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Found 29 results

  1. Hi guys First off let me introduce myself, you won't have met me yet....I'm the new boy 😊 I have a background as a semi skilled mechanic, semi, as I don' yet know it all!! So, I'm about to start retrofitting the GTC1244VZ VNT turbo from a 2015 1.6tdci Focus 115bhp, Ford could have saved me a job and just released the Fiesta with the correct power output but they didn't!! 😏 (that should give you some idea as to what comes next!) I'm lead to believe the current turbo is a wastegated TD025 however I've inspected the plate on the compressor housing, it wasn't all that revealing 😒 The current turbo appears to be ECU controlled by vacuum via a N75 type 'pressure converter valve' fed by the brake pump. My first consideration is the action of a wastegate being either open or closed, generally speaking at least; VNT has many increments between rest and full travel. Secondly, the wastegate is normally closed at rest, providing max boost; provided it has spooled up. Whereas the VNT setup (usually) the vanes are fully open at rest which obviously results in no boost at low rpm. This effectively means, although both engines are identical. The boost control is controlled in an opposite fashion. So, flash the ECU with the correct software to operate a VNT Turbo?? The map from the Focus 115 should do? Actually no, the 115 and the 105 use the Siemens ECU so the only option would be the old 110 hdi/tdci maps, they operated on an older Bosch ECU so it's not guaranteed to work either. My ECU is a EDC17C10 with the latest tricore and password protection, I'm sure it could be done, but it could go horribly wrong and cost thousands for a new ecu set plus it's keyless 😣 moving on then!! My next consideration is using an electronic controller, it is supplied as a full kit taking some sensor readings from it's own included sensors. T into the vac pump use it's own N75 valve and hey presto we should have VNT on the fizzie. I have ordered the kit 160 all in if it won' work the seller will allow a return for refund so it's a fairly safe gamble. I have a mechanical boost gauge installed anyway so I can shut it down if it goes a little Pete. Any suggestions out there? I know there will be some out there who will start by saying 'buy a bigger car' 'bigger turbo' ECT....if I wanted to drive something bigger I'd jump in the 13l R450 Scania, unit only turn the traction control off and have some real fun. Please, those types of comments are not required or wanted please troll elsewhere. Pics will start as it develops....first, the donor turbo
  2. Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum and thought i would sign up seen as i have recently bought myself a 1.6 MK3 2011 Focus Titanium. I'm just writing to get some advice because i want to carry out some nice modifications to it. Nothing to extreme (don't want to look like a boy racer) however i would like to make some visual modifications to begin with, does any have any advice regarding this at all? maybe a nice body kit, rims etc. Has anybody made any modifications that they can share with myself and any tips at all. I'm new to this as this is my first car but i do love a custom job. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I was hoping to increase the power from 123hp to the max the turbo can take which is around 170-180, I would like to go to the 200 mark however I believe the engine and gearbox won't cope? Would anything else be needed other than an exhaust, intercooler and remap? I've heard the 1.0 ecoboost engines can get quite hot and do require a significant amount of cooling. Is an induction kit needed or would a panel filter suffice? Also is there anywhere to find parts cheaper as it seems to get an extra 50hp it's going to cost over 2k fitted and thats before spending money on brakes, clutch, exterior bits, etc. Kind Regards, TheScoobyCollector
  4. Right. Seriously not looking to start a discussion here about what tuning method is best - I know we all have different ideas based upon different experiences and different research. Originally I poopooed (heehee ) the idea of these tuning boxes, having read many horror stories about problems with engines after installing. However, this was based upon (my) zero knowledge of different tuning methods or reading myself on how these boxes work. It seems that most of the naysayers are folk who are really talking about the 'early-days' tuning boxes, ie, a resistor in a comparatively giant plastic box that eats turbos, however looking for actual reviews on Arachnids specifically there seems to be nothing but good from all walks of life, on all vehicles and for months and months after installing (presumably the owners stop banging on about it after a while but it still continues to work flawlessly!) Stephen @madmole, I'm really looking at you here - as the biggest advocate for these things (I saw what must be your review btw =)) I'm looking for as much information as you can give if that's ok? I don't really want a sales pitch as I've been on their website already, but as much detailed information about installation, setup, usage and removal (if you have) from your own personal experience as you can would be massively appreciated and just maybe, we might be able to encourage a few more folk that this could be the way to go? I've got the thing sat in a cart with the FOC30 discount code already applied (thanks for that). There was apparently a 'sp40' code for 40% off, but that's now expired. My finger is hovering over the 'pay now' button and I think I need that final push. The other thing I MUST consider is the insurance impact. My insurance already almost doubled when coming to this car from my 1.6 petrol Mk1 as I was halfway through the year and want to get the NCB (I went on my own insurance quite late on and only have 4 years). If this is going to massively hike it then it may put the kibosh on anyway cos there ain't no way in hell I'm not telling them about it. Obviously I know that noone can really tell me but my insurance company but others' experience would be welcome. Anyone else who has one, please share - good and bad. Anyone else who HAD one and went for something else with better results, please share - when and why. Anyone else who is going to tell me that it will kill my engine and not to buy one: unless you were on the design or build team for them or unless this happened to YOU and not your cousin's sister's dog's breakfast's brother; thank you but no thank you.
  5. think its about time i done something about the performance of my 1.6 tdci focus, now the question is do i go for a tuning box or a good old remap? Anyone had any experiences with tuning boxes specifically from TDItuning or Racechip seem rather intrigued by them promise rather good improvements and seem to have many safety features and i really like the idea that they can be reprogrammed for your next car so are they really as good as they sound or are they a waste of time and money? any help is greatly appreciated https://www.tdi-tuning.co.uk/car_and_van_diesel_tuning_boxes/ford/focus/16_tdci_113_bhp__115_ps__84_kw/ford_focus_16_tdci_113_bhp_115_ps_84_kw_crtd4_twin_channel_diesel_tuning_box_chip_P12297.html https://www.racechip.co.uk/shop/ford/focus-11-dyb-from-2011/1-6-tdci-1560ccm-116hp-85kw-270nm.html
  6. MK3 1.6TDCi Tuning? ADVICE?

