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Yorkshire Meet

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Located it, A64 from York, at the windmill roundabout hit a right, and the next one take a left, then right at the next one, straight up!

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google maps wasnt playing ball, heres the co-ords you can put into google to see.


its on princes ave towards tropical world, big long sweeping road you'll see a car park on the right if your comming from harehills/leeds city centre/etc

Its easier to get to and wont be as busy as the one neaar the lake.

EDIT: Start location is our meeting spot. End is the cow n calf hotel,ilkley

grr why do my links break? Dan?

Google Maps

Edited by DanGull
Google maps links are odd - they're so long that the forum software thinks 'that can't be a link, can it?' I suggest you use tiny URL...very handy.

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ahh cant doo it, ended up out last night drinking till all hours so wont be able to drive as it hangs around your system for a long time =|

Sorry guys(all 3 of us haha) after all this =|

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i just learned about this last second so i went down and my god...the amount of focus RS and ST's and other "supercars" such as ferraris, lambos, porshe.

Malton Breakfast meet (north yorkshire) there is another in oct if anyone is interested ill post details.

heres a few piccys to wetten your appitite. also a few videos (when i get them of my mate)






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HI guys, i'm from west yorks. joined club few months ago, ive been to fordmeets at south milford where bikers hangout ,massive field. near Sherburn in elmet ,met a few ffoc/focusowners members.


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Thats the one, ive never been to a ford meet so im looking forward to it

Sent from my GT-N7100 using Ford OC mobile app

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