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Auto box, stalling

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I have a 1997 Zetec 1.25 auto Fiesta. When starting off from cold, put the car into drive (foot on brake), car jumps forward and sometimes stalls. This has been getting worse over a period of time. It feels as if the clutch is not releasing / engaging too quickley.

Can anyone come up with any sugestions to fix this?

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this might be of assistance

This is a copy of the TSB that deals with the symptoms experienced and unfortunately major tranmission work is needed:


Car and Light/Medium Commercial 26.11.1998

Section: 17/29

Model: Fiesta 1.25 Zetec SE with CTX Transmission

built from 11.95 to 10.98 (build codes SM to WR) inclusive

Escort 1.6 Zetec with CTX transmission built from 08.95 to 10.98 (build codes ST to WR) inclusive

Markets: All

Subject: Harsh gear engagement/engine stalling when cold, after start or when engaging gear


Should a customer express concern over harsh gear engagement or the engine stalling on engaging gear from a cold start, it is possible that the clutch pressure in the transmission is too high. This may also result in a high creep rate in `D', the engine stalling on braking or an incorrect idle speed/engine stalling when cold.

These conditions may be improved by exchanging the transmission oil to the new type B oil, exchanging the clutch plates, and installing a revised transmission valve body (Fiesta only), brake servo vacuum pipe and a revised powertrain control module (EEC IV only - EEC V powertrain control modules should be reprogrammed). On Fiesta variants, a revised air by pass valve (ABV) and adaptor loom should also be fitted.


It is essential that the valve body retaining bolts are tightened in the correct sequence to the correct torque. Make sure that a torque wrench which can accurately measure 5 8 Nm is available.


Similar symptoms can occur through other causes. Make sure that the concern is not engine related. For more information on start/run/stall conditions, refer to TSB 24/1997.

This bulletin supersedes TSB 85/1997 dated 29.10.1998, featuring a revision to the Parts Required and the Service Instruction. Please destroy the previous edition of this bulletin.

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