    How's it going folks, I'm new here so be easy:) I've had my focus coming up 2 years now, I can't complain it does everything I need it to without any hassle, ever, honestly! She was remapped around 10000 miles ago to benefit the K&N Filter and its been alright, I was quoted 160hp on the remap although after bringing it to get dyno'd, topped out at 128. They may or may not take the car back to get a look at the map, I'll know more tomorrow (02/03). What I am looking to find out, Has many people gone further with tuning to the 1.6TDCi? I bought an ST Kit, with the exhaust and I'm thinking of a Stage 2 remap, removing the DPF, boxes and cat. Has anyone done this already and had success? Further on down the line, I'm eyeing up a Stage 3 Remap with the 2.2 Mondeo ST; Turbo, Injectors and ECU. - Again, has anyone done any sort of further tuning with their Focus except a Stage 1? I may swell attach a photo to show the motor at the same time!
  7. How's it going folks, I've been a member on the FOC for a little while now, I've done more reading than I have writing, although now comes the time when I would love some advise and I found why not bring it to x amount of people that own Focus' themselves. Attached is a photo of my Mk3 Focus, just for fun, not really an up to date photo, its just cool Anyway! In a little while I am planning to Stage 3 various parts in my car, at the moment were at Stage 1 with a remap and a K&N Air Filter + Box. Its sitting at around 140bhp although I know that with power CAN come issues, has anyone been successful with making this type of Focus into a project. My question is though, has anyone upgraded their clutch? My car is 2011 with 61000 and I know its going to be clutch time soon so I want to upgrade the clutch so when I go for a new turbo, injectors etc theres a better chance of not burning the clutch in a week. @PaulMcCafferty97 on Instagram if anyone wants to follow the project:)
  8. Superchips

