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Found 28 results

  1. Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can help I had an smax for 4 years, I put on 40,000 miles, never had a mechanical issue, or engine issue just usual wear and tear replacements. At idle only, fly wheel sounding a bit lumpy. The clutch started to go so took to local garage (a mitsubishi dealer) for replacement (clutch and flywheel £1400). Comes out of workshop with a new metallic rattle that. The owner says bit of a rattle but not to worry. On first drive to work rattle continues directly with revs until 2500 then disappears, reappearing with every drop in revs, eg braking and corners. Then 20 mins in a loud bang, a change in engine rattle note, 5 mins pulling up steep hill, (good power), complete engine failure on a dangerous road with no signal. 4 hours later back to garage. They tell me the fuel pump is seized (never any symptoms of failing pump in 40000 miles), therefore the pump done it and Engine probably dead, need new engine, they didn't touch pump during repair there fore not their fault. Sounds like very convenient explanation for them. Read elsewhere that loose engine mount bolt might sound like that. Anyone got any thoughts as to likely cause after such repair?
  2. I have a Ford Focus 2016 zetec s & when I drive on a course roads on the motorway or side roads I get a annoying vibration / rattle from in side the car from the rear.... I have checked everything from the parcel shelf to the back seats & anything lose in the boot but nothing !!!! has anyone had a similar problem or can help :/
  3. Hi All, My 2005 zetec fiesta recently had an MOT, failed on broken number plate (not a problem). As part of the test they shake the car like mad, it seemed pretty violent which concerned me, prior to the MOT I had no problems with the car at all. As soon as I pull out of the centre, turning left I can feel a vibration almost rubbing. This is most apparent as slow speeds and doesnt appear turning right. 1.Tyres are fine, full of air. 2. I got them to take a look at the car on the ramp- spring/suspension are fine from what I can see no obvious damage or reason for the rubbing/vibration. 3. From my research could it be: a bearing issue? a steering pump faulting? 4. There was no issue before the MOT but the issue started immediately after, what could this be? Appreciate your help guys, anyone else experience this or an idea of what it could be?
  4. I have a 2009 Ford Fiesta style plus with 80k on the clock, full service every year last few weeks when I start up the car it is fairly shaky as if misfiring (especially when cold or left for a long time) although it always starts. I have replaced leads and coil and although it seems to have helped slightly it has not solved that problem. When engine heats up after a few revs or a minute the engine smoothes out and drives fine. second to this is a low vibration that can be felt sitting in the car , diagnostic has been run with no error codes as so far two garages have been unsuccessful in finding the problem. Vibration is mainly felt when idle, revs seem fine. so far advice is possible engine mount wearing away, CAT is broken which may be linked to fuel supply to engine hence cold start up issue and engine thermometer broken. first garage found bolts missing or broken on exhaust manifold any and all advice is welcome
  5. Mechanical issue (rattle)

    Hello, I'm new to driving (passed in December) and I'm not very mechanical savy. I bought a 56 fiesta on 31st December and it's been running fine since then until recently. The issues I'm having are as follows. I hear a springy noise when dropping the clutch There is a knocking/rattle noise when the clutch is down When in first gear at low revs the car vibrates moderately when raising the clutch When in reverse the car vibrates very badly and feels like the wheels are spinning/struggling A clear liquid seems to drop from the backbox (no odour) I've flushed the coolant, topped up the oil, checked all the liquid i can see and they're all fine. It's about to hit 70k miles Someone suggested clutch maybe on the way out but better to get fellow ford lovers opinions. Thanks for any reply.
  6. Fiesta 1.4 TDCI VIBRATION

    Hi all, I am new to this forum so hi to all and I am hoping I can find an answer to my problem. i have a 1.4 fiesta tdci 05 reg, it's done 164,000 miles without a problem till now. The clutch went about 3 weeks ago, so had a new one fitted and since then I have a vibration that starts in fifth gear engine underload going up hill at around 1800 rpm /50 mph with light throttle it feels like the engine is shaking loose? Had it back to the garage they have looked at many things and couldn't find anything wrong. So after much debate they decided to change the clutch again in case it was a fault on that they checked the flywheel which is perfect, rebuilt it and it's exactly the same. They say there is some end float in the crank shaft which may be causing it?? And have advised I could need a new engine?? The car drives faultlessly in all other gears and conditions and if you accelerate through it it goes? There's no nasty knocks or rattles from the engine it is sweet. Has anyone experienced this before?? Any help greatly appreciated as it's becoming annoying now and hate the thought of an engine change. Thanks in advance. Dave.
