supposedly due for a new cambelt/timing belt. However would you advise this as i have done no where near the 100k miles! My mileage per a year is less than 5k miles. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks guys
  11. Grand C-Max Timing Belt

    Just wondering if the information I seen on this website is correct re when I first need to replace the timing belt on my 2012 Grand C-Max. It says 125k miles or 10 years whichever comes first which seems quite high so was just wondering what peoples real world experiences are? Have people needed to replace them earlier?
  12. Hello all, Back again after a mainly trouble-free year of motoring. Long story short, on Saturday evening, my car broke down while I was just about to pull out of a petrol station forecourt. The exit was blocked, so I was coming to a stop and putting my car into reverse (clutch in, obviously) to turn round and go the other way. The car then cut out and wouldn't start again. I called my friend, we checked all of the obvious things and couldn't find a cause or solution, so called out the AA. He arrived and identified very quickly that the timing belt had gone. I couldn't believe my ears, considering I'd had it, the water pump and tensioners replaced only 2 years and 10,000 miles ago. I have a fairly bad relationship with the garage that carried out the work and since the issue with the core plug last year, I've vowed never to use them again. The car is currently being looked over by the mechanic that I currently use. The added complication, is that the garage that I have a bad relationship with is actually run by the best friend of my uncle! I very reluctantly called up the garage that did the work in order to "test the water" and as expected, no sympathy and didn't seem very interested in helping. The only thing I got from them was the possible supplier of the parts - Andrew Page, Gates or Euro Car Parts. My question is really about where I stand / how others would proceed with this? I imagine that it depends on whether the root of the problem is poor / faulty parts or poor workmanship or a combination of both? My current mechanic said that he will tell me if anything seems out of the ordinary. In any case, I am inclined to get the work done because the car is in great condition and has only done 60,000 miles. Let's say the repair bill was £1000 - am I really going to be able to buy something comparable, for that price? I'm not convinced. Any input would be much appreciated! Cheers
  13. First of all , Thanks for adding me to the group .. Was due to have my steering pump replaced this week , due to a nasty leak , However the belt snapped on Thursday just gone , and The AA reckon the remnants of the broken belt got lodged in the timing belt for a split second, knocking it out of sync , There is no compression now, The timing belt is still in place. Your thoughts on whether the engine is now a piece of scrap gladly invited Regards Gez
  14. I am buying the parts myself which are working out at €250. That's for timing belt and water pump kit & a wet belt kit. Mechanic I know said he'd fit for €200. Is this a good price? My car is 120,000m and I'm not sure if both belts have been replaced yet as don't have the service history.
  15. Timing Belt And Performance

    Just had the timing belt done, including aux belt, water pump and recharge air con - car 8 years old and 105k miles. Should I notice any difference in the way it drives compared to just before it going in for the job? I have to say I didn't notice anything on the short drive home from the garage. One other thing, the garage ran the car at idle with the bonnet up for a good hour and a half after doing the job - is that normal and just to check that everything is ok? Can't think of any ofther reason and only saw it on the dashcam afterwards so couldn't ask them.
  16. I'm planning to replace the timing belt and water pump on my 2007 MK6.5 Fiesta with a 1.4 TDCi engine. I found the Gates KP15587XS kit which seems right for this type of vehicle and is available with a new water pump as well. I also checked the price of a timing belt + water pump kit at my local Ford dealership and they gave me a diagram that showed (among other things) that the water pump has a sealing gasket. The diagram looks quite similar like this: Now, the Gates kit does not mention whether or not a timing belt gasket is included. I e-mailed them to ask this question, but I haven't gotten a response yet. So... Perhaps anyone here has already replaced the water pump on their 1.4 TDCi? If so, could you tell me whether it actually uses a water pump gasket?Perhaps anyone here has already bought the Gates KP15587XS kit? If so, could you tell me whether a water pump gasket is included? Also, does the kit include a new crank pulley bolt, or are you supposed to re-use the old bolt?Thanks a lot!
  17. I'm getting some quotes for replacing my timing belt on my 2006 1.6 petrol ford focus. One garage has said the water pump does not need to be replaced as it is run off the fan belt, I'm not mechanically minded and I've always heard you get the water pump replaced whenever the timing belt is done so obviously this sounds odd to me. can anybody help enlighten me on this?
  18. Timing Belt Renewal

    I need to get my timing belt changed soon and have been phoning around for prices and Ford garages who are quoting between £430 and £470 (excluding water pump) which seems very high compared with the prices I have seen people quoting on here. I read that Ford garages are more likely to have all the right locking pins and tools to do this sort of job which an independent might not for every car manufacturer so would be more likely to botch it. I know there are a lot of good indys but I just don't know any of them well enough to be certain they would do a good job. My question is seeing as the 1.6 TDCi is a PSA engine, are the tools needed all the same between the Ford TDCi and the PSA HDi engines and would a Peugot or Citroen garage have all the same tools and be just as capable as a Ford garage to do a Focus? I ask because there is a Citroen garage near me who might be worth asking - I know he will say yes he can do it because he won't want to turn away the work, but I want to know the chances that he has the right set up to do the job properly. An other option is if anyone can recommend a good garage who could do this near Watford or Swansea (not exactly near eachother but I will be spending time in both places in the next few weeks).
  19. Timing Belt Renewal Cost

    Need a spot of advice on what would be a fair price for a timing belt renewal. On the very edge of needing my timing belted changed. 83k miles and 13 year old Ford Focus 1.6 Ghia. Got a quote for replacement including water pump with parts, labour and Vat at £292. Is this the going rate? Seems quite high to me.
  20. Newbie Q&a

    Hi there all!! I am the proud new owner of a focus 1.6 zetec, state blue. a quick q & a 1. whats the average mpg. Since brimming the tank when I bought it, I've covered almost 400 miles for £60 - does this sound about right 2. cambelt/timing belt! the dreaded "hasit / hasn't it" been changed - and Its on 95K!!! the cover looks new but haven't got round to taking it off yet but does have a sticker on the side. info at bottom of post. 3. power steering leak - only slight but leaking underneath regardless. (o/s/f) any clues?? 4. Wobbly headlight (osf)- (12v Doobla - or Doola!!??) - inside the headlight casing whilst the headlight is off the car, there is a small plastic ball joint that needs seating in the plastic retainer - its come off and is a bugger to get back in - resulting in a disco effect when going over bumps! Any tips? I have done the following maintenance so far - New Oil & Filter, Topped up all fluids, changed 2 headlight bulbs, New Battery, Air filter, new Spark Plugs. ( oh - and washed & waxed - engine bay cleaned & tidied up) whats next? Cheers in advance :) Ushmiester timing belt cover info sticker 1S4G 6007 MA 13 ELH00 200901141240 001 I 22 1.60
  21. Timing Belt Or Chain?

    Hi guys. I have a 2005 1.6 TDCi 110bph focus. It's done 108k miles and I am aware it needs the timing belt changed at 125k miles. But I have heard that the older models have timing chain. Could someone clarify it for me? Cheers
  22. Hi all, I bought a 2L TDCI cmax last year and love it apart from the EGR issue which I've now resolved. It's low miles so I wonder if the timing belt has been done or not, anyone know what the oe serial number on a 2004 2L tdci should be? Mine belt says 96506960.90 6pk1217 but I think it's an aftermarket model and since the car has fsh but not receipts, guessing it's been done.