    Hi all, seriously thinking of getting my Focus Zetec S 1.0 125 remapped. Superchips quote a gain of 31 bhp which I woul be more then happy with as this would put it at at almost 155 bhp. I have gone through many a thread on google claiming you only get between 10/15 bhp increase, any advice would be greatly received in order for me to make my mind up, the missus has offered to buy it for me as a Christmas present,
  9. Hi New to here so bear with..... My mate is trying to sell this idea to me, any good? Pro's and cons? I have a 55 plate Mondeo 2L TDCi http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Diesel-chip-tuning-box-Ford-Focus-Mondeo-1-6-1-8-2-0-TDCi-/201448081469?hash=item2ee73dc83d:g:9QQAAOxyyq5TPVrK Thanks Caroline
  10. Hi guys, fairly new here so bare with me bought myself a 1.0 ecoboost mk3 focus a few weeks back and to say I'm fairy pleased with it considering what I had before. I'm however looking to go down the modifying route, I understand that it's a 1.0 so won't get much out of it however I would love to see feel more power which ive heard you can do. I would like advice on what the best modifications are and if any one are selling these items 2nd hand
  11. roofspoiler

    hello eveybody, I just bougt a used roofspoiler with third breaking light in it . Has anyone some good manual or pics on how to put it on . Thanks Johnny
  12. Hi guys, I was interested in doing this to a fiesta ecoboost with 125hp as standard. I've seen the package Pumaspeed sell which tunes the ecoboost to 205hp which is apparently the max they can be tuned to reliably. However I wanted to use a turbo from a Fiesta ST instead as it will easily reach this power level and keep costs relatively down. On Pumaspeed I noticed that over 60 of these kits have sold and wondered whether anyone on here runs a fiesta ecoboost at 200ish hp? If so can you please share your experiences. Regards, -TheScoobyCollector.
  13. Hi, Ive had my ZS nearly full two years and want to freshen it up now with some tweaking and maybe a HP increase. Everyone seems to go for superchips but I can't see a long term example of a superchips remap being used on my model of car. Does anyone have a superchip mapped 2014 ZS that they have been running for a while? Or any other experience with any tuning box on the ZS 125? Any advice/recommendations welcome.
  14. So I'm in love with my ST TDCi, but want a remap/tuning box for it. I'm well aware of the pros and cons of both and the bad reputation tuning boxes have, however, I have come across spider tuning and their tuning box appears to be like no other competitors out there. For those of you who will immediately jump on this and tell me its going to cause issues blah blah, just give it a proper look first. Many things strike me about the arachnid tuning box: 1) It is multi-channel like the highly renowned DTUK box and has an exceptional high computation rate meaning it doesn't just tell the engine to chuck more fuel in and boost the turbo, it actually reacts to the engines performance and is constantly tweaking itself 2) It doesn't just boost injector and turbo pressures like cheap and nasty boxes. It takes into consideration a lot more variables including air flow sensors, RPM, throttle position, engine temperatures and even the engine bay temperature to monitor air density etc to prevent over powering on cold starts 3) It has different six levels of power and torque delivery which is brilliant for myself as I'm regularly sitting on the motorway so some extra MPG wouldn't go a miss. 4) You get a touchpad controller to monitor the performance and change operating modes etc which is really useful rather than having to pop the bonnet and adjust the unit. 5) All of their units are built by themselves, sold by themselves and aftersales care is provided by themselves unlike cheap imported boxes which are just rebranded by 'tuning companies' with little or no aftercare. 6) It doesn't at all bypass or 'skip' the standard ECU health management and safety devices so the system is still able to monitor itself for issues. 7) They provide a 30% discount which I used from ford owners club Their customer service is fantastic and they give direct answers to every question I've asked almost instantly. Whilst any companies website can be deceiving, they claim to take huge pride on all of their R&D and customer service and I don't feel that their great communication reflects a company that produces rubbish. I have done loads of research and have considered super chips, DTUK and mountune, however, a lot has swayed me to the spider tuning box. So.... I've bought one today and hope to fit it next week. Perhaps you guys can give this a look, go in with an open mind and let me know your thoughts, would be great to hear! Here's their link... http://www.dieseltuning.co.uk
  15. Hi all, i have been looking through the forums to try and figure out what has happened to my focus, i bought a tuning box from a tdi tuning company, it came with a money back guarantee which i have had to use, after i put the box on the car was using a hell of a lot more fuel, i mean a lot - without any noticeable power gains, so after a few days i decided it wasn't for me, however ever since i installed it, and now even more so since i removed the box my car loses power, glow plug light flashes and the car dies! i turn the ignition off and on and away it goes. the car has had a fully synthetic oil change 3 months ago along with all filters, coolant etc. I removed the cam sensor as advised on other posts here but i cant really tell by looking at it if its ok. I also last month cleaned the egr and maf sensor. im hoping this dam tuning box hasnt messed up the injectors or fuel pump, as when i restarted the car after it died the other night there was a horrible whining coming from the engine bay!! this went away as i stopped the car straight away. also im thinking of getting it on a diagnostics machine but surely there wont be any codes if the problem is intermittent? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, cheers in advance!!
  16. Relatively New to this kind of thing but I was wondering if anyone has had an aftermarket exhaust fitted to there fiesta Black or Red editions? If so is it worth doing and do they sound half decent :) Cheers
  17. Dpf Replacement Pipe?

