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Clicking Noise Coming From Engine

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Hi all...

I have the following Vehicle.

Ford Fiesta 1.3 Endura LX

1997 R

Recently I have noticed a clicking noise coming from the engine. It's probably been going on for about 2 months.

Its probably got a wee bit worse in recent weeks, either that or I have stopped playing the stereo in my car whilst driving!

I have only had the car 9 months, and have already spent nearly £1000 in maintenance and repairs on it, including the Throttle Position Sensor replacement, exhaust Back Box, intermediate service (in december), Lower tracking arm (only on left as bushes where worn), Brake Discs and Pads amongst other things.

I mechanic who was checking my tyres thought it sounded more terminal than it just being the tappets needing re-aligning, and hinted that the cam shaft could be on its way out, however a friend of mine who many years ago ran his own garage said that although that was a possibility, its more likely to either be the tappets or timing chain needing replacing. Now one of the other things that's been happening with the car as this has been coming to prominence in the last week or so, is that the steering seems to be lighlty juddering in time with the clicks. The clicking seems to be replaced by a light rubbing feel when drinven at an excess of 65 mph.

There is no problem with oil being overly consumed as yet, the engine itself has given no indication that it could sieze, and there are no adverse emissions from the exhaust.

Has anyone come across this issue before? If so what was the remedy? Does anyone have any further input into what may be going on? Its just annoying that this seems to have come to prominence as I'm just about to move house, which is putting a large hole on my finances as it is!

Some input would be greatly appreciated.



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It starts as soon as the engine is switched on, but disappears when you go faster than say 50 mph....

it doesnt ound too good to be honest its clkearly not tappets ide have an independant garage look at it but not being rude i wouldnt have spent that kind of cash on the car maybe its time to get rid and get something else its an old car and not one of the best either you will only end up with more bills sooner or later you have to say enough is enough.

from youre description if the cams are out then the power steering pump will not be running true either and the belts will rub slightly so ide have to agree with the first diagnosis in which case even if you use a second hand cam the chain and belts will all need replacing and to be honest any garage will tell you its just not worth it

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