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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all I'm looking for some advice. Through a combination of poor judgement on my part and bad luck I've managed to smash the painted casing and indicator lens on my passenger side wing mirror, because I lost the lens Ford said they'd have replace the whole thing and quoted me £280 for the privilege which I'm not going to do as I can find a replacement casing and lens online for less than £50. My questions are 1. Does anyone know what shade of red is used on the wing mirrors and roof of the black edition fiestas, I can find the paint code for the black easy enough but there seems to be no information on the red. Failing that if anyone has the red edition I'd be prepared to try the shade of red those come in. 2. I can find cases both primed and ready for painting or already painted, personally I'd rather paint it myself as I'm more confident in my ability to match the colour than an online seller, but do any of you have experience doing this? Is the painting easy enough to do yourself and get a good loooking finish or am I better off putting my faith in the hands of a 'professional' (or some cases semi-professional)? Thanks in advance for the help, Adam
  2. Hi all, Someone has taken the time to open my wing mirrors whilst folded and smashed my passenger side wing mirror glass. I'm happy enough to replace it but I wondered if any consideration has to be made to the Blind Spot Indicator and the heating element? Is there a specific model of glass that I'd need to buy? Thanks Ross
  3. Long story short i have a smashed left wing mirror on my new 16 reg ford fiesta black edition. I have seen this wing mirror and was wondering if it will be compatible (wing mirror link). Any help would be appreciated, i have seen a video on how to fit it. Just wondering if that part is genuinely compatible, thank you :).
  4. Hi, I caught my passenger side wing mirror on a post while driving into a tesco car park (Please don't judge, I've not been driving for very long and was trying not to hit another car whose driver attempted to drive through me!). Once I parked up, I noticed my wing mirror was pushed in and the glass had come flying out. Some lovely person came running over with it and gave it back to me. However, I'm now clueless about what to do (it's currently taped in place). Having done a google search and looked at a few pictures I've managed to work out that the backing plate is still in place and it's just the glass that has come out. I haven't even got a scratch on the paintwork! I'm not sure if the backing plate is damaged as I don't really know what it's meant to look like - I didn't even realise that the glass could be replaced until today! I tried to push everything back in place but couldn't - although I may not have been doing it right. A bit of detail - I've got a 2005 Fiesta Studio with manually adjustable mirrors. Any advice is much appreciated!
  5. Hi all, i was hoping someone could give me some advice please. My friend has a Ford Mondeo mk3. 2006. 5dr Hatchback. She's recently bought it and the driver wing mirror has been damaged. It's currently held on with duct tape 😂😂!!! it seems that it's held without the tape but not secure. Im wondering if it's like a clip/click on unit and can it be fixed rather than replaced. Any tips would be appreciated!!!
  6. N/S wing mirror

    Afternoon, I've recently bought a second hand n/s mirror for my smax due to the missus colliding with another car and obliterating it.I thought I'd got the right model year but I haven't, the one we have has the 16 pin plug the one I bought has the 8 pin plug. Now I have checked all the wiring matching up for mirror motor control, puddle lamp and indicator. My question is 1 did ford just change the plug to allow for the power folding option and can I just cut the plugs solder the new to the old and heat shrink them all. Thanks Matt
  7. Hello. Recently, backing out of a parking spot, I caught my passenger side door mirror on a pillar and wrenched it rather severely. Nothing broke, but the casing snapped out of place and the mirror assembly was pulled a little ways out of its socket. Re-assembling the mirror case was no trouble at all, and everything, from the indicator light to the orientation motors, works perfectly, but the mirror isn't properly fitted to the door. The piece of plastic that connects the mirror case to the door panel doesn't lie flat on the door; rather, it's pretty loose. I found the nut that holds the mirror in place, and managed to undo it (it appears that the bold that holds the mirror wasn't bent), but, when tried to fit the mirror back into place, I found a metal prong next to the fixing bolt that doesn't seem to have anywhere to go, and prevents the mirror from fitting into place properly. How can I fit my mirror back into its place?
  8. Guys / gals, I am trying to fix my friend's 64 plate fiesta (face lifted version) as she has broken the wing mirror on the driver's side. It's a 1.2 petrol (not ST or anything fancy like that). But....I'm having trouble finding out if a wing mirror for a 2008-2013 fiesta will fit, or do I need to get one specifically for a 2014 model? I am getting conflicting reports whether they will be compatible or not...who can settle this mystery once and for all?
  9. Hi, Im new to the forum as figured somebody may have had one or some of the issues i am having and may be able to point me in the right direction to fix without spending if i dont have to. i, passenger side electric wing mirror no longer working (drivers side fine and working off same switch) & have checked fuses ii, Electronic boot release switch inside the cabin no longer works to release boot (Have changed switch) & recently will not open from the key fob either iii, cigarette lighter randomly stopped working. changed to new power unit but there is no power getting through at all Im no mechanic but do have a basic understanding of how things are changed etc but im lost as to why the above has happened. Any help or ideas would be great! Thanks!!!
  10. Hi all, I have had my NS wing mirror clipped. I found it with the coloured cover off and "folded" in. It opens and closes fine, can be adjusted fine BUT the mirror now sits slightly proud of the housing. I unclipped the mirror glass and found small pieces of broken plastic inside but no obvious damage. Anyone got any experience of this or any suggestions? Gut feeling is either put up with it (as it's still fully functional; not the wife's preference) or replace the mirror (fecking expensive). I see a lot of Mk4 mirrors that would do on ebay (example) for the Mk4 but these say up to 2011. Do these mirrors definitely not work with the 2012 model? If not, why not? Cheers, Gary
  11. Hi there Clipped wing mirror on a stcky out branch. No apparant damage but cover has come away at outer edge. How do clips work on this. Dont want to damage it by forcing it together. Its a fiesta Mk8 2013. Only advice I got anywhere on net was just to be carefull not to break any clips and that it is a bit tricky. Thanks in advance Paul
  12. Toyota Avensis Wing Mirror

    Hi I know this is not a ford but hope someone might be able to help I am trying to get a wing mirror assembly for my father in laws Toyota Avensis. I have the registration number but sadly it is an 03 plate so could be one of tow types. Doe anyone know how I can find out which one I will need. Also the sites I have look at for the mirrors online mentions 3 or 5 pin connections. I don’t know which he has but I do know it isn’t a heated mirror. Does anyone know if this is a 3 or 5 pin connector. Any help would be great. Regards Tom
  13. Hi all, First fiesta owner here, just got a 2010 Fiesta Zetec TDCi and apparently this came with folding wing mirrors, however when i lock the car nothing happens... checked the setting menu and Link to Lock is on so not sure whats the problem is... unless they didn't come as part of the City pack?? Help would be appreciated!! Cheers