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Help Needed!

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Ok hopefully someone will know what problem I have. Last night traveling down a dual carridgeway I heard a crack/bang, as I was behind another car I thought it was a stone being flicked up from the car infront.

However as I slowed down to go over a roundabout, the gearstick felt very strange. As I changed up through the gears this become more noticeable. When going down the gears, there is no difference.

When the clutch is raised (whilst in any gear), the gear stick moves UP & DOWN as the gear is engaged by the clutch. Then is the accelerator is lift & then applied again, this also makes the gearstick move up & down.

Also when in gears 1-3, a banging/grinding(i think) noise is made as the cluth engages the gears. All gears though, can easily be selected and NONE pop out of gear.


Gearstick moves up & down when clutch engages gear.

Banging/grinding noise in gears 1-3 when engaged.

All gears selectable & none pop out.

Has anyone had this before or does anyone know what the problem is?

Thanks for your help.

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All sorted. A mounting bolt had fallen/sheered off of the gearbox.

Came to a grand total of £1.49 for a new bolt. All completed by the fantastic RAC!

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