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Does Everyone Have The Dsp Feature On Their Stereo?


29 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you have DSP feature on your stereo?

    • I have the DSP feature from new
    • I had the DSP feature appear after a dealer upgrade
    • I have the DSP feature, might have been an upgrade but can't be sure
    • I don't have the DSP options
    • Dunno, never pressed the menu button or read the manual...
  2. 2. If you have the DSP feature, do you use it?

    • Yes, I've set the occupancy and music style
    • I've tried it, but turned it off
    • No interest/don't care

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Looking through the PDF of the Fiesta manual that was posted yesterday I noticed the DSP options on the stereo for occupancy and music style (equaliser). Actually the poster with the speaker rattle problem had mentioned using the "Rock" option, and it made me wonder. Now the manual in my glovebox has absolutely no mention of this, and I'm 99% sure my stereo didn't have these options when I got it (car built Oct 2009). But when I just checked today, it does have them! - but then it's been in the garage recently having major body repairs, so they might have upgraded the software while it was there.

So, I was wondering, who out there has this and do you use it?

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Yes I got it in my 59 reg but not really paid it any attention mostly because the hand book is rubbish.I not remember what it is set to either as I left it on what it was when leaving the factory.

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Yes, I got it on the "FLI S.W.A.T. 5" the dealer used to half fill the big hole in the dash that the previous owner left. I've used the various settings, but they aren't impressive and it tends to stay on "Rock".

Mind you, given the right piece of music (modern or classical) the digital "Loudness" bass boost is amazing!

However, an upgrade to a Sony CDX-DAB6650 is on the cards, when the girlfriend concerned can remember where she put the front panel for safe keeping!

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