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Jus Bought a 1996 Ford Fiesta MK4 1300cc, Few Quieries

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Hey guys, i passed my driving test 4 weeks ago and i've bought myself a 1996 (P) reg Ford fiesta 1.3 mk4, and i've got some issues.

1), The engine burns oil really badly to the extent of putting in a litre every two days, i've read some forums and people recommend changing the cylinder head valve sills, would you recommend this or could it be the piston rings?

2), The lock can be opened and locked by any ford key, could this just be that the lock is worn out? only one key starts the car but any key can open and lock it.

3), The car is in immaculate condition it just rusting a little around the wheel arch, how can i stop the rusting in its path?

4), Also when i put my foot down to accelerate away quickly its as if the accellerator has a flat spot and the car just stops accellerating which has caused me a few problems, what do you reckon it could be?

5), Also would changing the oil filter and putting 10w/40 Castrol gtx full synthetic oil in the car stop it from burning or is this just a expensive way of burning money?

Thanks for any replys :rolleyes:

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To be honest mate sounds like its gonna cost you a pretty penny to sort that one out. May be worth cutting your losses and trying to look for another car.

I wouldn't bother with putting any decent oil in as your only gonna be burning it. It could be a combination of worn things on it so may be easier to buy a replacement engine. Unless your handy yourself its gonna cost ya a little to get it sorted, whereas a full engine change may well work out cheaper.

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I would agree, it does sound like theres a few jobs that need doing which will cost a fair bit.

Welcome to the club and sorry about the bad news.

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