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Hi folks, this is my first post and I hope you can help me.

My car is a 2001 focus diesel. The problem is the speedo has stopped working. I think the sensor is the problem so I had the car up on axle stands and got the sensor out as described in the haynes manual but I couldn't get the wiring off. Does it pull off or screw off? I couldn't see how its done. Any help would be great.

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replacement is roughley as follows

1. Access to the speed sensor is easiest from below. Apply the handbrake, then loosen the left hand (passenger side) front wheel nuts. Jack up the front of the car and support it on axle stands.

2. Remove the left-hand front wheel and the wheelarch liner - the sensor is located next to the right-hand driveshaft, at the rear of the transmission.

3. Disconnect the wiring plug from the top of the sensor.

4. Using thin-nosed pliers, pull out the retaining pin at the base of the sensor, noting how it is fitted.

5. Pull out the sensor and be prepared for a bit of oil spillage.

6. To fit the new sensor, just reverse the procedure - lightly oil the rubber o-ring on the new sensor first.

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it should pull off but there might be a bit of plastic u hav to push in while pulling if i remember correctly

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Thanks folks, I removed the wheelarch liner, had better access and got the wiring removed.

Thanks for your help!!

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