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Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec (Climate Pack)

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Hi can anyone help me! i am concidering buying a ford focus zetec 1.6 (climate pack)

its a automatic so was just wondering what everyone thinks about automatics?also how the fuel comsumption is and road tax??

i have been driving my ford ka for 7 years (first car) time for a change and somthing a bit bigger and faster!!

thanks!! B)

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the 1.6 in the focus is only 100bhp so its hardly fast especially with more than 2 people in it, rember the focus is a big heavy car also the auto box is very juicy i bet you wont avarage more than 30 mpg, if i were you id get the 2.0 tdci auto as its more economical ALOT faster and also has the latest type of auto box , its a twin clutch witch means it changes cogs very smoothly :) or go for a new shape fiesta 2008 onwards as the 1.4 engine in that is also a 100bhp but the car wieghs about 200 kgs less :)

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You wont notice the weight in the 100 bhp Focus as they pull really well. I drove my estate down to South of France and back fully loaded without any problems. The gearing is just right on the Mk 2.5. However, saying that, I would never have an auto with an engine size of less than 1.8 as they are no fun to drive with the smaller engine and you will waste fuel.

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