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Found 70 results

  1. Howie

    From the album Howie

  2. Howie

    From the album Howie

  3. Air box Upgrade

    Hello, I am looking for some information regarding upgrading the lower half of my air box to the ST250 or RS lower air box with the duel (Top & Bottom) air entrances (Picture 1) I have a 2014 Focus 1.0 Zetec S with the single (Top) air entrance (Picture 2) Is this a straight swap? Thanks
  4. Hi, I have a Ford Fiesta 1.0L ecoboost 100ps Zetec since April 2015. I have done a few mods which include: Sony Stereo upgrade Wind Deflectors LED ambient lighting LED Illuminated Door Sills LED Fog units ST 17" Alloy wheels ST Centre console with armrest ST Molten Orange Recarro Seats Full Dress Up Kit Zetec S front grills Mountune Induction kit I have a few more things that I am going to do such as: Cat Back Exhaust System (July) Bluefin Chip (July) Rear Parking Sensors ( fitting this weekend). Any suggestions please let me know. :)
  5. Hello everyone, since buying a Ford in January and posting in the new members topic(Also January) i have not done a single thing on the forum since then, however i'm here today to show you what I've done with my car and what i hope to achieve next. Quick Side note: 1) I'm young and insurance skyrockets with modifications of the performance type, so yes i will be doing exhausts/remaps/air filters etc etc, but not until next year on my second NCB. :) 2)All of this was done by myself, everything. I'm fairly proud however constructive criticism is advised! 3)Any future modifications you want to suggest i'm absolutely all ears on it. Ok, so firstly my engine bay, now as said in the quick side notes unfortunately i can't go around buying cold air intakes and primary and secondary induction hoses which sucks, however i have made the most of it buy doing a little bit of personal styling. Primary induction hose and Air box have all been sprayed Red, and then once it was dry it was coated with lacquer for a bit of extra protection. I wanted to take out the Secondary hose and paint that but i couldnt seem to be able to take off the breather pipe? i tried looking online and on here and for the life of me i just couldn't find it, so i left it how it was.(Besides those two circular clips that attach it to the "Engine" sorry my car savvy is about 2/10, were awfully hard to put back on when they went off. Right, so Secondly i decided to give my interior a new breath of life aswell, The side trim where the door handle is, the main center console, and the plastic bit that covers your ford sync screen thing were all taken off and recoloured. I did this by using a lacquer remover type solution (Not used on the ford sync casing) to, well remover the lacquer and then i re-colored and re-lacquered for a protective finish. The i guess "Upper" center console(Radio controls volume control etc etc) was going to be taken out and re-coloured but i didnt realise the trim and the actual hardware were all as one bit? i'm sure there is a way to separate them but looking back on it i like how it is. Next i did the gear knob, it wasn't necessary but the plastic bit on top of the Ford gear knob came loose and was only being held on my one little plastic clip, so i decided to change that because why not? Well, Finally exterior mods, and i don't have much to say about this but all i've really done is install wind deflectors. I am planning on replacing the OEM aerial because it's just so unnecessarily big and looks out of place, i am also looking to have new badges to match the red, and i want to install a different rear bumper ( Will be done when i can modify the car to replace the exhaust system and maybe a triple-r composite splitter for the front. I will also be looking at re-colouring my brake pads or just waiting and buying some Red Brembo ones but i don't know yet, the one thing that is stumping me, is if i do decide to just re-colour the pads, do i also do the rear drumbrakes? or just get diskbrakes for the rear and have them red, don't really know. Anyway that's everything, some of the things i'm planning to do at the moment wont be done for some time but i'll get around to them and anything else i do ill be updating the post when i can as well. :) Thanks for taking the time to read it. Also please excuse the mess of photos i typed all of this and then decided to do the photos afterwards, its all in chronological order so its pretty easy to see what i've done. Also Alsom these bottom pictures are just a few "During process" ones, and finished product pictures (No chronological order).
  6. Hi, I've tried to look on here and online for an answer as well as asking a few friends but I can't seem to find anything... I know that you can swap the MK6 Fiesta rear wiper with the MK7 for a smarter look etc but I was just wondering, as the MK7 Fiesta rear wiper is 1" longer than my MK6 rear wiper does that mean that I can use the same rubber length for the MK7 Fiesta in the MK7 Fiesta wiper? I have had a look and I don't think this will impede on the connection, just the length and I can see I have about 2" clearance with my MK6 Fiesta rear window.. Any ideas would be great! Thank you 😊
  7. How do i do this to my car?!?

    Hi, i own a 2010 zetecs fiesta and i wanted to do some cosmetic mods to it. Many mods i see people do is the grill, they have colored shapes inside of the grill and also the i like the idea of the half black splitter but im not sure how i do this? Any advice would be aprricated.
  8. Hey all, After lurking on the forums for a couple months I have finally decided to sign up as I am picking up my first Ford next Tuesday! It will be a 2016 Fiesta Zetec S Red Edition. I am super excited having been out on a test drive and loving every minute! My current car is a little Kia Picanto so its safe to say this will be a nice change and upgrade! I look forward to posting on here more in the near future :) Thanks! Danny.
  9. Toms fez

    Hey guys, bought my 58 plate Fiesta Zetec S at the end of May this year, absolutely love it, especially compared to my old S reg 1.3 fiesta Had i right game with the bluetooth module but all got fixed after two of weeks listening to dreaded radio. Couple pics of it the day got it: Between now and then I've done some cheap little bits to it: Team Heko wind deflectors Red S badge inside Asian style front grill Metal pressed plates Not sure why this is sideways or this I'm more than happy with it now, but a bit stuck on what to do next. My plan eventually is to get ST alloys on it in gloss black, lower it a bit, get some rear wheel spacers, induction kit and eventually some sort of exhaust system on it. If anyone can help with options for any mods I've got planned i'd really appreciate it and any ideas for other mods as well, cheers for checking my post out
  10. Fiesta induction kit

