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Door Speakers

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Hey all,

I've recently bought a Ford Ka T Reg (1999 I believe?). Anyway it's just a run-around until I get my bike MOT'd and get a full bike license, but it'll do until it craps out (which could be a while due to its low mileage and looked after engine). Anyway the drivers door speaker has blown, the passenger door one rattles like mad if you play anything loud enough to hear it. I pulled the rubber bit off between the door and frame on the drivers side, tested with a circuit tester and there's still electric flowing from stereo to the speaker so it's definitely the speaker that's crapped out.

My question is could I just rip the old one out and put a 5x7 in there? I understand I need to keep my eye on mounting depth and possibly use some rubber washers or the old Speakers rubber surround to bring it out of the door a little bit. Will the connectors from the old speaker just fit on to the new 5x7 sweetly or do I need to buy an adapter or something? I've got the old tape player, but soon will be getting just a cheap aftermarket stereo and fascia - Speakers come first though as I have an iTrip for now.

Not bothered about subs or 6x9's in the rear, just want an ok set of door Speakers that'll go in easily (well apart from snapping those stupidly designed clips holding the door card on). Thinking about this head unit;


With these Speakers; http://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-kenwood-kfc-s5782c_p-25630.htm

Any help etc appreciate,



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:)Hi Dan,

here’s a link to the best website for sound on the web 25.00 for a set of new Alpine 5x7 specific for ford Click HERE and just snip the ford connection off the end of the speaker, using the cable provided with your new Speakers (cutting to desired length) twist the copper ends to each other Positivee to possitive and neg - neg line them togeather like wrapping your 2 fingers togeather then twist the bare ends round each other and isolate with some electrical insulating tape insuring both cables are isolated separately ,or you can use small connector blocks but not essential, and also if the cables are for example 1 pink and 1 purple the brighter colour is the positive so pair the bright colour with the white cable on your new speaker cable also here’s a link for the Iso Conversion and dash kit Click HERE and also the cheapest high quality stereo i can find Click HERE last but not least you dash kit, I know the stereo you picked is Sony but it may be worth considering that the cheaper on also features a SD card slot and phono socket for external MP3 Player connection, all of these items for under £90 if you need any more help with connecting or wiring subs, gauges etc. im happy to help mate, :)

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Hey Lenny,

Cheers for the really quick and useful response! I've ordered the Speakers you suggested, I'm skint after buying the car so will use my iTrip for another few weeks then grab a head unit with Aux for my iPod. I've also been and bought a roll of insulating tape and I ordered the ISO adapter a couple of days ago from eBay. ISO should be here tomorrow, the Speakers hopefully before the weekend rolls around. Looking forward to being able to have music on again as I drive to my girlfriends a lot and it's a helluva boring drive listening to either really quiet pop music on the radio or a 1.3 engine that needs tappets doing haha.

I was considering getting a connector block for the Speakers as the wire in the door is quite short, but I think I'll just snip and rewire with some tape. I'll let you know how I get on =]



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