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1.4 Tdci / Mk6 - Chipping A Good Idea?

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Hi folks

Have a 1.4 TDCi Fiesta Mk6. As you probably know, not much bottom-end torque and not much power.

Looking at chipping options. Found a chip kit for £95 from which increases power by a claimed 22% and torque by 25%

Question is - is it worth doing? As it is, the car is OK for pottering around town and will eventually wind up to a decent speed on the motorway but struggles up hills, especially with more than just the driver on-board.

Could do with some advice. Yes, I am aware of the insurance implications & would notify same.

Ideally want a solution that DOES NOT involve re-mapping the engine management.



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Hi mate,

Fitting a Tuning Box will give you the torque you need for more "drive" so you do not need to work the engine as hard and you will be able to use a higher gear because of this..

Why would you not want a remap? It is far better than a tuning box unless it is down to cost..


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you would have to look at the benefits/costs and weigh up whether it is worthwhile.... if you get it it boost performance and stuff but on the flip side a) cost of fitting B ) insurance (if you do tell them hopefully you would!) c) possible consumption changes

so yeah i aint able to give you an answer just a question sorry lol

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Economy would improve, a rempped/chipped engine would require lower revs to achieve the same speed/power

Definately a good idea, if the claimed improvements came true

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