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Found 213 results

  1. 2 weeks ago I bought a 2012 fiesta zetec s. Since a couple of days after I bought it, the car was struggling to start a wee bit. I thought this might be because the person I bought it off barely ran it, and I mainly use it to drive to work and back (10 minutes from home). The car recently has been struggling to start a wee bit more (even if I took it big runs to charge the battery), it could sit for a few hours then it would not turn over and sound really powerless when turning the key, with lights on the dashboard flickering too. But it eventually would start. For the interior light to turn off and the dashboard to go off, the car must be locked. Is this right for this kind of car? A few times when turning the key, there has been a noise that sounds just like the noise it makes when the petrol light goes on. Just want to check that this sounds like the car battery is on it's way out before I buy a new one? And it's not another kind of problem?
  2. I have a 2006 mk6 fiesta zetec s and I want to know if it's possible to do a straight swap and have an ST engine put straight in, if this is possible I want to know how much it usually costs for the complete conversion
  3. So recently bought a 2007 Zetec s and everything is running perfectly although noticed it's very boaty around tight corners and with 16" alloys there's quite a gap between arch and wheel. To improve it I was looking for lowering springs as I don't want to ruin the ride with bigger wheels and would like to keep it as standard as possible so any recommendations for springs that wouldn't be too low would be greatly appreciated
  4. So recently bought a 2007 Zetec s and everything is running perfectly although noticed it's very boaty around tight corners and with 16" alloys there's quite a gap between arch and wheel. To improve it I was looking for lowering springs as I don't want to ruin the ride with bigger wheels and would like to keep it as standard as possible so any recommendations for springs that wouldn't be too low would be greatly appreciated
  5. It started out looking like this... As time went by, It turned into this.... It all started when I joined another Mondeo owners forum and as I looked through the pictures of other people's cars, I was made aware of what I could have. I started upgrading the front bumper with a facelift one from a scrapped 2003 model. I didn't want the front fogs at the time so I just got it sprayed to match the car, removed the fog moulds from the back then stuck black mesh in the gaps where the front fogs would once sit, and the centre grill. It looked hideous..... That's when I knew I wanted to go the full-works and get the ST kit installed, so I did. I replaced the rear lights with from the boring-looking standard ones with a new set of facelift ST ones.... Next, came the Rear ST bumper only with my own little touch on it. I wasn't fond of the standard grill inserts so I decided to try the black mesh look again and this time I was very pleased... I installed some parking sensors aswell and also replaced the boot trim with another facelift part that had the chrome lip, just above the reg plate. I then realised that I liked the chrome look too, so I then replaced the door handles and weather strips with official chrome trim ones... I wasn't finished there. I then wanted to get the facelift Honeycomb front grill which had a chrome surround. So when that arrived, I got it sprayed in Panther Black to match the car then put that on too... Dismantled my headlights next and sprayed them black and got some Halo rings installed... Next up was changing the front bumper again, only this time I decided to go with a Zetec S bumper and the front fogs and added a few more touches of my own. I got the front fog moulds sprayed to match the car and added some chrome stripping. I know the chrome stripping is not for everyone, but I thought it gave the car a really nice finish... The alloy's where next on the list so I wanted to go with a multispoke design and I like the 18" ZS design from Ford so I got a second hand set of those and got them sprayed to look nice and tidy. I also took a long trip to part exchange a pair of 'preface' ST side skirts with a pair of official Zetec S skirts. I discovered that I had to replace the front wings to get the ST skirts to fit but that wasn't a road I wanted to travel down. Got the Zetec S skirts installed aswell... Last up was overhauling my interior. I completely removed the centre dash console and replaced the radio with a double din unit from Clarion that had 1000+ colours options to choose from to match any interior lighting, speakers, facelift controls, leather seats (door cards too), and interior lighting from the standard green to red (that was a long day!!) and the results were worth it... The last things left to do was give it a buff with a some G6 and a mop to get that mirror image shine... (this too was another looonnnggg day) Sadly, I had to let her go to another owner. I had a young family building up and I knew where I wanted my priorities to be. The next owner completely trashed it and I got this really gut-wrenching feeling inside when I first saw it about a month later, I was heartbroken! Have not seen it for sometime now, I like to think it got sold on to someone who cared more but I will never know. This is now my new pride and joy... I'm sure you have seen many examples of these cases and they always have a unique feel to them. Thanks for taking the time to read and view! I hope you enjoyed it.
  6. Hi guys Welcome to my progress thread! Well, my old mk6.5 was written off unfortunately and my friend who works for Ford recommended the new Zetec S to me, and after a few weeks of looking around I decided it was the sensible choice for me. I picked up my Panther Black Zetec S from a Ford garage on the 31st of October, it's the 1.0 Ecoboost 125ps, 1 Owner from new, 6,471 miles, one service on it and there extras consist of; Privacy glass, Upgraded 17" alloys, City Pack and Start/Stop pack. It was one of the ford guy's girlfriends car, only sold it back to them because they got an upgrade because of his job, so something nice and legit, and no dodgy reasons! I don't have a proper list of what I want to do just yet, but a Stage 1 Revo remap and new exhaust system is on the cards. But for now I'll just be adding bits on here and there but will be sure to post about it! Ordered a pack of LED's last night so hopefully they're going to turn up some point this week. Here are some of the photos the day I officially bought her! And the day after, picking her up! Couldn't quite believe how clean it was... Thanks for reading :)
  7. I'm picking up my 2014 zetec s fiesta on saturday, and i've been looking all over for little mods that make a big difference. Seen a few lads with white led headlight bulbs and it looks so clean. was hoping someone would be able to help me by providing a link to where i can get them and also how to fit them because headlights are something i've never messed about with. Also so if you've got any suggestions on appearance mods for me to do i'd love to hear them
  8. Which Fiesta?

