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Changing Fuel Filter Mk2 2.0Tdci

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#1 APJ


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Posted 30 March 2011 - 11:33 AM

hi guys.....how easy is it to change a fuel filter on a mk2 2.0TDCI Focus saloon? and where the hell is it located?

Found this post on another Focus website (see below) and it seems quite complicated....should i leave it to the pros?

I did my first ever diesel fuel filter change the other day and learned about all the problems the hard way.

I expect this will apply to the other diesels but not sure.

Firstly the Max does not have a fuel pump in the tank or a manual priming pump to get air out of the system. Old diesels used to have a priming pump but this seems to have been discarded to same costs.

In the box with the filter are a number of plugs. These (I now realise!!) are useful.

Start by having a plug ready and remove the outlet pipe from the filter and immediately fit the plug before any fuel leaks out of the pipe.
Them do the same with the inlet pipe.

Open the filter housing and take out the old filter. Fit new seal. Soak the new filter in some fresh clean diesel in a tin, jar , whatever you have to hand. Top up the filter bowl to a little below the bottom of the threads.
Fit new filter into the filter housing top. Surround the filter bowl with rags and lower the filter & lid into the bowl, screw on and tighten. Some diesel will be forced out and soak into the rag.
Refit the inlet pipe, then the outlet without losing any fuel.
With luck the engine will restart and run OK let it idle until all the air bubble you can see running along the pipe have gone.
Breathe a sign of relief!
If the pipe between the filter and the engine gets too much air in it, the engine will not run.
The way i fixed this was to untangle the pipe from its normal route until I could hold it vertically and the air rose to the top.
Then with a clean pump type oil can filled with clean diesel, I refilled the pipe with diesel until it was full and then fitted the cap. Next i re-routed the pipe correctly and re-connected it to the filter. After several attempts at this, I got all the air out and the engine running reliably but it was a real pig of a job.
Next time I will be much more aware of the issue and take more care.

I have also kept the plugs just in case the next filter pack does not have any in

Hope this might help someone not fall into the traps I did as well help them out of the hole of they do.

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#2 H3lly


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Posted 30 March 2011 - 12:03 PM

I done this on my 1.4 51 petrol last weekend. The way I done it was.

1. pull fuel pump relay
2. start the engine until it won't.
3. disconnect negative battery terminal.
4. raise and support the rear of the car.
5. get a torch and locate and remove 8mm bolt the houses the fuel filter. I used a socket extension to reach it.
6. disconnect quick release clips at both ends of the fitler and remove. make note of these so you don't get them the wrong way around.
7. install new filter in bracket and bolt back on, attach tubing.
8. put back in relay and attach negative on battery.
9. prime the fuel pump by switching on ignition and off 4 or 5 times.
10. all going well start the car, there might be a little bit of smoke but this is fine.

job done.

#3 APJ


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Posted 31 March 2011 - 10:49 AM

cheers for that H3lly....wonder if its exactly the same on the mk2's then

#4 johnH


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Posted 31 March 2011 - 03:48 PM

i did a fuel filter change on my mk2 (2006) 1.8tdci...there is a whole post on it as i couldnt get the car started again.

location: in the engine bay on the right hand top side under a metal plate.

1) disconnect battery
2) take top of metal housing (3 bolt irrc)
3) disconnect electrical connection
4) disconnect two pipes...look at the way they lock on, kinda unique and very hard to describe on how to get off but when looking it will make sense.
note: a little fuel will comes out of the pipes...this is fine.
5) pull fuel filter housing from engine bay.
6) take note of the two arrows on the lid and base.
7) twist and take lid off, becarefull this housing is full of fuel. either keep it in there (helps with priming)
8) remove rubber seal of lid, and filter
9) put new seal and filter...i suffered with the seal not being on properly. make sure it sits on the housing properly in the little recess.
10) tighten lid, so arrows aline up
11) put fuel filter housing back in engine
12) reconnect the fuel lines
13) reconnect electrical connection
14) reconnect battery
15) start car, it may stall after 5 seconds.
16) if it stalls turn the ignition off and on for 10 secs 10 times (do not ignite engine) this helps to prime
17) car should start and stay. if not check rubber seal on fuel filter housing!

hope this helps

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