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Fuel Economy

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hi i own a mondeo zetec s 2.0tdci 6 speed, i dont thrash and use mostly 6th gear and do about 1500-2000 revs, it runs smoothly and ticks over on 750 revs but it uses fuel stupid, i put £15 and got 59 miles that cant be right, its had all filter change and tyre pressure is checked could anyone advice what the problem may be :( thanks in advance. the trip computer says 37 per gallon but dont get that :angry:

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£15 is about 11 litres (2.4 gallons) so you're getting roughly 24-25 mpg. Do you do a lot of town driving?

hi mondy man thats all i do town driving, i dont know why i went for a diesel to be honest with you, i also had the camshaft replaced along with the adjuster and belt kit costing £241 the day i got it back it was nice and quiet the next day when i started it there was a squeel but went away when i reved it and checked the belt again and all seemed well, its been a week ago and im getting a tapping noise on tickover i took it back to garage for the guy who did the job to look at and he said its ok but can hear the tapping, the long narrow black box behind the injectors is where the noise is coming from, and said its sounds like injector slap whatever that is but said they may need replacing as they look original and its just done 100k how can u tell if injectors are faulty? if you know thanks, and could that be a reason why its not so good on fuel? :(

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I suppose if the injectors are tapping its because the fuel isn't flowing back along the inside of the injectors and lubricating them, but i'm not sure on that one. Sounds like the valve clearances weren't adjusted properly when the camshaft was changed, which would cause a light tapping noise, but I'd have to hear the noise to be sure. Don't go forking out for injectors until you're sure because they're VERY expensive! Seems you're not having much luck with the car :(

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