    Going to look into getting a new car sometime soon, I've spent the last 2 days looking at the 140 bhp 1L ecoboosts, and the 123 Zetec S, but there's the 1.6L versions too, what one would you lot suggest, and why?
  9. Hi, I am a 17 year old kid who is fortunate enough to get a Fiesta Zetec S as their first car! But I am completely torn on what colour to go for! Originally I loved the colour of the Red edition, yet I have recently seen a white version with black wheels,roof and wind mirrors. I would really appreciate feedback from what you fiesta owners think and any pictures of perhaps both colours to help me figure out! Thanks, Luke
  10. Hello :) I've had my rear lights tinted, looks really smart and I'm happy with the result. One of my colleagues has been a killjoy and been reminding me all morning that the lights are either "illegal" and an "MOT failure waiting to happen" Can any of you guys lend an opinion, do I have anything to worry about?
  11. Has anyone seen or fitted a Zetec S body kit to a MK3 2012 Titanium Focus? Been searching the net and cant even see them for sale anywhere. Any one seen them and any ideas of price. Can they be had from ford dealers? Thanks
  12. On startup the engine makes a ticking noise and seems to fade once the engine has warmed up. Everything under the bonnet looks good including the oil, a bit worried what the noise is! The cars a 2009 mrk7 zetec s. I have a video of the noise but this can't be attached.
  13. Hi Everyone, Just registered here in an attempt to get my MK6 1.6 16v ZS through its first MOT since purchasing. Yesterday I took the car to my local Halfords to be MOT'd (which I now regret) It failed on a whole list of things, but the main concern's are the following: - Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content at idle excessive - Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive - Exhaust emissions hydrocarbon content after 2nd fast idle excessive - Exhaust emissions lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits The figures on the printout are as follows: 1st idle test - RPM 2750/3150, CO 1.62%, HC 232, Lambda 0.95 2nd idle test - RPM 2750/3150, CO 2.60%, HC 298, Lambda 0.92 Natural idle test - RPM 650/850, CO 1.59 Cars currently sat at 106,000 miles, it's my first car and my experience is limited. I stupidly didn't take it out for a bit of a drive beforehand... was later told I should've done just to be on the safe side Only known related problem is that the engine management light is on. Code comes out as - P0030 HO2S heater control circuit bank 1 sensor 1, which is the lambda sensor. I have a new one on the way. Wondering if this will solve the problem entirely? I've now taken the car to my trusted local garage to be diagnosed. Halfords have quoted me ridiculous prices for small/cheap parts to be replaced, and don't trust their thirsty pockets. On the write up they listed it possibly needs a new catalytic converter and lambda sensor. But that they would have to look into it to be certain... Cat is also listed on the advisory's as being "deteriorated on the inside" So what I'm really asking is... from the results and known problems d'you guys thinks it's as simple as just a new lambda sensor? Or the cat as well? Thanks to anyone in advance!
  14. I love my car atm mods are coming real soon I'm just wondering has anyone has a custom/manufactured backbox fited to the car? I work nights a lot so I don't think it'd be too fair getting a full cat back, I had a sportex backbox on my old 2006 fiesta style and it sounded nice it was just too deafening. I imagine mine will have better sound proofing so it isnt that bad. So has anyone had a custom backbox/cat back fitted and whats the noise/drone like? thanks.
  15. Back box

    I have recently bought myself a 2010 Fiesta Zetec S and I want to put a performance back box on it I don't want to spend a lot of money but I want it to be top quality what do you guys suggest?
  16. Mk2.5 focus grinding noise

    Hi need some advice, I've had my 59 plate focus zetec S 1.6 tdci for about six weeks and every time setting off after starting the engine it makes a grinding noise from the engine bay, it only lasts about a second or two and happens between 10 - 15 mph, it never happens except the first time after starting the engine
  17. Hi. How easy is it for a new engine fit? Is it as simple as lump out, lump in? I own a Focus Zetec S 1.8 tdci 2009. Currently in the hands of an engineering firm who quoted me £3000 and is telling me I won't have it done for £1500 which I have been told by different places. 3 or 4 mechanics telling me they would have me up and running for less than £1500... however, others are telling me it's not as easy as that as serial numbers, engine codes, ecu must all match perfectly. I'm in the dark. Help please.
  18. Hi guys. Help needed urgently. Need advice if anybody could spare me a few minutes on the phone... Either a focus specialist or a mechanic. Thanks in advance, Ben.
  19. Hi guys new to this, need a little help. I currently own a mk6 1.2 and I'm upgrading to a zetec s. I'm unsure of wether to get a petrol or a diesel? I plan on making this my little project, which would be best?
  20. Hi guys new to this, need a little help. I currently own a mk6 1.2 and I'm upgrading to a zetec s. I'm unsure of wether to get a petrol or a diesel? I plan on making this my little project, which would be best?
  21. So I have a 2006 Ford Fiesta Zetec S, petrol, and I was wondering where I would be able to get the "best?" Dump valve from? I was it for nothing else other than the sound, would mix well with a nice exhaust, any replies appreciated thanks.
  22. Hi everyone!

    Hello friends. I am Emin and i am driving 2015 fiesta zetec s red edition as my first ford. Cheers!
  23. i currently own 1.0 zetec ecoboost i am considering a 2016 zetec s 125 but will i notice any performance differnce?
  24. Hi all, Just got my Fiesta Zetec S Mk7.5 and one thing I really liked when looking for mods was these storage bin mats I saw on Amazon. Unfortunatly they're for the Mk7 and won't fit but I wanted to ask if anybody knew of any for the Mk7.5 as I'd love to buy some. Thanks