    Hi guys, I've got a 1.6tdci Ford Fiesta 2010, it's the 93bhp 95ps fiesta with a dpf, I want to have no dpf and replace with a straight through as doing myself, I was just wondering if anyone has done this and if anyone knows where to get a dpf replacement pipe, thanks x
  18. Hi I've just bought a 2007 fiesta mk6, and I want to increase the power, without going over the top with like turbo for example. what's the best way to increase the power output? Thanks
  19. smax clean

    From the album My '08 S-Max Titanium

  20. Hi I have a 2006 focus 2.0 tdci iv had the ecu mapped and dpf removed so running in the region of 165 bhp, just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on upgrading the turbo as I want to try and gain more, iv heard they can be taken to 220bhp not sure if this is true or how to get there, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ryan.
  21. So I'm a proud new owner of a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST (5 door since I live in the US), and I'm interested in doing some upgrades to increase performance. I'm not necessarily looking to gut it and turn it into the next track car but just so that I can make it a little bit more fun to race around in. I also wish to go about changing it from front wheel to rear wheel drive, so if anyone has any expertise in that area your input will be greatly appreciated :) THANKS!!
  22. What's up FOC peeps, Just been sitting here and thought about this a lot but wanna see what other people's thoughts are about this. What are some of your favourite car modifications that you do or would wanna do? Mostly on my mind things such as lowering the car on coilovers or springs, exhaust modifications, engine re-maps and things like that? See what other people are thinking ? :) UkPhilLad
  23. Dubshed 2013

    Hey Guys, I know that this might not be of interest to everyone but on the 7th April there was a car show held in Belfast, Northern Ireland called DUBshed. As a huge car enthusiast, I always like to check out modified and tuned cars, see new ideas and appreciate the amount of work that other drivers put in to show their pride in their cars. My first encounter with DUBshed was on at the same time last year, when a colleague of mine who owns an astonishing example of Audi A4 1.9TDi told me about it. Ever since then, I have been following the scene around Northern Ireland and the Republic. Anyways, without much further ado, just wanted to put up a few pictures from this year's display and hopefully you guys will enjoy it :)
  24. Focus Mk2 Makeover Video

    What's up dudes & dudettes :) It's been a while since I posted on the forum (overwhelmed with college work!!) but came across this video and must say, it's very good :) Have a look and see what you think :)
  25. Hi. I recently purchased a 51 mondeo diesel estate. My previous car was a saab 95 aero estate and sold it due to the rocketing fuel prices. Going from my saab to the mondeo was quite a shock in more ways than one. Not only was I getting 3 times more milaege out of the ford but it was doing it rather sluggishly. Someone advised me to buy a chip to raise the BHP from 115 to 147 (give or take) so I purchased one which plugs directly into the common rail. This is where I ran into problems. I went to fit it today and could not find the common rail, or anywhere I could plug the chip into. Any ideas where I would plug the chip into or have I bought the wrong chip. If so can anyone recommend a chip that I can use (assuming I can) Heres a link to where I purchased it from. http://www.racechip.de/en/chiptuning/ford/mondeo/3-b4y/2-0-tdci-85kw/index.php Thanks ever so much Andrew