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Fiesta 2009 Mk7 Illuminated Gear Knob

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Hi All,

Has anyone fitted the illuminated gear knob to there mk7 fiesta? I have managed to put the gear knob on but its the wiring that i cannot get?

Can anyone please provide a set of fitting instructions, on where the gear knob has to be wired into?


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Good luck fella, I've had my Fiesta for near on a year now and haven't yet been able to connect the illuminated gear lever or illuminated door sills. No Ford dealers in Queensland Australia (yup I've rang just about all of them) or Ford Australia could help. I've looked on countless forums, asked countless questions, even asked the question on Just Answer with no help. I did briefly connect it via another members assistance here, but I decided against leaving this in place as I thought it would cause a fire in my car haha!

After fitting the unit, I connected the wire to one of the fuses in the fuse box behind the Glove Box (where this invisible GEM unit is supposed to be) and IIRC it was used on the headlights fuse? Can't recall. It could have worked, but I didn't want to risk it because in Australia Ford warranty is shoddy as is, so doing this would mean any issue with my car they'd no doubt blame on my dodgy wiring!

If someone can shed some light on the invisible GEM unit, I'd be forever in your debt!

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Just got my Dad to tap in to the feed from the sidelights for the knob (so on at night when lights are on) and footwell lights feed for sill plates so they come on when doors open.

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