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Fiesta Mk7 1.25 Zetec

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I've owned my Fiesta since 1st October and since then, I've found no real problems with the car and, any niggly issues have been sorted out by the help from this forum.

Having said that, I would just like to know how other owner's are finding the 'gear changing' on the Fiesta Mk7, especially those with the 1.25 engine? My own experience over the last 7 to 8 weeks is that, overall it's pretty good but I am finding that it can be a bit 'bitty' (not a flowing smooth change) when changing through the gears.

When I am changing from 1st to 2nd, if I move the gearstick out of 1st and straight back into 2nd, the stick does not flow smoothly back into 2nd and I am now finding myself coming out of 1st and briefly pausing in neutral and then back into 2nd and this seems better. Then when I move from 2nd to 3rd, then into 4th and 5th is better but still not a 'flowing gear change'.

I've only done around 850 miles and I expect the box is still tight but I would welcome any input from other owner's on this.

Is it also correct that the 1st and reverse gears on Ford gearboxes have no synchromesh?

Thanks, BHeart

BTW, regardless of engine size, do all Fiesta models use the same gearbox?

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I test drove a few MK7's before deciding on the 1.25 Zetec, and all the gear boxes where as they should be - selecting each gear without any problems. It does sound a bit odd to me it doesn't select as it should, and maybe a visit to the garage would be in order

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The gear changing on my Mk 7 1.25 Zetec was as you describe especially 1st to 2nd, although it did improve but it still feels 'clunky' at times.

I thought it was just me, but if I'm honest I found the gear changes on my old Mk 4 1998 Fiesta Zetec much smoother than I do on the Mk 7!

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i cant remember how it was at first... but my gears flow easily enough... not had any issues with them at all

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