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Mondeo Mk4 Tdci Turbo Failed??

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Hi all, just purchased at auction a late 2007 mk4 mondeo tdci edge 125bhp. In the auction house the car started and drove through fine with no smoke or undue noise (i was alongside it when it started and it was cold)It has less than 80k with a full ford history last serviced in December. On collecting the car and driving it it felt sluggish and not very willing, it pulls okay but doesnt feel like the 125bhp! There is no smoke when driving along but a management light is on. I have had it code read and its P2263 which is turbo pressure. The actuator arm is connected to a motor which does appear to be moving so hasnt seized. Ive taken the inlet pipe on the air filter side off and i can turn the rotor on the vanes easily and smoothly. When running there is no hissing noises to suggest an air leak. It does look like someone has been here before as there are a couple of clips etc missing around the top of the motor. Any suggestions?? im hoping its not the turbo unit itself that needs changing in less than 80k. As its over 3 years old and bought at auction i dont have any redress with the seller. The car was an ex-lease car and appears to have been well maintained.

Would appreciate any ideas!! Meant to say i cant hear any turbo noise when driving or revving the engine.


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if as you say that the actuator arm is moving as it should i would be looking for a split intercooler hose or a gummed up egr valve, the intercooler hose is the large hose from the bottom of the egr.

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EGR valve is bottom left - follow the pipe work from turbo to intercooler ( under rad ) and up to EGR - two pipes go to it - one from intercooler ( fresh air from Turbo ) and another smaller metal one crosses in front of manifold ( from exhaust )

You will need a good too set to get all the nuts off!!!

Just done mine - clogged up with gunge ( 50% restricted ) mad no difference

Blanked off - no difference

Symptoms - flashing heater , loss of power and fault 2263 - turbo pressure.

Now taken off actuator and awaiting diagnosis...

drives the same - no power / turbo!!

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