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Vinnyvangough's Escort Rs2000

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Hey guys.

Well after doing a lot of work to my Mk3 Cabby, i got offered this 2WD Escort Mk6 RS2000 for a good price.

Couldn't say no.

Picked it up in early March and on April 1st, attended Jamsport with www.forescortclub.co.uk for a rolling road day.

Car is totally standard apart from a drilled air box with a K&N panel filter.

She made 149bhp and 144lb/ft torque. Not bad for a 15 year old car, only lost 1bhp.

I'll let you look at the pictures. Still a couple things to do, to her, such as small amount of rust on the boot and rear arch, front jacking point cover and new front bumper.





I have now changed the alloys for another set of RS2000 wheels which were in better condition. Next step on the list of things to do is a de-cat pipe to try to free up the flow of gases.

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Oh yea she is, had a full background check on her via Ford and the RSOC so i know she's good, and pretty original. Also know the previous 2 owners and know of the owner before that.

Came with a folder FULL of the history too.

Less than 100 of these in this colour left on the road now too.

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Its on 118,000 at the mo.

A de-CAT pipe replaces the Cataylic converter in the exhaust system. This help the gases escape through the exhaust easier and faster giving it a small increase in power and torque. Its technically illegal to have one as exhaust emissions are a little higher but if you keep the original CAT and re-fit for MOT, nobody really notices.

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Bit of an update guys.

Got some new drilled and grooved discs and some EBC pads today and fitted them and changed all the brake fluid.

Some pictures




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