  7. Hi all, For the last couple of months I've been getting an intermittent slight engine vibration. Occasionally when the car is idling, the rev counter stays where it should be but I I can feel a slightly shudder/vibration. Engaging the clutch doesn't change anything so I thought I'd check the engine mounts seeing as I had a few bits to do on the car today. I'm assuming that the 'bladder' in the top mount isn't supposed to have a massive bubble in it? I'd estimate that the bubble is around 10mm proud of the rest of the mount (the picture doesn't show 'depth' very well. Assuming that it's not meant to look like that, has anyone replaced the mount on a Lynx engine? It appears to be a relatively straight forward job to replace, I just need to ensure the engine is adequately supported. Has anyone who has replaced one used a non Ford mount? I'm only asking about non-Ford mounts because Trust Ford Wakefield wanted £120+ inc. VAT for genuine part!
  8. Hi all, Picked up my new st last week all was fine been doing a bit of driving, everything feels great however after around 400 miles on the clock between 2500 and 3000rpm there is a audible vibration sounding like it's coming from the engine bay (most noticeable in 4th), the car feels fine there is no physical issues. Was just wondering if anyone knew what it could be (or if this is a common issue) before I take it back to the dealer to see if they can find it. Thanks, Mike
  9. So, I've noticed some really bad vibration/wobbling coming from the passenger (left) wheel area recently when driving above 50mph, and it gets really bad above 60. The steering wheel isn't vibrating, so I don't think it's an issue with the wheel balancing (i.e. a weight fallen off). A few days ago, I bottomed out on a back road, which I think might have caused it. I was doing about 45/50mph, there was a dip in the road that I didn't notice, and bottomed out on the incline (it was the passenger side that bottomed out). What sort of damage could this cause? Any suggestions to what is causing the vibration/wobble?
  10. Apologies if in wrong forum. Cmax 2.0 tdi 56 plate. When applying power between 45-70mph my whole car shakes.i feel it through entire body in dvr and passenger seat, not specifically thru stering wheel. 2 new tyres Incl balancing plus the back 2 2000mile old subsequently rebalanced.No change. Garage saw play in back bush dvr side front wheel so had that replaced and still no change.swapped tyres front to back no change. Mech said nothing else obvious apart from tiny bit of play in an engine mounting but 'not likely to be that'. Help appreciated.
  11. Hi guys, I'm new to this fourm so hello all! I have a frozen white mountuned fiesta ST 2015. i have a problem with my brakes as they seem to be very weak and they squeak constantly when driving after 5 mins or so. Couple weeks ago I was driving with very hard braking I ended up finishing all my pads so it was metal on metal. I drove about 15/20 miles with the front discs having basically no pads. I got my pads changed (brembo) but after a day or so of driving, my right front disc started to squeak as I drive and then the squeak would stop when I brake. Gave it some time as I thought it could just be the pads trying to wear in. After some days of driving and occainally some hard driving it didn't stop so I ended up buying new discs (MTEC DRILLED & GROOVED), had them fitting to my car and my brake pedal was very loose after I drove away from the garage! After days of letting the pads wear onto the discs ( which what the garage said to do) it was still very loose and very weak braking. The garage then had a look at my pads and there was a crack between the metal holder of the pads and the actually pad material its self which they said would seem to be a manufactory fault. I then got new (Pagid) pads which made the pedal and car stop a lot better but are still very weak compared to how they used to do! The pedal still goes slightly lower then before all this problems. It also doesn't stop well but the constant squeaking has stopped on the front right disc and has now moved to the front left disc!! It has been constantly squeaking from 2 weeks now as the garage said to just jet the brakes down with water when they are cold. The squeak stops for a few minutes then starts again! Also when I brake at high speeds, the car starts to vibrate and I feel it on the pedal. Sorry for the eassy but in need of help badly!! thank you in advance.
  12. Hi I hope someone can shed some light on a peculiar problem that has appeared with my old trusty mk1 focus diesel: Starting from cold there seems to be a strange harsh vibration that runs through the car when decelerating in all gears on the overrun - it doesn't happen during acceleration The problem seems to disappear when the vehicle has been running awhile and warmed up? I have checked engine mounts are ok and the engine is running smoothly when cold or warm Any ideas greatly appreciated Thanks
  13. Some of you may have seen my videos and heard that horrible Vibration Noise, I've read other people also have that same noisy Audio. This video shows 2 runs on the same road, before and after my fix. Someone pointed out it's the buttons that are creating the noise in camera, you can't actually hear anything in the car.I put a thin strip of Electrical Tape along the underside of those buttons and it's cured the vibration (for now) :D
  14. Hi All Owned my S-Max 240 Ecoboost for a few months now and generally been fine. However yesterday my wife tried to start the car and took a while for it to turn over, then it vibrated a lot when it did start and Engine Management Light came on. She turned car off and then started it 10 mins later and it was fine and EML light went off. She tried to start it again this morning and it vibrated again on start-up and EML light remains on. She drove a short distance and started car up again and it was fine but EML light remains on. I will be taking it to the garage in next few days but any ideas what could be causing the start-up issue? Is it anything common with these engines? Thanks
  15. Vibration While Driving

    I have had this issue with my focus 2008 1.8 tdci that I get vibration through the drivers seat or floor not through the steering wheel of the gear stick nor the break pedal. I have had the car tracked and balanced twice in the last few days but it's still there. So thought I'd ask about see if anybody has had similar issues or an idea of what it could be.
