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Enginer management light. [mk5 Fiesta]

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Hi folks, my brothers owns a Fiesta mk5[?]. It's a 5 door, 1.3 petrol finesse.

He came home from work today and asked me to take a look at it, as it was chugging and had a loss of power. First thing i noticed was it seemed to be idling a bit rough, slightly below 750rpm, while warm. I know they go down to around 750rpm when warm but it was fluctuating a bit up and down and chugging. Also, his engine management light was on. I was just wondering is there a procedure you can go through to check what fault code it's throwing up? Something similar to ones in the likes of toyota, where it'll flash the engine management light a certain number of times to tell you a specific thing that's wrong.

Excuse my ignorance on the topic, I've never worked on a fiesta like this before.

My guess was either a simple serive, plugs leads etc, or the lmbda/02 sensor might be at fault.

Any helps appreciated. Cheers,


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if your car has a digical display hold the trip reset button down why you start the car and the dash will go into test mode

Unlock the hidden secrets of your Ford instrument cluster/mileage display.

This will work on any ford with a LCD trip counter and takes less then 10 seconds to do !!!

The instrument clusters of Fords with LCD displays holds a wad of hidden information which can be simply unlocked and displayed in the trip LCD section of your instrument panel.

There are no tools to use, and you will be told how to do it with detailed instructions.

Below is just a few of the most useful readings it will give

Gauge sweep

LCD test

Instrument Panel bulb test - illuminates all the bulbs on the dash

DTC troubleshooting codes

Digital speedometer - Mph

Digital speedometer - Km/h

Digital tachometer - Rpm

Digital engine coolant temperature

Battery Voltage

Gauge sweep

This moves all gauges from their rest to maximum potions, so you can safely see your speedometer gauge showing 140 Mph. This can be used to ensure all gauges move freely, Focus's have a common problem with sticky fuel gauges, which can be expensive to rectify, this test will check all gauges.

LCD test

used to ensure all LCD segments illuminate correctly, you don't want to buy a car thinking it's only done 33,000 only to find it should be 88,000

Instrument Panel bulb test

Used to illuminate all the bulbs on the dash, ideal if you want to ensure all warning lights are working.

Diagnostics trouble codes (DTC)

You can check the onboard diagnostics trouble codes, ideal if you have a Ford Tis Manual, which may be used to assist fault finding, an extensive list of these is also included.

Digital speedometer (Mph + Km/h)

Can be used to display your speed in Mph and Km/h Ideal if you are travelling abroad.

Digital tachometer (Rpm)

In this mode you see the engine speed even if your car is not equipped with the tachometer gauge?

Digital engine coolant temperature display (°C)

Displays the engine coolant temperature in degrees Celsius.

Battery voltage (V)

This display can be used to check the battery state

Please note: This will work with any Ford fitted with an LCD Digital Tripmeter/Odometer/mileage clock..

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