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Ecu Re Mapping/chipping

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Hi everyone

Sitting at work on a Friday night and searching for answers to a couple of question.

I belong to the FGOC, (Ford Galaxy Owners Club) and have been unable to get a good response there as of yet.

I have searched many sites but there reviews and customer reports seem to have the same old tone of-

I am telling you what you want to hear because I know what will make you dig deep and spend your money, what I won't tell you is, for your money you will be disappointed or you will screw your motor up!

SO, can anyone help me with sound knowledge regarding Engine Management via ECU re-mapping or plug and play devices of vastly varying prices on the Net?

I have a 1.9,Tdi 115,Ps MkII Galaxy that is being used as a tow car on occasions, the bottom end torque lacks luster and at cruise around 60MPH I have the need to change gear too often as the road ahead changes. So what I am looking for is what they say is achievable with magic boxes or re-mapping and with better fuel economy thrown in.

So, do these devices or re-mapping work? are there any fors or against for the afore mentioned tuning methods?

Many Thanks in advance


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Hi Bazza,

Remapping is the best way of getting more out of your engine than a tuning box. A remap alters all your ecu settings via new software written for your car.

A Tuning Box the fuelling so is more limited to the changes it can make.

With a reputable Remapping company you will also get a good warranty, our's is "lifetime", whereas with a tuningbox you will not get more than around 3 years.

A remap on your Galaxy will give 30bhp/80nm torque which will transform the way it drives. You will find it easier for towing etc, and it will need less gearchanging so top gear will be used more as less effort is needed due to the increase in torque..:) And you should see a gain in fuelsaving..:)

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