  16. Vibration When Braking

    Ford Focus 1.6 Diesel Style Around June last Year, I started getting a vibration on the steering wheel while braking so straight away I assumed that my disks were warped. I had them replaced by my local garage but within 2 months, I started to get the same problem again. I took the car back to the garage and they replaced the disks under warranty and assumed that they were bad disks. This time the disks lasted about 4 months and then the vibration returned. This time I listened for any noise and I could hear a rubbing, almost like a chugging noise on the left hand side of the car which then turns into a wobbling knocking noise when the car slows down further. I then took the car back to the garage which they then replaced the left side calliper (and the disks/pads again) but I still have the same issue. I am going to take it back there again but I want to find out if anyone else might have had the same issue or might know something else that might be causing it so I can mention it to the people at the garage. Just to add to this. I’m pretty good when it comes to braking, there is no vibration on the steering wheel when driving and there seems to be no play on the left wheel, which I have checked and the guys at an MOT centre have also reported no problems.
  17. 2005 Mk6 Fiesta Rattle

    I have developed a rattle that seems to be coming from under the gear shifter/handbrake. It seems to only happen around 30-40mph and only when I go over a small bump in the road, doesn't happen over speed bumps! It definately sounds like some thing is loose, not broken! I have had a look under the car but can't really see much, it's not the heat guard, and i cant see anything else loose. Just wondered if there are any engine tie rods or engine mounts that may have come loose. Any help appreciated, it's proper annoying!
  18. Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI, 56 plate. I spent most of yesterday taking off the engine undertray, taking out the glovebox and fusebox, removing the radio and surround only to find that the annoying vibration I've been getting for the last few months was from the heater pipes vibrating against something, I don't know what, but what I do know is that if I put some foam between the pipes, the vibration stops. I found this photo on the web (originally from this site) If you look at the 2 pipes to the LEFT of the red circle (they are almost horizontal), these are the offending pipes. I couldn't find a mention of anyone else finding this particular vibration spot, so I thought I'd post it. Lee. P.S. If you find a solution to a question you have asked, please report back and help others :)
  19. Hi all! So I've recently bought myself a 57 reg ford focus 1.6 (100ps) style. I'm happy with the car apart from this steering wheel vibration issue. The wheel seems to start vibrating from speeds of 30mph onwards, definitely worse at 60~75mph. Haven't gone any faster. At lower speeds the vibration is noticeably worse whilst lightly braking. Had all four wheels balanced & the tracking done which I believe remedied the issue ever so slightly but now I'm out of ideas...I think the car was stationary for a period of like 2 months whilst at the car dealer and I've read tyres can develop "flat spots" but the tyres visually look normal. I'd appreciate any input ☺
  20. Hi everyone I have just bought a 2006 Focus 18 tdci sport at auction which I am seriously kicking myself for now. It sounds ok when I listened to it all be it quickly as it was just about to go to auction. When I got in and started it up it starts easily as expected but sounds quite rough. tick over seems pretty quiet once it settles but if you touch the throttle it seems like its running on 3 cylinders with a knocking noise every so often! It pulls well while driving but is rough and there is quite a bit of vibration which seems to be from the engine while driving. Ive not had chance to open the bonnet for a look yet as had to dash when I got home to collect my wife. Any ideas anyone? timing belt not in correct position? clutch? (DMF Clutch?) bottom end? or would a bottom end not affect the running like this? car has done 110,000 miles. Thanks for reading, any advise very welcome so I can decide what to do with it. :(
  21. Hi, I recently 'upgraded' our trusty year 2000 Focus Estate 1.6 Auto for a newer model .. a 58 plate 1.6 Petrol Auto Estate (32K miles). Whilst the new car is indeed a more pleasurable drive, I do find it less 'sporty' than the old one .. but as I use it for running about town, I'm happy to accept the improved fuel economy :) over acceleration. The only niggle I have is that the car 'vibrates' when idling/stationary (both in neutral and in drive). I can feel this through the steering wheel, which is annoying .. and can 'see' the vibration in the side mirror(s). Problem is that, as far as I can tell, it is not possible to adjust the idle speed ... everything is now in the hands of the engine management system (EMS) .. but I'm convinced just a small increase would improve matters, as when I switch on the airco, the expected increase in RPM (though hardly measurable on the rev counter) seems to the reduce the vibration problem (though this may be just coincidence). I believe the idle speed is set by the EMS based on inputs from various sensors. Does anyone know which sensors exactly ? .. so I can check they are okay .. or have any other ideas of things I can check which may be causing the idle speed to be slightly too low ? I've had the plugs out .. which look okay (and all 4 look similar). The car starts and drives fine. I've checked fault codes with my basic OBDII reader and none come up. TIA
