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Stalling Problem & Friction Noise When Wheels Turned Right...

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#1 jasonze



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Posted 02 April 2011 - 05:29 PM


I have looked around on these forums to make sure I am not repeating a question that hasn't been asked before, but I couldn't see anything. Apologies if this has been asked before!

I recently bought a Ka2 (V-reg, 85000 miles) and am really pleased with how it was running. However, a couple of days after I was driving it, I noticed a friction noise, a sort of 2 metal parts rubbing, which you can hear inside the car but is louder when the windows are open. I discovered yesterday that the noise happens ONLY when the wheels are turned anything to the right beyond straight - even the slightest bit to the right past straight! The noise doesn't get worse the further right it goes (it doesn't seem). Any ideas of what this could be? I have taken the car to the garage to be given the once over, and nothing was found: brakes are new, tests and obs revealed nothing.

A second problem, which might be related, or not (no idea!) is that the car also seems to stall when changing down gears to stop at a junction. It only happens when the foot is on the clutch, and if I see the lights come on the dash board quick enough and add revs and take my foot off the clutch, it kicks back into life. It has been happening more and more often. Once again, I went to the garage, and nothing. I have checked ICV (idle control valve), but it was clean, no signs of gunk or blackness.

Any ideas of what could be causing these problems? If it is any help, the brakes do not seem to be particularly responsive, either, but I questioned this at the garage also and, guess what - he found nothing! Maybe it's just the brakes feel/are different to what I have been used to...


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#2 delboy


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Posted 03 April 2011 - 11:45 AM

1st off take the car to a diffrent garage & have a free brake check done
sounds like brakes fitted incorrectly & you need new ones or disk's worn ?
check brake flud has been changed as you suppose to do it every 2-3 yrs.
on the stalling cutting out check the wire on the front of the engine
it's a single wire from memory & it's a sensor wire that fits on the front engine block
i usually cut the connector off n fit a std connector on as they tend to corrode.

#3 Lowfellboy



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Posted 21 April 2011 - 02:53 PM

Hi Jason,

Re the grinding noise, my daughter had exactly the same problem, except it only happened when turning left, (while looking ahead)
It fixed itself when she went over a speed bump with 3 adult passengers and a loud crumpling noise was heard. But the grinding noise was no longer there when turning left.
As usual when things go wrong I am first port of call, had a quick look under and all seemed fine. To make sure I took it to the Ford main dealer who had recently done some welding to the chassis to get it through MOT. I was half thinking the the welding had come undone, but all was okay.
The mechanic seems to think that she had gone over a bump a while back and the the exhaust may have been dislodged and came into contact with the steering mechanism, the second bump then dislodged it back.
Did your mechanic have look while the car was on a hydraulic lift ramp, if so get them to look under while the front wheels are in contact with the ground, they may find that with all weight of the car pressing down, the turning gear may be in contact with something.

Hope you get sorted.

#4 vickie321



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Posted 05 May 2011 - 09:49 PM

Re your problem with stalling ... i had the same problem when i first got my car, turned out to be the accelerator housing, a garage quoted me 200 for a new one, but i since discovered the only real problem was the wire was loose, and found someone who could disassemble the housing and reposition the wire and the problem was solved for a fraction of the price of a new one (bout 20.
I think i also have the same 'friction' sound, i describe it as a whirring noise that sounds like its coming from the passenger front wheel, this was caused similarily, from a violent stall, it causes no obvious problems, just irritating and sounds bad, it seems to disappear once i hit 30mph and 3rd or 4th gear, only really seems present when im in low gears and turning in both directions ... hopefully mine will also be fixed by going over a speed bump but i dont hold my breath and turn my music up so as not to be permanently depressed by the noise whilst driving lol x

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