    Hey guys I've got a fiesta 140ps ecoboost and ive decided to upgrade and buy a ST!! I've recently bought a yellow primary and secondary induction hose from PumaSpeed, and have now no use for these parts due to the unexpected upgrade. The parts are unused and still in original packaging if anyone is interested? id have sent them back to PumaSpeed but they're custom parts and unfortunately are none returnable, so rather than letting them go to waste I thought I'd see if any fellow ford enthusiasts would like them? Thanks Jason
  11. Hey guys, ive started to make some modifications to my car, I've got the exterior ideas sorted but I'm wanting to make my car sound a little better... ive got a pipercross pannel airfilter fitted and I'm looking at getting primary and secondary induction hoses, will these add to the sound to my car? And is there better/other options available? Thanks in advance!
  12. So Ive had my fiesta zetec s since january and I've had no problems with it whatsoever until about a month ago, it appears that the bluetooth is turned off in the car, yet when i select and press 'yes' to turn it back on, it still seems to be off. When i go through the 'aux' (BT) connection it tells me to search for sync and enter the code, yet sync does not appear on my phone, and when i check back to see if the bluetooth is tuned on, there is still no tick next to the box? Ive tried doing a master reset and the bluetooth still will just not turn on - I cant stand listening to Capital and smooth FM any longer! Ive got no idea what the problem here is, can anyone help me with this to save me time going to my local branch???
  13. Focus 1.5EB, 150HP to 182HP mod

    From the album WhiteWalker

    Slowly adding the ZetecS packet. J1 performance air filter inside. 150HP to fabric 182HP modification.
  14. Hi, James here, I've had a Red Mk7 Fiesta Zetec S TDCi for just under a year now and starting to look at doing a few bits to it, so I've registered here to join you bunch of helpful and knowledgeable Ford nuts! If anyone has simple "must-do" fixes/mods, be sure to let me know, otherwise I look forward to speaking with you all and sharing all the joys/pains of Ford ownership!
  15. Hey all, I've just joined this site after seeing a few posts about other members' cars in this forum. I'll be sure to stay active here :) I picked up my Zetec S S1600 from my local Ford dealership and I love her, picture of her below (with a filter on as I used it for Facebook). Hope to see you all around :)
  16. Suffolk Members

    Hello there peeps. I'm a new member based in Suffolk. Just seeing who is out and about in the area. If you have any tips or tricks when modifying then just let me know. Not much else to say other than hey.
  17. Make my fiesta girly!

    Hi All, Recently purchased an MK7 Fiesta Zectec S, It's panther black and I absolutely adore it but... I feel it's very plain I plan to do some adjustments and ideally want it to look a bit more girly without spoiling it. any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated as I just don't know where to begin. I've uploaded two photos of what it looks like, the red fiesta was my old one which I've now sold.
  18. Aux button not working

    I have recently bought a 58 plate Fiesta Zetec S and can't get the AUX to work. It doesnt have the Bluetooth module in it so I can't use hands free etc to turn it on. I also don't have the USB input only the AUX jack. Whenever I click AUX on the radio nothing happens it just stays on the radio and when I click AUX in the menu nothing happens. Does anyone know of a solution for this? Thanks!
  19. MK6 ZS or MK7?

    Hi there I currently own a MK6 ZetecS, it's 06 so over 10 years old and has 92,000 miles. I went and looked at the MK7 pre facelift ZS as my dad suggested I sell mine due to age. This newer one is a 59 plate and has 40,000 miles on it and its just under 6 grand. I'm totally torn as to whether i should sell my current one and go for the new one. First car makes me love it even more but i do think mileage is getting to high and worry about spending a fortune on problems, has anyone else made the upgrade and is it worth it or am I maybe better sticking with my current car, MOT is due in December so its got plenty of time left before that happens again so not selling due to this reason but I'm really stuck. The new one is nice for sure but I cant bare to get rid of my current one. Any advice appreciated thanks Fraser
  20. Free milltek dual cat back exhaust

    I have just brought a petrol mk7 fiesta Zetec s that is fitted with a milltek dual catback exhaust. I love the exhaust but unfortunately I have to get a standard exhaust system fitted so that I can insure my car for a reasonable price:(. A friend of mine suggested posting an advert on a forum asking if anyone with a standard exhaust system in a identical fiesta would like to do a swap? the system was fitted by the previous owner 25,000 miles ago. the exhaust tips haven't had a good clean in a while but I will attempt to restore them this weekend to a shine! The cat back seems to be in great shape and it sound really good! I currently work in warwick but I come from bristol and drive down most weekends. Hope this appeals to someone as need a new system ASAP and may be forced to buy a new system through a dealer if I can't sort something out soon! Thanks
  21. 1.0 ecoboost 138 bhp

    hi I have just bought the a new 65 plate zetec s with the 138 bhp engine I was wondering what's the best modification to pull a little more out of the car power wise Thanks,jack
  22. Coilovers

    Can Anyone Recommend A Decent Set Of Coil Overs For My Fiesta Mk6?
  23. Early morning shot

    From the album Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S

    © megsfiestax

  24. Completely Standard

    From the album Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S

    © megsfiestax

  25. Devil eye headlights

    From the album Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S

    © megsfiestax