  22. Hi I have just had my clutch and Dual Mass Fly Wheel (DMF) replaced on my 2005 (late 55 facelift) 1.8 TDCI Since picking it up I get a Knocking noise when releasing clutch in any gear. Sound comes from near side of the car. I am also getting a Vibration through clutch. Any suggestions? More history. When they replaced the clutch they found they had the wrong DMF. Refitted everything then took apart again to fit clutch and DMF. When it came to re doing the clutch and flywheel the DMF was not fitted correctly, resulting in the car dropping power and showing Engine System Failure. Note: there was no knocking when changing gear. Took car back. They refitted the DMF and the car drives fine apart from the knocking when releasing clutch and the vibration. They said the knocking was due to the teeth on the gearbox / clutch coming together due to gap tolerances but I'm not sure I buy that. I have scoured the forums which suggest possibly Gearbox mount. This is possible I guess if they had to remove gearbox 3 times. But I'm not sure. Anyone had the same issue or suggest what the knocking is and the vibration, I would appreciate it as I'm taking car back again on Saturday.
  23. Hi, Im a newbie on the board but wanted to invite other 2012/2013 Fiesta owner is they had experienced a similar problem on their Fiesta. I picked mine up from my dealer (In Kansas USA) at the weekend as new with 25 miles on the clock, but after driving another 60 or so I noticed a vibration noise when the car is idling around 900-1000rpm. I made a recording you can hear here I will be taking back into my dealer this weekend, but seen as the Fiesta has been available for much longer in the UK, I thought I'd ask your experience for clues. Thanks for any help or suggestion. Tony. http://youtu.be/opstovKFhaw While looking aorund I found perhaps related service bulletin and another forum post: 2012 Ford Fiesta Power Train Service Bulletin 337706, NHTSA: Action Number: 10043326Summary: Ford: see document search button for owner letter. Certain model year vehicles have an improperly balanced clutch assembly. This will cause a vibration felt through the seat and/or steering will while in park, first gear and neutral po http://www.automd.com/tsb/bulletin_b337706/ and a discussion thread about SE manual Engine vibration/harmonic http://www.focusfanatics.com/forum/showthread.php?t=299923&page=2
  24. Hi. My mk1 focus 1.6 zetec has an odd vibration issue. At normal idle the car is fine. No vibration what so ever. But when i put on anything electrical the headlights, heater, rear window heater etc. The car vibrates constantly at idle. The revs stay level and dont dip, the vibration is more of a pulsing vibration and the engine shakes. Ive cleaned all the grounds in the engine bay and used a multi meter which is showing zero resistance. Ive also checked the alternator using the multimeter on the battery and the reading is a steady 12.7 but when i start the car the reading pulses up and down with vibration and is between 14.0 and 13.5 and is not steady. The thing that baffles me is the revs dont budge but you can clearly see and hear the engine pulsing and vibrating. I dont think it could be the engine mounts as it only happens with the electrics on and its not a steady vibration. Im thinking it could be the alternator or voltage regulator. Any ideas would be great.
  25. Hi all, I'm afraid that I'm looking for your knowledge on a problem with my Cmax. Car is 1.8 tdci, 57 plate 51K on clock. On acceleration, particularly when heavily loaded and in higher gears, there is significant vibration thr' the steering wheel and seats. Also vibrates to a lesse extent when travelling 50-70(ish). Clutch seems fine and no slipping etc. Wheels have been tracked and balanced (3 times for balancing!), no noise from driveshaft when turning and no (unusual) noise when starting or turning off (hopefully not dmf). It also vibrates badly when braking quite hard from high speeds. Vibrations are worse when braking if wheels aren't straight (particularly steering to the left) and also if foot is on the clutch. I'm at my wits end with the problem, local dealer very good and helpful but no suggestions! They've checked for play on shafts, brake pads/discs and also checked tyres for deformity, balance etc. I sold my last cmax when it developed a similar problem but I don't want to sell again, surely I can't have had the only 2 with this problem!!!!! I'm not a 'hard' driver (get 55+ mpg on rural roads)! Thanks for any suggestions, if you need any clarification please let me know. Thanks again Will