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1999 Td Mondeo Blue Smoking

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Posted 23 August 2010 - 09:35 PM

all, my first post.. I have a problem with an S plate 110K TD Endura DE? mondeo, which I have been asked to fix..

Blue smoke from exhaust, seems to be a little worse when it's warmed-up.. also, an occasional/frequent misfire.. otherwise the car seemed ok, started well and running on 4 - had the expected power of a TD (I made the mistake of not driving it, but was a passenger)

Problem (apparently) came on quite quickly, and not long after a glow plug change (I have been told that the mechanic cross threaded the #1 plug - from flywheel end)
The smoke doesn't seem as thick or acrid as I would expect from oil burning, but I really can't come to any other conclusion..

I had a couple of visits to see if I could find the problem, and then under a bit of pressure had to make a decision... the car is/was about 1 hour from home, so I was working remotely..

I compression checked it when cold, using the injector holes.. #2,3 and 4 registered about 410 psi after a couple of turns, #1 'crawled' to 380...
Oil level fine
No HG issues with coolant as far as I could see
Some blow back from rocker, didn't seem to bad to my mind
Removed the turbo to injector pump sense pipe and ran for a while, no obvious difference
Undid each Inj pipe a fraction, in turn, and all slowed engine down
removed rubber charge - manifold pipe (this should take turbo, pipework, inter cooler, egr and air-filter out of equation) no diff. *except blue smoke coming out of the inlet manifold from the cylinder(s)! , seemed to coincide with that odd misfire.....
I did disconnect Lift sensor, but cant exactly remember if this made a difference (think it was on #2 from flywheel)
so.. with that knowledge and then finding out about cross threaded plug I had no choice but to pull the head..
I left oil in the bores and AFAIK it's still there..
I did not have time to check the pump timing ! and wouldn't know how to do it with a Mondeo anyway.. I hope I don't , but time was against me..

Head is on the bench, Valve clearances - there is clearance on all, just a quick check tonight but a .20 went under ok..
no obvious damage to the head or and gasket leakage I can see..
Injection pump (lucas) has come back to mine, with the head..

that's as far as I have got and need some ideas now ..
Compression could be down to one leaky valve, valve seal(s) could have gone quite suddenly..this would explain the two major problems.. but that's all I can think of now.
The injection pump.. could it cause blue smoke, and even if it could, it wouldn't account for the compression, the misfire seemingly from only 1 cylinder, and the blow back up the manifold..

stuck but optimistic..

the Head is damn heavy, and I am not even 100% I will get all those darn belts on again!

sorry for the long post :)

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