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Vibration/Shudder when idle/Power Loss

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Long story but here goes....got a focus 1.6 it was runnin perfect until the other week when it started to misfire new coil but no diff so turned out to be water in the spark plugs (a think that came from the engine bay being cleaned) changed the plugs and leads and got rid of all water. 2 days later the car struggled to start when cold and then temp sensor went...so after replacing the sensor the cold start problem went and no water returned sorted but now the car vibrates when idle (sat at lights etc) and gets worse when you use your lights, wipers etc. Help this car is drivin me mad!!! Thanks in advance

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this is where you need to look through the forum and notice matty boy here had this problem and changed everything on the engine to find out

der der derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

IT WAS THE FORD PCM COMPUTER check out my post focus stalling i think or soemthing like that i had it reprogrammed for £44 quid i think no big deal but car will only do it now when it slows down not when idleing and it only does it for liek a second



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